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Basketball practice is to find a good place to practice shooting can still free!

suizb1234567892010-02-22 07:11:15 +0000 #1
I started practicing the first half of shooting - feels very good. More and more quasi - but I used to practicing all to itself as a good place - five replaced each location into one location. . . - But soon found that it takes a long time and a lot of trouble - I got to the other side of Jianqiu - and then ran back to my place to set a good investment. . Is a waste of time! I have been practicing a person - and no one helped Jian Qiu - then I changed the way the ball after the shot - picked up the ball at the location shoot! Throw the ball before the ball landed a position in the next vote - this is more save time - Which way will the good will? -
wenfan2222010-02-22 07:24:27 +0000 #2
fixed-point shot can enhance the stability of your shots inside

like the NBA they are often at a point above the ball to play

this can be maintained when there are Hand

fixed-point shooting accuracy will definitely be harvested

However, time to pay more than

If it is cast and then later you Qujian ball shot directly in that place at all locations

so can improve the shot hit

to improve the ability to grasp the power of more than


can practice shooting moving STOP capacity of

in actual combat is also very important

and is the key to improve the capacity of the ball way

If the two are combined practice good

you're a good killer of the

In fact, if you want to painstaking practice, do not be afraid to spend time

of course, For us amateurs who love it

fixed-point shot or not, after all, we are not trained in so many

If you're a professional branded professional hum


Pa Moren also give you picking the ball Mody -

Finally I wish you game progresses -
Yikusitian jing2010-02-22 07:55:21 +0000 #3
I think it is better be a good place, why not find a partner? ? Basketball is the cooperation of five 呀!
kkk3753536152010-02-22 07:24:35 +0000 #4
as long as you shoot the ball moves, all it will do the normal ... Do not trouble yourself to find
camle562010-02-22 08:49:01 +0000 #5
or the location of the selected shot is better.

Each person has their own playing time shot-point, first-point shooting touch, out of practice after Zaiqu try other methods.

Personally think that the best contact method is shooting free throws, each 100. Super-efficient



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