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NBA LIVE 2008 players could not play to create their own dynasty! ! Urgent! !

A monk two little girl2010-02-21 12:10:35 +0000 #1
Now hurry I hope you help out.

Why do I create a player could not play Dynasty Mode,

I added the players inside the team, but one into the dynasty, the team list to restore the default.

I am depressed, and there any way I can create their own dynasty, do the players play?
cgq8803032010-02-21 12:15:29 +0000 #2
create your own players to the Dynasty mode will automatically go to the free list, and the ability to pay the higher the greater the freedom you have to look at the list, when they found him, to see how much his salary, you After signing him, but if the overall rating is high, we should pay a larger space for the team, playing him if you want one, you pick 76 of those teams, anyway pay a large space, and then cut crazy people, in the signed him, OK a
Wo Shen-Ju Dou Dagger Dagger _2010-02-21 12:21:29 +0000 #3
go when the dynasty. playing on the draft of all switch off on OK. but the contract was only for one year.



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