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Why did Spain not to Serie A players

I like to ask a question2010-01-21 05:01:34 +0000 #1
Why Spain players do not Serie A
Zezheng2010-01-21 05:16:05 +0000 #2
Mendieta, Moreno, Jose. Mali and other stars have visited Spain, Italy, is not passed on to lose their shine in Spain had!

Where both players to personal reasons, and because there is a difference between the two leagues: the

is said to be more Italian than Spanish emphasis on physical strength and defense, when Christian Vieri to Spain and found that their physical training is simply child's play, where he was training on every occasion for ourselves plus fitness classes and training to maintain their own training habits in Italy. Year Capello to Real Madrid in the summer training, he was to find ways to strengthen the team's fitness, the players complained that many, but in the second year of the second half of the season, Real Madrid is the most outstanding teams of the physical one in the end they won. I want to say is that football culture in Italy and Spain, is simply two different things, so players of Spain to Italy simply can not be mixed. But the Italian football highlighted some of the content is a common football stuff, so players from Italy out to where there will be a good play.

Spain, known for the players technical and physical conditions are relatively not very prominent. Italian player's physical condition is relatively prominent, and on this basis, a considerable number of Italian players in technology is not underdogs.

Serie A defense too, and the Chanqiang is Xiongheng the main reason for Spain's players know what to make.

But why the two teams do not intersect the Italian team advantage? Because the strength of the Spanish and Italian planes teams were nearly tied. But the lower reaches of the two countries are markedly different teams. Italian teams have no respect for chain of ferocious defense. The Spanish are soft a lot of the lowly

Spaniards play fine, pay attention to the foot of delivery, pay attention to groups with a single career in the Italian Serie A can not be tailor-made to adapt to fierce force gun, while the Italian players better physical condition, coupled with style, simplicity bright, strong-man combat, and then home after several years of trials, the test can adapt to a variety of leagues to give full play to the technical and tactical advantages.

Also, a lot of Spanish players in La Liga and bright original, to the Serie A after was actually a sink! ! The national team no longer move them, and their own values, ability to have a slump and can not be signs of recovery. Such as José María, when in Spain it is a very good player, I personally think, as a striker, he was far better than Raul excellent! ! Technology, power, (see last year he was with Inter Milan in the Champions League game in the Meazza stadium that light "point" extraordinary shot the ball into the box will know), but since the AC Milan after the defeat, he would really can not be recovered, and had a multi-club Sihun it. Poor go again.
hunter73372010-01-21 05:38:28 +0000 #3
Most acclimatized



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