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The highest paid NFL player can achieve much?

☆ breathe √ zhaoge ★2010-03-31 02:11:43 +0000 #1

spotofleopard2010-03-31 02:15:00 +0000 #2
and the NBA salaries compared to NFL players is not very high, the 2009 season salary is the highest revenue for Carson Palmer of Cincinnati, 16.166 million U.S. dollars. Indiana superstar Peyton Manning is only 14 million U.S. dollars.

But usually there will be significant year contract signing bonuses (singing bonus), such as Peyton Manning in 2004 received 34.5 million U.S. dollars in signing bonuses.

2009 NFL player's salary in the value of 77 million U.S. dollars, each team's salary rose from 80 million to 140 million U.S. dollars.




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