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How to improve jumping

Sheng Yue 1262010-02-22 10:10:58 +0000 #1
ask how to improve jumping ability?
Ŧ 4 Estate Studies Sheng2010-02-22 10:15:00 +0000 #2
leapfrog, very useful, I jumped a summer vacation, a jump to the next start will be very acid, but slowly get used to. . . . . . . .
chenyiei2010-02-22 10:25:49 +0000 #3
United States's most famous vertical jump training program, the ability to increase vertical jump is expected to excel at 20-30 cm above training process is hard, the whole process will take 15 weeks.

For each action item, if a motion to for three groups, the groups can not be more than two minutes rest between, if completed, be made directly to the next project, remember not to rest! !

1st item: squat jump

1, the beginning, squat to? Position, hands placed on the former,

2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. Touch the ground when complete a.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 2

The second: lift toes (toes)

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhao

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 3

Third: Step

1. To find a chair to put one foot is entered, a 90-degree

2. Make every effort to jump open, change in the air, feet on the chair,

3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back into the chair, complete another jump.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 4

Fourth: Vertical Jump

1. Put your feet straight, and shoulder width, "lock" your knees ...

2. Just use your legs jump, only be able to bend your feet Guo, try to bend the knee ...

3. to the ground, when, and then quickly jump to complete a ...

This is a difficult, You can use your hand to help the rapid take-off ...

Spring Training Tutorial increase 5 5th item: toe dance

1. will be carried to the highest point of the toe,

2. with the toes quick take-off, jump shall not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm

Leapfrog practice is necessary, for the jumping ability increase is certainly helpful, because this is a way to train strength. In addition, there are other ways.

The first method is the most effective, and also the most difficult, and can make you bounce in a short time to improve. Specific practices: Wage Keng, about one meter deep. Your legs tied at 5 pounds of sandbags, jump into the pit. Try to load the case of leaping out from the pit. Half a month, it will pit deepened 20 cm, while the load increase by 2-3 pounds, continued to practice. Such a cycle, and finally can no longer lift heavy loads, not leaps from the pit when the practice to stop there. Lifting heavy loads, and then try to jump how high.

The second method, the effect is not very obvious, but easy to implement. Specific Methods: tie a rubber band on the ankle, standing vertical jump. Daily practice half an hour. But I feel that this approach not apparent.

I wish you good luck, the future sports star!

To develop explosive power, we must increase the muscle contraction strength and working distance, shorten working hours, strength training, make a small load of machinery for rapid movement, without reducing its speed, and gradually increase the load to improve the strength of muscle contraction . Just said use "bear cast" technology moves fall opponent, rely mainly on the strength increase explosive muscle contraction. Increase the power of technology can enhance the ability to control, so in ordinary training, not only the technical efforts, but also particularly in the increase, such as explosive power, efforts to improve the speed of muscle contraction. Practice has proved that high-intensity explosive is to improve the performance essential factors. So how do to improve explosive power? (A) transform load and speed. (B) to strengthen professional and technical training to enhance muscle control and movement made the ability to relax before the force. (C) the initial muscle length, only the lengthening of the muscle contraction only faster and strength. (D) after the forces of practicing relaxation exercises.

In the explosive force of the factors, forces play a leading role, so the strength of growth contribute to explosive growth. But the forces are by no means explosive. That does not have the power in actual combat will be able to make good use of technology. The explosive force of a judo athlete must pass the basic strength and speed, technology, combining the sensitivity of coordination in order to play. Some people can lift very heavy weights, but a wrestling fail at specifically is the lack of specific strength. Judo athletes confrontation, they need strength, but also the speed, but also endurance, strength of some of our athletes do not feel bad, the key is the special ability and speed-strength difference. Training in the future attention should be paid in a power transferred to the special forces, special forces based on the increase.

The development of power should pay attention to the problem:

(a) load. Facts show that only under certain conditions, the weight of strength training in order to make the power increase, and strength training in the use of a different load, the effect of different, therefore, vary in training, reasonable arrangements for loading.

(B) of the super-compensation. A lot of energy consumption of the movement of goods, sports stop catabolism secondary role, energy, material synthesis began to recover in excess of the original substances in the body of energy.

(3) training interval. Practice has proved that strength training in order to repeat the best, because the strength of fast-growing subsided after cessation of training is also faster.

(4) Age and gender. Strength training the same person at different ages during the reaction is different from the value of the size of the power of men and women are very different.

Both men and women, as long insisted on strength training, to maintain and develop the strength of the quality of a good results.

First, the most important thing is you have a great yearning for a dunk `
Second, you have to live in resistance to the lonely, to eat the bitter` can be sustained.

Third, you must own self-confidence, I believe they can row! history, there are a lot shorter people dunk of `such as small potatoes Weber, 170 or even less than his hands` Flip `2000 session of the National Slam Dunk Champion 175. tall, 175 in the United States can dunk a lot of people` While Europe and the United States Constitution is indeed a strong `but Through proper training can be achieved. our school had an American student named Matthew, we may recognize the `more` fat is not very high standing, but he could jump to seize the basket.

Fourth, dunking is not your the ultimate goal of `exercise, brings the power and beauty, giving the feeling of flying. Of course, you have to kind of hi

Fun flying feeling.

Fifth, if you are less than 170, of course, you can not afford to dream of the standard deduction 3.05 of the basket, because people always have limits `` `You are not days to be professional but it was impossible to train. 2.9-2.95, but can buckle around the basket, most of the basket are so high`

of course, on the streets The. except stadium.

