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Which brand of badminton flooring a good

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Shanghai-US "HuMei" PVC plastic sports rubber flooring to absorb noise and carpet to walk as good as, technical performance than solid wood sports floors, as well as acrylic acid, indoor sports venues, resistance fuel, moisture, anti-slip (even more slippery with water), low coefficient of expansion, its completely non-toxic environment. Anti-chemical pollution (but strong corrosive pollution, must be immediately cleaned up), anti-static, termites and other daily hazards can not damage the floor (Stones improper exception). Demolition, moving more convenient, no special maintenance.

1, on the Shanghai and the United States "HuMei" PVC plastic sports rubber flooring a few technical problems

1. Comfort issues: a professional Shanghai-US "HuMei" PVC plastic sports flooring adhesive surface can be hit when the , moderate deformation, like a seal within the air mattress, when you are wrestling or slip when the sealed foam back layer technology provides a buffer to minimize sports injury.

2. Tremor questions: tremor refers to the floor by the kinds of: point tremor and regional tremor.

3. Vibration absorption problem: people exercise the role of impulse formation of the United States in Shanghai, "HuMei" PVC plastic sports floor adhesive on the surface will produce vibration, the floor structure must have the shock absorbing function, but also refers to the floor should have the impact energy absorbing performance of athletes in Shanghai and the United States "HuMei" PVC glue on the plastic sports floor, subject to the anti-impact force compared to the hard ground, such as cement floors smaller multi-sports. Namely: Athletes jump down to the PVC floor, the most minimum requirement of 50% or more of the impact of the amount absorbed by PVC floor, thus helping protect the athlete's ankle joint, meniscus, spinal cord, the brain's role, people in the sport will not be harmed. Their protective function is also considered a person in Shanghai, the United States "HuMei" PVC glue on the plastic sports floor exercise does not affect the adjacent personnel.

4. Friction coefficient problem: studies have shown that 12% of the basketball players were injured occurred in situ rotation process. Sports flooring shows the friction coefficient of friction of the floor is too strong (which would reduce the flexibility of rotation) or floors (which would increase the risk of slipping). Taking into account the mobility and safety of athletes, the friction coefficient is the best value should be between 0.4-0.7. Professional Shanghai-US "HuMei" PVC plastic sports flooring adhesive coefficient of friction generally maintained at between this factor, it has an adequate and appropriate friction, can guarantee the stability of the movement, while the direction of movement can be maintained in all friction properties The consistency and regularity in order to ensure flexibility in mobile and in-situ rotation without any hindrance.

5. The ball back to the question of flexibility: flexibility in the ball back to the pilot is to basketball fell from 6.6 feet on the floor exercise, tested basketball rebound height. This data is expressed as a percentage, to basketball on a concrete floor as a contrast to the standard height of rebound, reflecting the rebound height difference. Indoor ball games rules of the game requirements, enabling the ground to sporting events or training, such as basketball and other ball sports action and the jump ball rebound, ball in Shanghai asked the United States "HuMei" PVC plastic sports venue on the ground floor, rebound rubber Comparison of coefficients should be greater than or equal to 90%. Professional Shanghai-US "HuMei" PVC plastic sports flooring adhesive has excellent and stable performance of the ball rebound, there is no flexibility on the floor dead point, the rebound can be achieved relatively high coefficient of 98%.

6. Kinetic energy to return the question: This refers to the Shanghai-US "HuMei" PVC plastic sports flooring rubber exercise in an athlete's return of kinetic energy to enhance athletic performance. 7. Scrolling load problems: professional sports floor load-bearing load and a solid-based, life must meet the competition and training requirements, such as activities related to sports facilities for basketball goal posts and move on the floor, the floor surface and structure can not therefore be subject to damage.



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