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NBA championship rings the most

the best

in 1957 -1969 season in 13 years, Bill? Kyle Russell led the Boston special person team won 11 NBA championships, he also earned 11 NBA championship rings, is the NBA history, won NBA championship rings than any other person.

Extra time the most

November 2, 1951, Rochester Royals, after 6 overtime, eventually 75 more than 73 team defeated Indiana.

One-third of the ball the most

NBA history, the single-game record of individual three-point shot by Orlando's Scott in 1996, created the Eastern Conference finals. A full match, he will hit 11 3-pointers.

Single-game record of team 3-point shot from the Sonics in the 1995-1996 playoffs with the Rockets in the second match to create a total of 20 three-pointers thrown (shot 27 times).

A single season in the individual three-point shooting was the highest Bulls guard Steve. Kohl, to 52.4%. He won in 1996 and 1997 NBA long shot race's winner, runner-up. Tallest and most low

NBA history who tallest player is a former Washington Bullets team Man Niute. Bor (Zaire nationality) and the active center Jilai He Wizards. Murison (Romania nationality), are 2.31 meters tall and the shortest was the most active player Tiny. Boggs, only 1.60 meters.

. NBA history, scoring the most in a single game

December 13, 1983, Detroit Pistons 186: 184 victory over the Denver Nuggets, the highest NBA single game scoring the most.

NBA history, won the highest number of teams

NBA50-year history, won the highest number of teams are the Boston Celtics with a total of 16 championships. This was followed by the Lakers with 11 championships.

NBA player contract value of

Kevin Garnett to become the highest in NBA history, the maximum amount of players signing contracts. In 1996, he was with the Timberwolves made a seven-year deal worth 121 million contract.

NBA history, scoring the most individual

NBA history, a race record individual score of 100 points, single season scoring record of 4029 points, these two records in 1963 and 1962 by the " superstar, "Wilt Chamberlain.

NBA's shortest player to dunk in the

NBA can dunk's shortest player's height is "potato" 斯珀特韦伯, won the 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner, which is only 1.70 meters tall. According to information on NBA, Chris Webber 16 years old and stands just 1.60 meters in high school, there had dunk records, his original vertical jump height of 1.33 meters,

run-up Mogao of 3.60 meters.

NBA highest-paid player in the highest income

NBA player is Michael Jordan. In 1996, his salary despite only 400 million U.S. dollars, but his advertising revenue there are more than 4000 million U.S. dollars. According to the U.S. "Forbes" magazine published by the income of athletes around the world list, with 52.6 million U.S. dollars Jordan ranked first place in the NBA.

Out two, three is the Shaquille O'Neal (24.4 million U.S. dollars), and Dennis Rodman (1290 million).

NBA players average annual salary and the minimum annual salary of

NBA players average annual salary of 150 million U.S. dollars, the minimum annual salary of not less than 20 million U.S. dollars.

A game grabbed the most rebounds

Jerry Lucas is the only NBA history to grab 40 rebounds a game player forward.

Guard Oscar Robertson to score a maximum of

26710 points in the scores of all back up players.

NBA history, the great 10 team

(1), Boston Celtics (1964-1965 season) a total score of 62 wins 18 a negative 77.5%. Lineup with Bill Russell, Sam Jones, Havlicek, Sanders and sea because of TU. The team broke through the screening of this team to win the highest single-season record and then won the seventh consecutive championship.

(2), Philadelphia 76ers (1966-1967 season) a total score of 68 wins and 13 losses, winning 84.0%, the starting lineup for the Chamberlain, Greer, Walker and Cunningham, setting the NBA single-season win record . In the Eastern Conference finals after beating the Celtics put an end to the "Boston dynasty" of the record of eight consecutive years, and beat the Golden State Warriors Wins championship.

(3), New York Knicks (1969-1970 season) a total score of 60 wins, 22 losses, wins 73.2%. There reed lineup Fraser, 巴特内特德 Boucher and Bradley. Reed injured before the seventh game in the finals suddenly appear in the game, that of being called anti-Shi

"empty city" Ling Duishou abrupt anti-less, finally beat the Lakers win.

