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The player's nickname how come

Milky Way2010-01-21 23:01:28 +0000 #1
A United ---- we call him Easy Battle Royal


Sun Yue ------- ------ Palestinian Story

By the way ask Li the Great, this is how come the Great, called a long time ago do not know 23:18:02 +0000 #2
"emperor" now has a spoof of ingredients

generally mockery or恶搞.

So easy to Di and Li Yi the Great very good to understand. Li as entertainment component is greater than football, it has been known as the Great, and after that is the Jade Emperor of the!

Battle ------ Pakistan God (really have not heard, that is, know that KOF has a Iori Yagami, perhaps derived therefrom, Bart Mody, big balls is not bad, Pakistan God!)

Sun Yue ---- --- saint (the Monkey King, Sun Story)
learning-based2010-01-21 23:17:19 +0000 #3
dawn of the "
" Chi Shangbin Wuyouwubao "
" I'm guarding the ball like Henry "
" You give me the time, Henry the national team played is not good "
" Henry in the team that no one passes the threat of small, unlike his teammates are trust me "
" The fans called me because I have a threat Who I played really good "
" What I never Huishua big "
" This is the ball (Asia Cup final) so I am mindful of a lifetime "
" I have an old leg injury how to do the movements "On
" I want to be on the pitch the ball tyrants, "
" Card Eros 8 100 meters faster than 10 seconds, sometimes I can run under 11 seconds "
" I love Barca, but I want to go to Depor and Valencia. Real Madrid? They are strong in attack, but the defense was not good. "

Li: My Top Ten Benefits

10. Speed advantage?? No one can doubt it, do not tell me what to say XXX faster than me, there are several people can like me, like a breaking ball, the ball lies the bottom line? You see, pretty soon, no time to pass out in the foot, and that the speed ah, Thac NB bar.

09. gilded Love?? good and bad I've been to Spain, workout, despite the back to catch up, but the brothers They are not all in on the outside of the normal Well, a foreigner is not easy and can not grab someone else's rice bowl ah.

08. sacrifice?? you see 98 World Cup in France, 04 in Portugal, the strikers do not score, at least into the final. Haodong good Bengda just a few days, so let him enter; Oba, or Xiao Maohai like trying to flaunt, so only me, the Buddha, saying: I am able to enter hell who is hell.

07. entertainment to?? know Asia Cup Best Performance Award is? Wei Wei Hey, what say you, but unofficially, not first announced the bar. 90 minutes, but also did not listen to guide standards of nagging, more depressed ah, not looking for some fun Also look at the ball hair ah.

06. diplomatic means?? that Indonesia, unjust, and let's do fight, what kind of Nansha Islands? a smaller loss of points, others face, chances are a few days later they were P transversion P Let's defection to the subversion of it, is called the enemy without fighting the soldiers. Speaking of which depressed, then gnaw on the ball it into the Ming Ming the top edges, alas -

05. thoughtful teammate?? the first Oba has produced a roll, so this is not his passing, the second turn is also good one, Hao Dong. I was also planning a third offering of a Zheng, 1 / 8 hailed ... ... single Lele does not go into the joy.

04. uphold the faith ?? as an excellent striker, there must be sufficient patience, Do not look at Henry They have been scored, then on the medicine is called "impotence," I can proudly say that I?? can not shoot more than a dozen games.

03. the elimination of discrimination?? Recently, many of my friends say that I like a farmer. I am very pleased that farmers are the backbone of the community you so love me, I really am ashamed ah; more friends say it is an insult to farmers, I am more pleased to note the community of employment discrimination has completely disappeared.

02. deterrence capability?? against the enemy and their comrades I still have differences. For my friends I was ugly, but I am very gentle. For at least be able to frighten the enemy a large guard. advertisements that say that good: Hey, really right from咱this face.

01. united fan?? in the world is not exactly the same fans, who open a Posts, not all fans have to have both hands debasement. I say different, but pulled the views of fans suddenly become less uniform. rare! contribution!

World football off, "Li hot"

Chinese national team striker Li Yi recent claim to fame, received praise from all sides! the world is like creating a "Li fever."

Henry said: It is Li taught me how to protect the ball! Li said he was retaining the ball like me, these words too and correct! Guarding the ball because I was secretly to Li to learn. not strange it!

Owen said: see Li rampage in the field, like the first bull, I was acutely aware of the importance of physical fitness for a striker. feel ashamed of not as good as ah!

Rhone ear wrote: I now know a good striker on the Li as simple as the ball, and passed with a direction, do not think about playing what means, like me, they love about rock fraud moves too easily hurt!

Sheva wrote: From Li's success I see a good striker does not have to like me so comprehensive, as long as there is Li's ability to protect the ball on the line, and into the goal is not simply does not matter!

Raul said: say I am a master of the art inside the restricted area, how could I, and Li than ah! Li is a great striker! he can not only protect the ball, but also in the restricted area where the shooting colorful, highly spectator! hit fly Shepian directly hit the goalkeeper play into the hands, even shooting at the audience?? This is absolutely unprecedented in today's football, no one will follow those! I can not, and!

Vieira said: At first, I workout attracted to China, not the strength of the Chinese league, just because China has a Li. energy and Li play together is the greatest wish of my career!

Dida said: Liverpool player penalty kick too Park side of mercy! if they have China's Li so generous enough. Li is generally disdains playing is the goal, and saw a man in front of me, I believe he would even bother in! hey Unfortunately, Li are far from unique in China!

Kahn said: As a goalkeeper I have never been afraid of any striker, but China's Li is an exception! Li refused even Mianduikongmen into. I know that China has an old saying called "the enemy without fighting the soldiers," Li won the remark is the essence, too horrible!

Small Rhone ears: access to the Player of the Year, I am heart made virtual. China's Li is the most qualifications! Unfortunately, the Chinese national team dragged his hind legs, I'm so lucky! Ha ha!

Blatter said: I have already said that Chinese football is in Asia and the hope of the world, Li is the best turned out to Proof! I hope that China will more of the Li!

Shenzhen, a fan wrote: Who said that Li is the ball Ba? Li Mianduikongmen do not have the heart into, how can such a good player it is a tyrant ? blame late Shang-Bin and that big mouth!

Chinese Football Association, said: Li Yi a good interpretation of the Chinese "Friendship first, competition second" spirit of sport to promote China's image is the pride of Chinese football!

football field to change the rules because of Li

1, forward and guard the boundaries become increasingly blurred

2 Since then, there is no "must score" as stated

3, all the strikers of the ranking and selection meaningless to 4, all the guards The ranking and selection meaningless to 5, from the "tactical foul" to "tactical shooting"

6, on the "break-forward" to a "double free people"

7, the football stadium outside the area to the runway or Advertising board or the audience to see why people call him the Great Li



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