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That were watching Big Brother to a Web site ah

wooden2010-01-18 03:01:02 +0000 #1
Thank you
hot shot off2010-01-18 03:12:28 +0000 #2
I recommend watching the World Cup means, ultra-smooth! Effective!

The first step: to download the PPLive software Download:

Step Two: In the IE address bar Run the following World Cup Channel address (PPLive software, there is no World Cup broadcast address)

CCTV5 (400K):

synacast: / / 09jN1 + TK3K3nz62aqaajm9eSptOhnqOZqKOflq/Kp9GZmqaY1KDNytzHqaCe5pzI2dSpnKeeppbayuPKrbOvvcySpZigmaawmaqemauXq7OvvcySpaqdmamYltzb0LOXoaiamq + enqGcm6SXoaimoaaVoKqkmaaVltvbpuvJ4OSmmKWZntedzaTT1eSmoaaVoKvhzebZqp + bnKTModSa19vZqqicmaag5dTc3bCUn6Ca0KfJnt7R3bCdoKCcpOvJ4OSmmKWWntedzaTT1eSmoaaVoKvgzObZqp + bnqTModSa19vZqqicoaag5NPc3bCUn6Oa0KfJnt7R3bCdoKic

CCTV5 (800K)

synacast : / / 09jN1 + TK3K3noq7H0aKgmqySoNScyqOZ0qnQltiYqNWZmaeV1aednNmaqKCh5pzI2dSpnK2cqJbayuPKrbOvvcySpZikmaawmaqemauXq9PP3eySpaqdmamYltzb0LOXoaiamq + enqGcm6SXoaimoaaVoKqkmaaVltvbpuvJ4OSmmKWZntedzaTT1eSmoaaVoKvhzebZqp + bnKTModSa19vZqqicmaag5dTc3bCUn6Ca0KfJnt7R3bCdoKCcpOvJ4OSmmKWWntedzaTT1eSmoaaVoKvgzObZqp + bnqTModSa19vZqqicoaag5NPc3bCUn6Oa0KfJnt7R3bCdoKicpOrI4OSmmKWWntedzaTT1eSmoaadoA == /

If you have already installed the client on the PPLIVE, they only need to directly manipulate the second step on the line.

Just tried, and two addresses are valid

watch the channels can be directly after the collection to the program table favorites!

In addition, you can go directly there, as the direct viewing Xinhua



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