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Why am I always playing injured hand how to prevent or exercise

I like to ask a question2010-01-21 05:01:41 +0000 #1
Why do I always play injured hand how to prevent or exercise
0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 05:05:54 +0000 #2
to play the hand injury is an inevitable side ... I have not yet No hand injury suffered playing ...

hand injury is mainly scratch, poke injury, injury still lying on the ground when the scratch scratch ....

bar ... it can not prevent people toward your hand the ball go, scratches are inevitable .. will be scratched by fingernails and then a short drop ...

poke injury was mainly just to play or time is not a long time people will appear .. mostly rebound, the ball, and rebound .. This is the position the ball causing the ball wrong and the reasons for feeling bad .. another finger hurt more after the number of joints will be stronger in future will be less chance of injury to a maximum of pain .. what will not be prolonged pain ... to play more than 3 years see his knuckle, the middle three fingers of the joint than the general people's congress .. especially the middle finger. As far as prevention is not so easy, basketball is a very intense confrontational campaign, should the ball pass over your own hands will also consider what is posture? Most of the time Let's catch comes from a feeling of the hands, without special exercises, after a long time will naturally be a good ..

strain is mainly a warm-up is not enough, each movement was not until well prepared Lala ligament. Doing the hands circling the basic OK ..

scratch, then to rely on our own consciousness, and some hopeless to get the ball is not going to fight, as to challenge for the ball fell to the ground even more no need of you .. this is something that seems generous Also to avoid injuries ... I am afraid some will not pitch the ball no matter what life should be the person who fight (these people usually do not know the unspoken rules on the pitch ..)... usually the name of play, insisted each compete for the ball. Action is also particularly large .. than the NBA professional players who is also your life ...



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