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The question about thugs

Evil Kuchiki2010-02-21 15:10:25 +0000 #1
1. Double-teamed, the touch to the basketball players but at the same ball hit the hand fingertips. . (Finger section I) be regarded as hired thugs Mody.

2. If someone mistakes the field. The ball to be out of bounds. Me and one other player scramble. But had no intention of hitting his hand (1. He did not hit the ball 2. He touched the ball) 1 and 2, respectively, how are counted.

3. The other side of the jump shot, but I 1. He soon landed a hatchet man (2. He has landed a), 1.2 how calculated? Yao is considered a foul?
wow1232ge2010-02-21 15:15:33 +0000 #2
1 not 2 not 3 in both cases considered the first case, the second is not
drowning lashes2010-02-21 15:47:04 +0000 #3
thugs Overview

basketball terminology. Hatchet man is a personal foul inside the 1 cases, the rules where there is no foul called thugs, basketball rules of the game where a total of seven personal foul: 1) block. 2) gave the driver. 3) behind the illegal defense. 4) arrest the person. 5) Illegal cover. 6) illegal hands. 7) pushing people.

Personal foul is a team foul, containing illegal contact with the other players, either live ball or dead ball, players shall not be through his hand, elbow, shoulder and hip, leg, knee or foot, and not to his body bent into a " anomalous "position (beyond his cylinder) to pull, blocking, pushing, tripping, to prevent the other members of the road; shall not indulge in any rough or violent action.

Thugs are thugs of the classification of narrow and broad points.

Narrow thugs simply means that when offensive side ball players were defensive player of the contact area for the elbow following the collision, while the broad sense, can be extended further thugs ball players for the offensive side above the waist by the defensive player of any part of the contact or collision, access to the site extended to the head, shoulder, arm above the elbow. (The waist area of non-normal contact or non-normal collisions can be broadly defined as a defensive or offensive block collision)

1. If the offense team completed without the ball shot into the floor to restore the state prior to any defensive player for his arm below his upper arm parts (wrist, hand, and even a finger) contacts can be whistled for his hired thugs, a specific operation, usually in the shot before the ball does not affect the shooting of a slight contact can be ignored, if the violation affected the intensity and nature of the offensive player's hand shot, even after the ball has been shot more serious engagement can still whistled for illegal defense.

2. Defensive side of malicious attacks, regardless of the offensive side at any time (including the dribble or shoot, or pass) occurs, can be whistled for a foul as the hired thugs, or even malicious foul.

3. In the event blocks or steals the thugs of the whistled: theoretical blocks or steals should not be any physical contact, if the thugs appeared at a later blocks or steals, can be ignored in mind (for example, : If the defensive player blocks shot after shot off attacking players, the whereabouts of the arm movements with the series of time-division access to the offensive side of the arm can be ignored, steals the same reason), if the physical contact blocks or steals act simultaneously, can be whistled for a foul thugs, but the actual operation blocks or steals the time whether there is physical contact that all rely on referee's eyes, I often have the degree of behavior is not very obvious hatchet man has not been whistled for the offensive team hammer Dayton chest, defense phenomenon of players complacent.

What kind of hatchet man considered the principle of foul

basketball dribbling, ball in hand is not protected, only the real can not be shooting hand, and

if you are dribbling or holding the ball for protection action, copy each other when the ball hit your hands, will not be considered foul, but when you have shooting action, violation of which little is foul, this time his whole arm, including the arm is strictly protected , whether it is beating, rub the point, are foul. Of course, if you are in your own place to do interfere with his shooting, for example, he was down on your body, hands were held in your head, you put up as long as the hands, no action under pressure, do not blow against the rules. In fact, they are physically affixed together, straight stretch your hands together, the encounter was not blowing his hand foul. Of course, if you are moved over, and that even if there is no hired thugs, and they may blow you stop it.

Also to note is that you do not jump shot, is basically no chance to free throws, because you can not define when to start shooting, you lift the ball may also be fake will not be protected, as long as you jump shot, it was will certainly be able to get a foul free throw.



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