(4), the Los Angeles Lakers (1982-1983 season) a total score of 69 wins and 13 losses, wins 84.1%. There lineup Goodrich, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, McMillan, and Hairston. The team record 33-game winning streak and 69 victories record, and beat the New York Knicks win.

(5), Philadelphia 76ers (1982-1983 season) a total score of 65 wins 17 losses, winning 79.3%. Lineup with Moses Malone, "J Dr." Julius Erving, Tony, Cheeks, and Bob Jones. As the 76ers go directly to the semi-finals, so are the seven battle four wins each round. Malone vowed that before the semi-finals: "FO! FO! FO!", "FO" is the "FOUR" (4), meaning all 76 teams won through the trials 4-0. Malone's prediction of a result only a thin, their opponents in the semi-final after the 4-0 sweep in the Eastern finals, only losing to the Eagle team to a last Youyi 4-0 win over the Lakers won the championship. After every player in their championship ring engraved measures "FO" message.

(6), Boston Celtics (1985-1986 season) a total score of 67 wins 15 losses, winning 81.7%. Lineup with Larry Bird, Parish, McHale, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson and Bill Walton. The team created a 40 wins and 1 of the NBA the best home record of the Finals after beating the Lakers won.

(7), Los Angeles Lakers (1986-1987 season) a total score of 65 wins 17 losses, wins 79.3%. Lineup of "Magic" Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Byron Scott, AC Green and Cooper. The semi-finals in the 12 games before the Lakers lost only one game and win over the Celtics win.

(8), Detroit Pistons (1988-1989 season) a total score of 63 wins, 19 losses, wins 76.8%. Lineup with Thomas, Dumars, Lamber, Rodman, Argyle, Vinny Johnson, and so on. This is the NBA history, the strongest defensive team. Rough style, known as the "bad guy team." The team because of the lack of a threat center, sent a rare three guard lineup, the Lakers swept the final 4-0 win.

(9), Chicago Bulls (1991-1992 season) a total score of 67 wins 15 losses, wins 81.7%. The starting lineup are Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Grant, Armstrong, Cartwright and John Paxson. This session than in the 1990-1991 season, the Bulls won six more games, but also the best of the season, Michael Jordan, one of the state, 4-2 finals win over the Trail Blazers to win.

(10), Chicago Bulls (1995-1996 season) a total score of 72 wins and 10 losses, winning 87.8%. The starting lineup are Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Rodman, Harper, Longley and Toni Kukoc. 100 games throughout the season, wins 78 games in which they created a screening of the NBA regular season to win a new record. Their "triangle into the power tactics" unique in the NBA, but also defending NBA history, one of the strongest teams. Finals, they won 4:2 Lectra Seattle.


March 2, 1962, Chamberlain created a single-game scoring record of 100 points is still the top, 55 rebounds, hit 18 consecutive shots in history, the highest rebounding record holder in history, scoring list 3rd place

NBA history, the real take-off from the free-throw line only three players, namely, Dr J Owen, Michael Jordan, and Brent.'s shortest rebounding Barry

are 1.98 meters, respectively 51-52 season Wo Halas Hawks team-based single-season rebounds and Belfast adding 880 rebounds (69-70 season)

