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Ya Jubei was introduced to this year's men's basketball race

attack is the best defense2010-01-20 15:02:04 +0000 #1
race, the participating teams, the race, there are the better team
United Kingdom2010-01-20 15:04:12 +0000 #2
2009 Asian Club Champions Cup Men's Basketball will be held in September 20 in Lanzhou sky, recently announced the competition schedule of the organizing committee, on behalf of China's Beijing Olympians will be playing their home games on 20,21,22, respectively Fengshen against Japanese island of Hokkaido, Seoul, Korea and Iran Mahelamu Samsung Thunder. After the first phase of single round robin competition, the top two clubs will be competing in the September 23 winner of this competition

2009 "is Lin's Cup" Asian Professional Basketball Club, Challenge Stadium, Lanzhou in Gansu Province, the opening warfare, Yi Langma He Lamu team 89-87 in Seoul, Korea Samsung Juesha Thunder made good start

Beijing Olympians with 94 79 victory over Japan in Hokkaido Fengshen schedule

September 20

15:30 Iran Mahelamu vs Samsung, Seoul, Beijing, China

19:30 Olympians vs Hokkaido, Japan Fengshen

September 21

15:30 Japanese island of Hokkaido Fengshen vs Yi Langma He Lamu

19:30 Seoul, Korea, Samsung vs Beijing, China Aoshen

September 22

15:30 Seoul, South Korea's Samsung, Hokkaido, Japan vs China Fengshen

19:30 Beijing Olympians vs Yi Langma He Lamu

September 23

13:30 3, 4 final championship game

19:30 Reference:



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