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Rockets home why is it called the Toyota Center?

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Toyota Center (in English: Toyota Center) is the one located in downtown Houston, Texas, the indoor stadium, from the title sponsor Toyota Motor Corporation, it is called "Toyota Center Gymnasium."

Stadium is now a National Basketball Association (NBA) Houston Rockets Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) Houston Comets (Houston Comets), as well as the National Hockey League (AHL) Houston Air Force (Houston Aeros) of the home.

In 2002, a congregation to Houston-based sports teams to the city's municipal government pressured the authorities to build a new stadium to replace the old Compaq Center (Compaq Center), the results led to the construction of the Toyota Center. Toyota Center became the home and those sports teams.

Toyota Center basketball game at a capacity of 18,300 spectators at ice hockey game was held can accommodate 17,800 people, while the concert can be held up to a maximum of 19,000 people. There are also a gymnasium seats 2,900 clubs, as well as 103 luxury suites. Stadium within the vicinity of a number of streets with more than 10,000 parking spaces, including a footbridge, connecting the stadium, with 2,500 parking spaces, "Toyota Tundra garage" parking lot.

Toyota Center in 2003 obtained by the Houston Center Corporation (Central Houston, Inc.) Issued the "Ellen communities, enhance Award" (Allen Award for Civic Enhancement), the other in 2004 received world tour by the Harlem basketball team (Harlem Globetrotters) awarded the "Rookie of the Year Award for the year," and selected by the "Pollstar" magazine for "Best New Concert Venue Award" the final list.

Toyota Center in the opening of the first year has attracted more than 1.5 million spectators entering.


Toyota Center coordinates

Coordinates: Latitude 29 degrees 45 minutes 2.61 seconds, longitude 95 degrees 21 minutes 43.62 seconds

Toyota Center

Toyota Center

【venue construction】

Stadium here in Houston, Texas, USA No.

Polk Street 1510 completed using the October 6, 2003

the owner of Texas Harris County - Houston Sports Authority

operator for Clutch City Sports and Entertainment

construction cost of 175 million U.S. dollars

Architects Morris Architects,

HOK Architects,

John Chase Architects

【using the team】

Houston Rockets (NBA) (2003 years - this year)

Houston Comets (WNBA) (2003 years - this year)

Houston, Air Force (AHL) 〔National Ice Hockey League〕 (2003 - current)

The photo shows "Toyota Center" bird's eye view ----
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Japan's Toyota-sponsored bar
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Toyota-sponsored, so I believe the Toyota Center --



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