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NBA's problem, master enlighten.

angel_sun2010-01-20 16:01:27 +0000 #1
I want to know, NBA30 teams which belong to the state which city?

For example Lakers Los Angeles, California.

Please advise.
United Kingdom2010-01-20 16:10:43 +0000 #2
NBA cities where the teams were ranked:

1, New York

New York City is America's largest city and largest port, is also the world's largest city, located in the U.S. Atlantic coast north-east, southeast New York. This is a Jiacaiwanguan teams - Knicks, there is news that James may be switched to the New York Knicks in 2010, because this is all over the gold.

2, Los Angeles, California

is the largest city in the United States's second largest city (after New York City), the "City of Angels" in the world. City of Los Angeles has two city rivals - Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers.


Chicago is located in Chicago, the heart of the North American continent is located in the United States, Illinois, is the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Fans left the deepest impression is that Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls era. Jordan had given the fans in Chicago has brought countless joy and honor.


Toronto Toronto is Canada's largest city, the country's industrial and commercial center. Toronto Raptors NBA team is the only one located in the neighboring city's team.

5, Houston

Houston is the fourth largest city, is the largest city in Texas, but also the United States, SkyCity. Houston is perhaps the most concerned about the Chinese fans, the city, because there is Yao Ming.

6, Philadelphia

Philadelphia in southeastern Pennsylvania. We can not forget the days of Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, he left us so many wonderful memories.

7, Phoenix

Phoenix, also known as Phoenix, is Arizona state capital and largest city. Phoenix is the largest capital cities, the population than any other state capital and the U.S. capital Washington DC.

8, San Antonio

U.S. industrial and commercial city in southern Texas. Is located in the southernmost United States, it is one of the three major cities in Texas (the other two are Houston and Dallas). The city's best-known is the NBA team San Antonio. Duncan is a city and a sign of the team since he joined the San Antonio Spurs has been a total of four times the team was the overall winner.


Dallas, Texas Dallas is the third largest city in the United States, the U.S. 9th largest city in Dallas County, the capital. 2006 Dallas Mavericks championship away from the most recent one, but who were in the total score 2 to 0 the leading cases, reversed by the Miami Heat team.


Detroit is Detroit, Michigan's largest city, the "Motor City" is known as reputation. Detroit Pistons 90 years in the last century known as the Bad Boy team, the Pistons won two championships in 1989-90, again in 2004 aspirations to.


Indianapolis, Indiana, Indianapolis is the largest city in the United States, the capital of the United States's second-largest state capital (behind Phoenix, Arizona). Indianapolis for the Midwest rail freight hub, known as "America's crossroads."

12, Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina United States the largest city in the southeast, to enjoy the "green city" laudatory. Charlotte is a highly modernized commercial and industrial city, is the Southeast region's most important financial, trade and transportation center as well as the U.S. economy the fastest-growing southeastern city.


Memphis Memphis, Tennessee's largest city, the Mississippi river ports. In the southeastern United States ranked second, behind Jacksonville, Florida, but also throughout the United States 17th largest city.

14, Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, United States capital and largest city, but also the largest city in New England. The city is located in the northeast Atlantic coast of the United States, was founded in 1630, is America's oldest and most cities in the world of cultural value. Boston Celtics won the championship is the highest number of a team, received a total of 17 times the overall winner.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee is the largest port city and lake, located west bank of Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, industrial and commercial cities. Beer Brewing for its distinctive industries, owns four large breweries in the 3, the output ranks the first in, known as the United States "beer capital."

16, Denver,

Denver City and County, Colorado cities and counties in the state of a merger, but also Colorado's largest city and capital. Denver is located in an adjacent to the plains of the Rocky Mountains to form the core of Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. Nuggets team rounded out the Western Conference finals last season for Denver fans, this is what a wonderful moment.

17, Washington

U.S. capital Washington, DC, Washington, DC is located in the northeastern United States, full name of the "Washington, DC." Washington is the U.S. political and cultural center.

18, Portland

Portland, Oregon is also the largest city in the county town of Meurthe-et noma County, located in Huila Mai Di River to import into the mouth of Columbia River, not far from where the south . It is the United States in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle's second largest city.

19, Oklahoma

Oklahoma State, also known as Oklahoma, a state of south-central United States. Oklahoma has the nation's largest indigenous Indian population.

20, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

the industrial and commercial capital and largest city. Atlanta is located in the eastern United States, is located at an altitude of 350 meters at the foot of the Appalachian plateau, is one of the three major U.S. cities in Highland.

21, Sacramento

Sacramento, California in the United States is a central city on the Sacramento River is the county seat of Sacramento County, is also the seat of California's state capital.

22, Cleveland, Ohio, the largest city

. Hunan Province is located in the state throughout the northern part of Erie shore, Cuyahoga River, is the land and water transportation to land. Important lake port and industrial and commercial city. Cavaliers joined the NBA League in 1970, 30 years, rounded out the finals only once. James is the city and the team logo, Cleveland fans are confident James will stay in Cleveland next summer.

23, Miami

Miami is located in the southeast corner of Biscayne Bay, Florida, Florida between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean is second only to Jacksonville, the state's second largest city in Miami - Dade County's largest city and county government is located. Miami has a warm, humid subtropical climate, the region and there is no obvious four seasons.

24, Golden State

is another name in California. California (commonly referred to as California) is one of the western United States Pacific coast states in an area is the nation's third-largest state, the population is the nation's largest state. Since the early years of the Gold Rush, California has an alias called the Golden State.

25, Minnesota Abolisi

United States the largest city in Minnesota. Located in the southeast of the state, the two sides across the Mississippi River.

26, New Orleans

New Orleans, the southern U.S. city, the brink of the Gulf of Mexico, is Louisiana a major port city. With well-known jazz and French colonial culture.

27, New Jersey

New Jersey, the United States as well as the fourth highest population density of small states, this state's name comes from Anglo-French Channel is located in Jersey, the state nickname of "Garden State."

28, Orlando

New Jersey, the United States as well as the fourth highest population density of small states, this state's name comes from Anglo-French Channel is located in Jersey, the state nickname of "Garden State."


Salt Lake City, Utah's population are distributed around the former Washa Qi, which is along the periphery of the metropolitan area Washa Qi Shan. In this region, is an almost all wilderness. And religion, while Utah is the nation's highest percentage of a single religion, a state.



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