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How can low-ball badminton net Posted ball

Liu Jianming2010-01-21 06:01:16 +0000 #1
1 \ regardless of single-doubles and is the backhand, I kept the ball field before the onset of the issuing of the old one was a slight advantage of the high flutter dead body to recover, have fought three years and will not be shot.

2 \ SOTX (cable card), DEK-1400045, Mwoven_002 (F),

Recomended Tension 28LBS, high-carbon + DiamondMax,

67.5mm, 82.5g, this racket in the end more money, in the end how kind, how to use?

I sincerely urge pointing.

2009-09-09 11:47 improve the reward 20 points

2009-09-07 00:17 supplementary steel tenor of 8500, 293 plus or minus 5mm,
ttyqzy234882010-01-21 06:14:35 +0000 #2
Posted network professional approach to low-ball I would not, in my experience, there are two ways

1, high-speed networks posted a low ball. Mainly in each other that I would like to Posted network to determine a low ball and moved the. I generally use the backhand hair, quickly hit the front with the beat, the parabola should be level, front-end placement of select other regions of the far corner, if a good case can also choose to take other positive chest, using high-speed so that the other difficult to receive or not Qianpu . It still depends on the premise of each other's stations and their attention.

2, posted net ordinary low-ball. Mainly rely on the other side or on the list, has been a large margin waving racket, allowing the other side that we will send the bottom line of lofty goals to kill him taken unawares. The ball should be made good, I generally use is significantly faster waving hand, you want to hit the ball faster than the ball down low when the ball gently with the beat at the bottom, (the force to be leveling up the ball forward flight , rather than a direct hit, or else the ball on the high) efforts to seize the ball's highest point (the highest point of the parabola) is just over the net and reach the other two corners, one of the proximal region (specifically to see what the other stations ).



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