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Peep at his girlfriend let me disappointed in Diary

Gollum Cat ah2010-02-21 08:11:36 +0000 #1
and his girlfriend in self-study refresher class, and she bags on the table, I saw a very beautiful book in her bag, I say Haopiaolianga, give me a look, and she quickly put away is not, then the afternoon, she first went to the library, I have a class in self-study, and she bags on the table, I put it out of view in this book, and turned diary. I want to see that she would not write me, really see, but was disappointed, she said, "Good Fana boyfriend before a person want to do to do, and now he always called me, no matter what it seems He should know, a lot of things I want a man to do, but he just wishes to go with me, we have from the very close quarters, he said he saw me every day to ensure that once, when I want to say that Why do every day to meet, but too embarrassed him angry, no say. not me he did not feel right, just feel a sudden more people, so I think the things that a lot of trouble. ago, Mom and Dad gave me a very great freedom in ensuring the safety of my circumstances, I do very little to intervene, and now he made me feel locked into. I do not know that one day it will because of this and a falling out, "" The above is written by her I was very shocked, I did not interfere with how she ah, we have contacts 8 months, and sophomore started, I really am worried that I will fail to seize her heart and she felt tired. But also because she was pretty, a lot of people chasing (although she was very single-minded, but if it was pestered to recover, there are still dangerous, and she told me that she likes handsome, and the skin good). On such a girlfriend, how can I seize her. You help out, it is an emergency, ah, brother to express our deep gratitude, as recent arrivals, scores of small, please forgive me

cat demon Shuishui2010-02-21 08:13:57 +0000 #2
love her as we should believe her 喽, the more you is a tight grasp the more she felt tired, love becomes a kind of bored with the things. Gave each other a little space. She will take the initiative adhesive you. If you fundamentally do not believe her just do not talk about it. Shuanzhu want to use what means a person, it was no good results. I wish you happiness.
sylviadouya2010-02-21 08:50:33 +0000 #3
Do you know how she thinks, and it should do as she thought, so as not to bother her a sense of the more tight grip, lost more
csh72010-02-21 09:30:01 +0000 #4
The hands-off when he let her go.

Is obviously not her mind you, you do not feel right.

You can find the opportunity to confirm to see if in the end is not the case!

Otherwise, a waste of time and money is of no use!

Still find themselves satisfied with the bar!
zhuchenHAHAHEI2010-02-21 08:36:20 +0000 #5
the more you grasp the more tight that she felt tired, love becomes a kind of bored with the things. Gave each other a little space. She will take the initiative adhesive you. If you fundamentally do not believe her just do not talk about it. Shuanzhu want to use what means a person, it was no good results. I wish you happiness.
Tokgo ★ cavalier2010-02-21 10:40:42 +0000 #6
book that should be fits and starts falling in love!
qiuzi10252010-02-21 08:42:57 +0000 #7
I feel no need to shock, as she put it very clearly.

You have to love her, we wholeheartedly love bar. Really pay will live peace of mind.

Love in some things, I think, if people can not say undercooked. A bittersweet own chewing, can only "clear
End of the quarter Yu Fei2010-02-21 09:40:26 +0000 #8
Sometimes I would write such a diary that there is no free ah whatever. That is because the moment feeling angry cause trouble speaking, or see it every day but do not bother is not hate. Hehe ... would like to Kai-point 啦 she normally good words to you all right.
w3083200242010-02-21 10:03:51 +0000 #9
else did not want to say, but you are in love is estimated that never talked to his girlfriend Bar before? Anyway ... ... ah, this thing I have encountered a man, first love, we feel it would start okay, but it was felt that a person is still quite good, free! Hey, Closer to home, as she was with you, it will not lightly give chase on the go, rest assured, but, then went over to her room chanting every day phone calls can, but every day to meet together, sort of really a bit far-fetched, you do high school? In fact, the entrance was the most important, that you can test together is now the most that should be considered, I am now, and his girlfriend split in two places, sad ... ... Well, my freshman year, in fact, you have to gradually learn to play with her, so she told You are always very happy together, she would not go feeling, and together, and if kept silent, or you are between the "modest", breaking up sooner or later something like there are still differences with the love, you have girlfriend said, is not right you do not feel, do not have to worry that she was someone deliberately chase away casually was chasing the girls away Do not matter whether, brothers, in this first blessing to you, from love sum up, do not believe the number of waiting for you love you enough naturally know, peace of mind it, first, give her room to, not everything involved, would be a good learning can not delay expensive, at least to the same place where her test, otherwise everything is no good! To accelerate and decelerate the!加油!
w24582292010-02-21 11:44:06 +0000 #10
things is better than anti-ah ... So, for her performance somewhat indifferent to it, she should be anxious, and she will know you've had are so concerned about her, rather than bother her. If not urgent, then the trouble, it seems you did not get her heart. Let her go, if you love her.
lhanguo2010-02-21 13:23:31 +0000 #11
Experience Experience what it feels like kite-flying, tight or loose a good good, or when ebbed and flowed?
dfxx123456782010-02-21 09:52:03 +0000 #12
all things as do not like is the reluctance can not be



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