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Baihu do not brush your teeth2010-01-23 10:01:43 +0000 #1
Please tell us the next Dutch League team of Twente, Twente can Duo do?

In introducing the English League Championship Nottingham Forest situation, Nottingham Forest into the Premiership this season and be able to do?

Most grateful!

2010-01-17 16:03 improve the reward of 100
Overlord2010-01-23 10:04:21 +0000 #2
Twente, generally we have literally Twente, this team may well say, first start from the coach : The former England coach Steve McClaren, it is undeniable though he taught English poorly, but in Twente in his team very helpful, first of all relying on their own relationships, from the Premiership rented a defender of Serbia Zhongwei拉贾克维奇( Chelsea), Bulgaria goalkeeper Mikhailov (Liverpool), Serbian small forward Storch (Chelsea), also hired the former British crown Kearney Australian international players from the Bundesliga TSG Hoffenheim technology-based loan to Brazil Wellington striker, a striker from Israel rented Ghanaians Aosa Xi, the Arsenal players coupled with concern by the Brazilian big man defender Douglas, and even Asia's best midfield defender Akram Iraq, although the Iraqis have little appreciated by Steve McClaren, so that players, the Dutch cast iron wall, Twente is not the best offense, but it is the most stable, so that the stability of the opponents to despair, but there have been de A captain Nkoo experienced the most representative words of blessing: to dedicate title McClaren.

Once upon a time, Nottingham Forest have a peak in Europe, but is currently struggling in the English crown forest is already the best recent performance, and the British crown Secondly, almost give them the opportunity to return to the Premier League. Their coach Scot Billy. Davis and Ferguson have good relations, but also often get the old Lord of the pointing, while the current forest, known larger player old and the Welsh Premiership and the former Reading captain soon Maengexiao once the England squad left Houweixiaolei, another forest-season team from Warsaw, Poland, were leased to the performance of the Polish striker马加洛斯基good shooter superb However, the difficulty does not want to upgrade the forest is small, the first English League Championship chaotic, the strength difference is not large, but they also need to face West Brom the impact of such a lift, while others, including Cardiff, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, etc., have certain strengths, and I am personally not very optimistic about them, after all, the strength of their players can only be counted as middle level of the British crown only.



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