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With regard to Jordan and Kobe Bryant

cgfgftyxn2010-01-20 13:01:35 +0000 #1
here today to see a Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on the comparison, I feel there are some things must say something. Please correct me to discuss.

The outset, I would Standards Division, dense, but not blind secret, due to the relationship between the times, not read to Jordan's ball, but Joe has always been classic feel admired, for failing to appreciate the god of basketball performance and distraught, can only get an idea of the video master of the spirited Jo .. The following are my views on some issues:

1. Bryant and Jordan are not comparable. I think there are, frankly speaking, Kobe Bryant really is the most classic of people like Joe, this is basically public opinion. quite similar to the physical and technical characteristics, elegant style of play, and the powerful personal capacity. while Bryant got his own in this year's champion and FMVP, no doubt for their master to catch up with the pace of Joe has taken a solid step forward.

2. Bryant and Michael Jordan's game which one is better. This is what I most want to explore the of ..

I have a simple analysis of the first under the Bryant: Bryant's offensive is in the main cast, supplemented by breakthrough and three points, various means of terrorist attack. back to play, 3 points. breakthrough in stem pulling the basket, basically attack Bryant instruments that can be accomplished. In Bryant offensive aspects of the I think the main have 2 points: First, attack the low success rate. In fact, a little unfair to say Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant, after all, the strongest opponents to cope with the outside defense, double-teamed is a common affliction 3 pincer attack is not rare, but sometimes over-reliance on Bryant's hand, and sometimes not cool head, is a fact. The second is too much offense in the singles. Bryant attack overly dependent on 1v1, sometimes can not to play a real team strength, such as encounter opponents are also good perimeter defender, Bryant is still obsessed with singles, easy to crack down on teammate's enthusiasm. In fact, this 2-point can also be combined into one point said the past

In regard to Jordan, I can not say that I am analysis necessarily accurate, after all, not seen a lot of integrity Jordan's peak period of the game, but I venture to also analyzed under: Jordan's offense is mainly in the cast and breakthrough, Jordan's physical fitness can be described as abnormal, so the cast and breakthroughs are come in handy. Some say Jordan's defense during the encounter, and now is quite different as to undermine Bryant. Let us think about the previous game does not allow defense of. defense is to restrict the role of the biggest breakthroughs and inside, while the breakthrough and Which shooting high rate of success is self-evident, after all, the more potential from the basket closer irrefutable truth of it is, so take defensive intensity that things are not meaningless. goes on to say Jordan's attack, Jordan's offense basically represents the guard limit the level of the players, ultra-high hit rate, about 6 assists, showing its destructive terrorist attack.

So, I think. The current offense is still slightly behind Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan, but I think. Bryant's explosive offense better than Michael Jordan , handle came, people block block to kill the Buddha kill the Buddha. Jordan's offensive explosiveness can say is slightly worse than Kobe Bryant, but the stability, success rate, destructive power was stronger than Kobe Bryant.

followed by the defense, Bryant's defense capability is approved, 6 defense, a team of describing the problem, Bryant is the most advanced and comprehensive perimeter defender in this year's shooting guard position, in order to unanimously elected a team. That is apart from the coach can not vote for their own players, clocked the other 29 votes, can be seen. But Jordan's nine consecutive times, a team of more terror, and Jordan clocked steals, and several times back in the blocked shots is really stunning, not to mention Jordan's side was also Pippen also an excellent defensive stand, still won so the data can only say that Jordan's defense is better than Bryant's ..

To sum up, Jordan's ability to generally still stronger than Kobe. honor will not go into the . Jordan win over Bryant 3. .2 team spirit and people are eager to win people. But, personally believe that the quality of Jordan's heart better countless times Juesha is helpless, and Kobe Bryant at a critical moment with quite a few Juesha , but the hit rate is not high (with the facts as evidence, do not believe it can be on the 82GAMES check), but referred to the desire to win this point, I must rectify the name for Bryant. Jordan is a genius, Bryant is also a genius, however, Jordan's even better talent, but Kobe Bryant and more are on their own efforts. Lakers team training of the most hard, the dream of six trained in even the most trained in the most difficult league is Kobe. On this point, see the Dream 6 Kobe Bryant's big-name team-mates on the evaluation, no training, not Bryant's attitude awe. Bryant thirst for victory that no one out left and right. and Jordan, the training of people do not have much, but who also do not have a lot more operator was trained in more . But, halfway retired two years illustrates the problem, Jordan himself admitted that two years in retirement is a loss of desire to win on the basketball they are fed up. The first eclipsing even talked wildly, claiming that they have finished taking All honor, have nothing to win the (presumably meaning), so in the spiritual level, I think, slightly better than Kobe Bryant.