No. 7, there is a good pair of basketball shoes and adequate protection. No. 8, have the time and energy to practice, not afraid of boring.

9, there are a bunch of friends, support and participation, this is very important, There are several good bounce with the best to play. No. 10, can be skilled flying one-handed layup, and the desire to fly. desire to be the first.

2, of the specific physical requirements in all aspects

1, this process probably continued to Bar a few years, but usually note that `physical exercise, sports-loving` and the appropriate training can be a year full within one year can dunk -2, at least you can give the feeling of a dunk, you can see the majesty of your flight. Remember to continuous exercise, but not every day you have to `` maintain a certain amount of time each week `normal life, we should pay attention to maintaining the training effect of` 2, body fat, less to maintain. in general there will be no regular exercise `The key issue is that you may not be time to start`, but it does not matter that 3 pairs of sports not just basketball-loving, if you go to practice track and field, you do not feel useless or irrelevant, or even refused. 4, if necessary, when can be a holiday (the best summer vacation) to the specialized practice `non-stop from morning to night. This looks a bit BT, but soon you will find yourself able to adapt to, and tiring day, but always there could ever use force. 5, I believe I said `If you think these words may be useless to leave immediately. 6, it is best to swim, and is willing to go to the gym, or their own to find ways to .7, dunk allows you to self-confidence, but remember not to use this contempt for people with high than you `need to know more than you higher than you in this practice will be very easy. Everyone has their own strengths and potential.

8, will not affect their learning outside of` this is you learn things that `To be sure Even if you can dunk no admission to the professional team, you have to rely on learning .9, entertaining, do not rush to see their results, adhere to and maintain, you will gradually see the results, particular attention to "plateau response" to this In the course of any practice there, such as practicing guitar, piano, doing `Orsay, etc., will first .10, with the basketball court to be positive and be good at imitating players movements.

most of the friends to play basketball like a very good physical fitness, each person's natural conditions are different, but the day after the training is equally important, as long as you train hard you will be more than any a priori conditions are good, excellent physical fitness.

due to the impact of Jordan's people are more concerned about how the problem in order to jump higher, then we start with this aspects.

we must first find out the thigh and calf in the bounce of the role, on the whole strength of feet of people jump thigh high, leg strength and strong projectile velocity fast. and thigh strength training is largely weight-bearing squat and squat two kinds of approach, if you want to practice explosive, then in my personal and the coach's recommendations mainly linked squat. As for the weight of load is also very particular about, according to the Wade proposed training method is the depth of pyramid training method to stimulate the muscles, every day you just do squat six groups, first of all you have first measured the premise was to protect the maximum load you down how much, and then Group 1 with 60% of maximum load to carry out warm-up, in general, 15

20 as well, not too much, and then followed a few groups to each Tijia 10% increase in the intensity of load to each group be exhausted until [The so-called exhausted that I can not move now, many beginners feel sore on the leg muscles to stop this is not enough, there must be fully exhausted until it can not be completed until the next action.] General to Each group should talk about doing squat 8

12, if you are done 12 was still physically able to complete the next action that shows your load is not enough, you can consider raising the weight. to the last few groups you may have no energy to complete each group of eight a movement of the base, then after you are done do not stop immediately until the force is doing squat to expose bare hands up. From this training, a period of time you will find that your jumping ability and explosive power there would be a qualitative leap.

Note: Beginners should do weight-bearing squat when you move your feet toes. knees bent inside or outside the Zhang. the latter part of training at the block in order to enhance the strength of muscles can make Eight Characters or inner toe outside the Zhang Qu. thigh training can not be carried out every day, we recommend three days practice a second, post-training can be increased to two days time, if you feel the legs after the end of the practice beyond the control of shivering, then Congratulations, you are training today, a great success.

calves: calves are small Block muscles can be trained every day, but also to load the main, but the calf muscles is not easy to congestion, need more group numbers more than the number of training methods for training, training, and thigh when the load is also a method of a sample, weight-bearing for toes training. each try to make it 20

25. so as to allow for adequate congestive calf muscles. calf or in the early stage of training, feet parallel to the main, to comprehensively stimulate the muscles and pay attention to the highest point in the toes as far as possible There is a brief pause. When the muscles have a certain basis in addition to the feet parallel to the training methods can also join the eight-character both inside and outside the training methods of the feet to stimulate the calf muscles two measurements.

diet: the growth of muscle requires a lot of protein. Therefore, in the days of strength training to strengthen the business

Yang is also essential. recommended six eggs a day for more than practical. If you also carried out in other parts of the power of the training, I suggest you also to enhance protein intake. There are the staple food of the component must also be increased, the source of carbohydrate is your strength is your guarantee of completion of training.

Last: In addition to the recommendation to improve the muscle strength you have nothing to go home pulling ligaments, tough ligaments and is the corresponding super-explosive, and if Your ligaments, if you pay attention to the training is easy because you have hurt the gradual strengthening of the power of their own. My friends, if interested in the above training methods can be used for training, remember to note that rest, not excessive training. as long as you can insist that , then we will be successful

only if you are in adolescence is not recommended as it will affect the development of ... the most important thing is does not affect the rise and development
Ai-Zi Tian Mi Mi2010-02-22 10:36:43 +0000 #4
jump how high is the Achilles tendon can be determined, you want to improve the bounce, it is recommended to do more leg exercises (like jogging, leapfrog 。。。)
314,410,7222010-02-22 11:38:28 +0000 #5
Mogao, to a high jump on OK. After jumping on several occasions. Touch soon. This would increase the bounce. Changes may also be high.



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