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I play sg · · · two-thirds, and the cast and the insider's singles would like to ask how a breakt

woshiwangshu192010-02-22 09:10:59 +0000 #1
I 186 * * 190 pounds, the speed too badly as a breakthrough, but I imagine lbj does not enter into another final about
Angel Wings FLY2112010-02-22 09:17:28 +0000 #2
whether it is a breakthrough or a shot, the most important thing is to maintain the center of gravity, remember! Your height and weight, and I almost, I have a breakthrough hit rate can still be pricey, and can give you more information.

Layup time can be divided into two cases. First, when you hold the ball had been stepped bypassing the human, that no one interfere with your body shape, then make every effort to take off, put the ball directly into the basket. I do not know how good your jumping ability, I can Grilled baskets, so I do not fight over the basket plate, so that a relatively high hit rate, but also from any angle can be more, do not go to board. Second, there are still people before you jump right interfere with your body, then what must depend on take-off and that people who live in defense, so that he can hardly take-off cover you, but it will affect your take-off height, so it can lower the hand layup for the master shot. Yao's kind of like a hook (not exactly say that it is called a hook, called a master shot), you would inside singles, I believe that this technique should not be hard for you. In addition, when faced double-teamed, if the defender than you thin, then strong onwards, using the above method two layups, if double-teamed by a strong, strongly suggests a ball bar. Gap must have double-teamed, the ball must not persistent and motivated break-point shot is also an option.

Said that so much hope for you help, everyone has the characteristics of each person, I said do not you must be very fit, I hope you still groping in the actual combat itself more to explore, find the right fit in their own way.
Britain's Lancaster2010-02-22 09:54:32 +0000 #3
brother's tonnage can ah!



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