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There is no one online when I was jumping coaches

Wu Poor2010-02-20 13:10:34 +0000 #1
I sawed others are bullied I have no one to help me train, if you can bounce a message! I am 14 years old 160 just template
Call me acridine State2010-02-20 13:17:48 +0000 #2
do you do - I also like basketball, tall is not high, I only have more than 16. What kind of equipment to practice jumping without conditions, if there is a good method is to pull flexible. Beginning physical education teachers are not let us do to prepare for action, such as legs and try to stand up straight, not curved, bent over so that the palm to the touchdown, just started practicing what can point up, in the go, habits after going to the palm of your hand touch the ground after the maintain that action, insist on living; there is one that is to sit down and legs straight, forward bending, stretching forward as far as possible hand, but also a habit of maintaining this action. In fact, exercise the same way, only one is standing just one sitting. Remember that feet should be straight!

I am such a practice, and now I hit the ball a little excitement about jumping to be able to hang on the basket, and with more than 18 rebounders in not necessarily lose. You have only 14 years old 160, just the template actually pretty good. Not just bouncing ball better, with your height you might consider the ball, do pitching, learn better Paowei meet. I hope that my method for you to be effective.



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