53-54 season, the New York Knicks of the gallon door, single-season 1098

86-87 season Barker Lee, there is no data statistics

win up to coach wins / Negative / winning

* Lenny. Wilkens 1179/981/54.6%

* Pat. 999/434/67.7%

Bill Riley. Fage 944 / 106/46.0%

Reid. Auerbach 938/479/66.2%

Dick. Motta 935/101/47.9%

* Don. 926/752/55.2%

Jack Nelson. Ramhi 864 / 783/52.5%

library Dayton. Fei Fitzsimmons 832/775/51.8% Ginna. Su 784/861/47.7%

* Larry. Brown 732/586/55.5%

matches played up to the players

Robert . Parish 1611

Karim. Abadule - Jabbar 1560

Moses. Malone 1560

Buck. Williams, 1307

Elvin. 1303

John Hayes. Havlicek 1270

* John. Stockton 1258

Paul. Sellars 1254

* Sam. Perkins 1222

* Dell. Ellis, 1209

the highest average score of the players

Michael. Jordan 31.5

Wilt. Chamberlain 30.1

* Shaquille. O'Neal 27.5

Elgin. Baylor 27.4

Jerry. Wiest 27.0

Bob. pettit 26.2

George. Gerwin 26.2

* Karl. 26.0

Oscar Malone. Robinson 25.7

Commonwealth of Dominica. Wilkins 24

to help power the largest player

* John. Stockton 13790

Magic. Johnson 10141

Oscar. 9887

Isiah Robertson. Thomas, 9061

* marks. Jackson, 8574

Mo Rees. Mo a great 7392

Lenny. Wilkens 7211

Bob. Coucy 6955

Guy. Rogers 6917

* Rod. Strickland 67236

Up to 99-00 season, with * and the English name for the 00-99 season, written by active players or coaches

hit the ball up to the players

Karim. Abadule - Jabbar 15837

Wilt. Chamberlain 12681

* Karl. Malone 11435

Elvin. 10974

Michael Hayes. Jordan 10962

Alex. English Glish 10659

John. Havlicek 10513

* Joachim. Olajuwon 10272

Dominica. Weir Hopkins 9963

Robert. Parish 9614

The average score the most points per game player

Karim. Ebadule - Jabbar

* Karl. Malone 31419

Wilt. Chamberlain 31041

Michael. Jordan 29277

Moses. Malone 27409

Elvin. Hayes 27313

Oscar. Robertson 26710

Dominica. wilkins 26668

John. Havlicek 26395

* Joachim. Olajuwon 25822

rebound up to the players

Wilt. Chamberlain Bill Russell 23924


Karim. Ebadule - Jabbar &

Elvin. Hayes 16279

Moses. Malone 16212

Robert. Parish 14715

Knight. Thurmond 14464

Walter. Bellamy 14241

Weiss. Wes Unseld 13769

Buck. Williams 13017

steals most of the players

* John. Stockton 2844

Morris . Mo a great 2310

Michael. Jordan 2306

Creed. Drechsler 2207

Irvine. Robertson 2112

akim. Olajuwon 2018

Scott. Pippen 1986

Derek. Harper 1957

Mauquy. Blalock 1888

Isiah. Thomas, 1861
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hair here, no less than the score

I just made a total score

1 ranked player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Karl 38387 minutes

2 - Malone 36928 minutes

3 Michael - Jordan 32292 Chamberlain 31419 sub-sub-


6 Moses O'Neal 27697 points - points to 7 Elvin Malone 27409 - 27313 Hayes pm to 8 pm

9 Oscar Olajuwon 26946 - 26710 Robertson points

10 min

11 Haweilike Wilkins 26668

26395 hours 12 minutes

13 English Glish Reggie 25613 - 25279 minutes

14 Jerry Miller - West 25192 Ewing 24815 points to 15 points

16 Kobe - Bryant Allen 24027 points

17 -

18 Barkley Iverson 24020 points 23757 points 23334 points Parish


20 minutes

23177 Single Hartley deadline for the 2008-2009 season
off anti-theft lock 32010-02-21 03:30:19 +0000 #4
where hair no less than the score

I just made a total score

1 ranked player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Karl 38387 minutes

2 - to 3 points Michael Malone 36928 - 32292 Jordan 31419 Chamberlain points to 4 pm to 5 pm

6 Moses O'Neal 27697 - Malone 27409 points

7 Elvin - Hayes 27313 points

8 Olajuwon 26946 points
9 Oscar - Robertson 26710 points

10 Wilkins 26668



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