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FIFA online2 using what tactics, what method is easy to score?

Fallen Angel2010-01-23 01:01:10 +0000 #1
When the regular tour to play other people say I play a single, only winger breakthrough, but apart from this move, I think there is any way easier to score, except for the players ability to be super-super-ability to rely on team players to play games , but now how many players does a team player is a superstar? Is it'd be that there are many superstars do people abuse?

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yjg19750072010-01-23 01:15:31 +0000 #2
athletic ability not only need to be more technically demanding, although there is old saying that goes down 10 would be one's best, but when the two sides are close to capacity, skills has become a key determinant. "EA SPORTS FIFA Onlline 2" as a competitive game for the skill needs were more obvious, a good technology is the only way to victory. Today, we brought this experience for the skills to guide, hoping to bring enough for everyone help.

This chapter focuses on the formation of a fully rational player admired by players and game operations team consisting of skills in two parts.

Team formation and player culture:

player culture:

in-game player the ability to gain experience through the competition to carry out upgrade, and the amount of players to gain experience is to look at the players performance in the game field line assessment. For example, one of the striker scored 3, another game without scoring a striker. The striker then scored the game after the experience gained would be higher than the non-scoring striker. So fast want to develop their own favorite players, the most important thing is to play more games, multi-play and so they are in an important position in the performance of the opportunity to give more.

-Game player for a total of three ways:

1, when the team the same team within the team. List of FIFA players refer to the real data on the composition and will be updated at regular intervals. However, the value of all the players capacity to actual capacity is only about 80%.

2, the player transfer market. After the end of each game, then refresh the transfer market will be a transfer list of players. All players will transfer fully reflect their true ability. However, the player will only refresh a league where the players within the validity, effectiveness will definitely not happen in other leagues players. For example, in charge of AC Milan player, then the players will be refreshed within the transfer market lies in the effectiveness of the Italian Serie A team player, does not appear in the other league teams player.

3, the player card system. After the end of each game, regardless of the outcome of games players can be extracted from the three prizes in a player card. Player cards can be directly converted to players entered the players team. Can also be purchased through the auction system. Player card and transfer the difference between the market players do not need any conversion charges and taken to the player cards for players in other leagues. But how many players there are that many cards, and high-capacity player is not easy to be able to get the card, so To rely on the access to admire the players have great luck element.

A clear way to get it later Kanxia players how to set up an entirely rational players admire a team player. The easiest way is when the player manager of direct conversion, after a sufficiently high level team to a crush players team, get the player before switching to the next team where the players admire, while the former players transition to a new team. So long as there is sufficient level and the team manager, points, players can very quickly get a crush players formed entirely by their own team. However, there are significant drawbacks is the conversion team, new team all the players capacity is only about 80% of actual capacity, it is not cost-effective.

In here, recommend a program: first to identify one of the most admired player, create a manager directly to select the player of the effectiveness of the team, when the team enough points to move to other players after the league, but not by the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the team to wait for the player refresh transfer market, and keep an eye player card auction market.

The advantage of this program will not be squandered too many players who do not need experience, when the team formed after the main players have a relatively high level, would not be 80% of the capacity constraints. The only drawback is that element of luck big points.

Game operating skills:

How to accurately pass:

In the face of the ball player is not accelerating and passing accuracy, when the highest headway ran the ball after the face when passing objects to pass is the most accurate way. Although the game does not have much chance to do so, but it is clear from this basis in our hands for passing accuracy is necessary.

Header Skills:

header when the D key to shoot (the direction of a header goal for the other direction) A key for the siege (the general direction for the other half header but the ball in the penalty area when you look at the situation as the ground or both sides of the sideline) S key for the pass (no header Select the direction of the direction-based side nearest the players, choose the direction of the direction of the players have recently been) in the same circumstances D key header is more than the other two keys vicious.

For header when the conventional way is the arrow keys with the D / A / S plus E. However, such a high demand on the players, if the other players or physical height higher than one's own players, then relatively easy to fail, then nature too. Better way to start the next when the ball backward, the ball players will be moved to the front of the other side (behind the ball under the control of the players will be forced to switch to the placement of the players who was recently) will soon move to the other players between the players and the ball, so that one's own players a greater chance of Zheng Ding. When combined with z + c keys (strong move is forced to move to the location you want) after moving Zhengding more threatening, especially in the corner.

Free-kick skills:

less than 21 meters:

simply tune out the direction of the ball to the wall inside the near post after, what do not need to press. After 5 seconds the computer will automatically kick (as in the goal kick), then sent a free kick hit rate of 100%, the only needed to adjust is the direction.

21-25 m:

will be out of alignment direction of the ball to the wall inside the near post after the light-point shot, power control in 5% -10%

25-32 m:

will be out of alignment direction of the ball to the wall after the near post, and then Charge 10% -20% free-throw line while holding down the direction of the ball after the penalty out of the same time, according to the direction of the near post.

32 m:

Goal rate and feel related to Charge 100% by hand to master their own arc.

Small-angle free-kick (30 degrees or less, including 0-degree corner)

Goal rate and feel related to Charge 100% by hand to master their own arc.

Small knowledge:

on the left with right foot player, the right players with the left foot, kick those who value the best free kick over 80.

The arrow keys to control the football, after flying out of the strength and direction for the afterburner, under deceleration, left and right can join the rotation. The direction of the arc can be controlled with the keys.

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