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Basketball inside, "wrist turn" how's going on

UC214452642010-01-20 13:01:41 +0000 #1
nothing to play basketball often talk about, "wrist turn", how be considered wrist turn, it is not clear, "wrist turn" be considered a foul then, to invite netizens to help out to answer questions about first thank you.
Indiana2010-01-20 13:13:56 +0000 #2
dribble when the palm of the hand and wrist turn is perpendicular to the ground for more than 90 degrees collectively referred to as wrist turn. As the above user said, and sometimes less blowing games wrist turn, may want to play a more coherent Bar .

Basketball main interpretation of the rules - Illegal dribble

players to control the ball after throwing the ball, shoot or roll, hit the ball again before another player touches the ball to dribble.

Every dribble, it is necessary to make contact with the ball and ground. After the players dribble with both hands at the same time contact with the ball or make the ball stay in the moment

hands, dribbling to an end. Allowed to re-dribble after dribble, unless the loss of control of the ball

control of the ball again, before they can dribble.

The following is not dribble:

1. Continuous shooting, De Qiuhou can dribble.

2. Dribble the ball before the leak, the ball can predict with confidence after the dribble, dribble after the miss, you can Hold the ball can no longer be transported.

3. And in the vicinity of the other players challenge for the ball using pick, making an attempt to control the ball, by dribbling the ball you can post.

4. Knocked the ball or blocking opponents and get the ball, you can dribble.

5. As long as there are no ball movement offense, the ball can be thrown with one hand or both hands in the access or remain.

Dribble process, dribble hand-wrist turn to palm over vertical plane, in order to "carry the ball" offense.

Illegal dribble offense, the ball awarded to the other side near the boundary of the offense outside continue to throw more than
chenyzh99882010-01-20 13:07:17 +0000 #3
what you dribble, and when the ball is in your hands, you have to get down to the palm If you dribble up and turned over the back of the hand when the palm is down to a wrist turn.
liangsong_i0gcr2010-01-20 13:38:51 +0000 #4
is illegal, not foul, generally, when dribbling stayed in the air, it should pay attention, and dribble down hand experience can not be turned over stopping, dribbling



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