4. character, and now that too many people take this thing, I would also like to say, under his own views. Bryant, everyone says to take a rape case, but I can only say that that is what you get to the United States and the NBA do not understand the environment. Kobe Bryant fiasco, Bryant's rival and the hatred out of people who come to adding insult to injury, because such something is an everyday affair in the United States. So Tyson and many other celebrities and even attended an open public places, play Free KOBE brand, for Bryant redress of grievances. The last woman to be a huge compensation, things tend to be similar. It was a big environment, from the United States, In the NBA league this level, well-paid players, and even gave birth to the bone skin the proper nouns ((groupie) is a group of pursuit and stars (which can be movie stars, singers, writers, etc.) a relationship (in most cases Under the flesh but a few cases of spiritual) of people (usually groupies) in general.) players recruit prostitutes Naishi usual incomparable, Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O'Neal, and other famous stars have involved them, today's playoff Heat That hit the road in Eagle, Wade publicly announced that the players can not leave the hotel at night, in order to prepare for the race tomorrow. If a player is so well-behaved, I'd go to street, Wade As come forward tube Mody. because it went out to play 90% of women looking for a relationship Only such a bunch of nice guys like Yao Ming in the hotel where the door will not step 2 does not. Christie's wife or husband in order to prevent derailment, following him to every one away, it seems that persist for many years, be called a must.-ri Even Branch's wife has even publicly allowed him to derailed once a year, his wife that since not care, they should be relaxed to make it .... but moderate. Jordan. In this regard, it is compared to the big multi-Bryant. Jordan and his wife break-up fee into the world's top 10 high break-up fee the first 10, Bryant is currently pretty happy family, indeed admirable, but Joe classic single for many years, broke up with his wife but also because his wife just can not tolerate reckless derail Jordan . The legend, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing. such as a pole star Charles Barkley is a senior club in New York gold members, what is the nature of the club, not specifically addressed the (high credibility of this legend, we are indeed you do not believe it anyway, because no one can prove exactly) the case of Jordan, the illegitimate son of the preceding paragraph is even more uproar. Jordan ultimately compensation. Jordan has never disguised his romantic character. seemed to lose a 300W or so, is the average NBA player annual salary. Therefore, in this respect two individual half a dozen, but Bryant, who also has a beautiful family, so I think that Kobe Bryant character is far from being in worse than Jordan, and even treatment of emotional, slightly better than Michael Jordan.

These are the some of my views, Members have come together to discuss their views, hoping not to curse, to civilization and some, thank you

2009-09-22 09:31 supplementary question

I faint .. please look at me to say. I said yes. Jordan and Kobe Bryant There are not comparable? I think it is. I said so. mean that I think it still can be compared. Why say that I said there was no comparable?

0 orange flavor 02010-01-20 13:10:38 +0000 #2
This is a very hard .. Jordan Yes .. but his talent is also very high .. physical condition, neural responses, as well as on the basketball insight and understanding are strong .. the world, like Jordan certainly have a lot of effort, but there is kind of Jordan achievements and a high degree of Quemei a few .. In fact, KB, and Jordan who is stronger who is weak have little meaning. .. KB is also impossible to compare the level of effort less than Jordan, but his talent is also very high, which has also been some success .. He is also a great player .. in the second round of the playoffs last season for the Lakers before the rocket, the vast majority of fans are very favorite KB's .. but the game occurred during a number of things (specifically, I do not said), resulting in a lot of rockets fans created a hostile and even aversion KB hate .. in fact to be fair, there are little tricks on the basketball court, then there are the normal physical garbage, these are the strategies or tactics. infuriated opponents to opponents make mistakes, it is on the basketball court to employ a prodding tactic .. saying back. Jordan is also an Oprah ... he told Miller on the garbage mouth, then we will not forget the classic bar .. In other words popular If, KB with Jordan over a gap, but the KB is by far the closest to the Jordan people. KB playoffs last season's performance can be said that the absolute level of leaders, the Lakers are always scoring drought when he stood up, the face of the rocket and the Magic Master is also a continuous two defensive scores. the crucial moment was his stand up and help the team ... KB into the Hall of Fame is an ironclad, and if the rest of his career to lead the Lakers in the KB can won the championship several times, I think everyone on the KB are rated more ..
Beibei2010-01-20 13:33:29 +0000 #3
You yourself have said there is no comparable then no more than a

Jordan is really not the kind of talent, but a high by hard training, he is completely retired, I remember that Jordan had never been seen rings夜话made a special end of the program asked a fill-in Jordan was asked about what kind of player the answer is practice

sorry for far too long they were not In fact, we insist to see the lot be forgiven if the ratio is still on than a few years as you said, I think Kobe A bar is also a need for more championship rings, but can not be denied Bryant's game this year is really God two different attack times Bryant should have been technically better than Michael Jordan the defensive aspects of two people who are good team spirit and the three individuals feel that the spirit of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and powerful enough to affect the team spirit of power although the super-personal level, but a little more than a little influence for the team, Johnson In fact, four character areas in Jordan Kobe Bryant is a man of very hard work that is less likely to live and lead may be too strong a personality that is so much just bar
masterpieces of pest2010-01-20 14:21:15 +0000 #4
not the same era, and can not to compare.

In fact, the scenes look at the game knew that all age intensity of competition, as well as the rules are not the same, no way to compare.

Do not look at what Jordan's highlights, or Bryant's highlights, you look at the whole game situation.

Now look at the year the Chicago Bulls, is not that rhythm and pitch conditions, is not that the NBA was not as good-looking it?

Games earlier, played fantastic opportunity to show off the more you can see now, a season can have a few people, or a few times, playing 60 minutes? Triple-double, four pairs?

But in the past, it is commonplace.

Must be compared, I think the personal technology, Bryant should be more than Jordan's. However, in the spiritual level, Jordan is absolutely unprecedented none ever after. The two unique styles.
Small Bryant2010-01-20 13:35:32 +0000 #5
I want to say is, to tell you that the same are not comparable, but the play is to rely on hard work Jordan (Michael Jordan is back from someone else's luggage started to play NBA), while Kobe Bryant when playing golf, by gift



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