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Tracy McGrady or Kobe Bryant formidable

ch543132010-02-23 03:10:03 +0000 #1
As Tracy McGrady or Kobe Bryant
Registration good hard2010-02-23 03:24:56 +0000 #2
At its peak, the two may be almost

but on the whole career, Bryant more powerful
printed cloth pork on a skewer pants2010-02-23 03:50:15 +0000 #3
this issue a lot of people ask,

on the talent, Jimmy Bryant, unlike poor,
, but the data brought their two Bibi, Bryant will be strengths!

personally think that Kobe Bryant strengths, after all, Jimmy is not good
14,550,2982010-02-23 03:28:48 +0000 #4
Tracy McGrady now will not .

Now is the era of Kobe Bryant
dewluffy2010-02-23 04:21:41 +0000 #5
Madison talented, but the bar, love the body injured, and the will is not strong enough, so there would be no success -
unattended in the rain remember2010-02-23 05:17:24 +0000 #6
bar you look at the situation now, Bryant is now hurt a few fingers, or be able to cast the key to the ball and the mobilization of the entire team,

McGrady then officially leaving the team. perennial injury. not that he did not terrible, that is, body is too brittle bones. can not say that he did not dedicated, it might be physical reasons for that; other hand, Kobe Bryant is still the rulers of this era
benhai6662010-02-23 04:28:53 +0000 #7
Tracy is amazing talent, Bryant's natural conditions is less than Madison, but Kobe Bryant work hard enough, Bryant's training intensity is one of the top league, we can say he said Secondly, there is no first, so Bryant can play in the stadium casual ease, showing that efforts to train can make up for differences in talent.
xiaofeixia06182010-02-23 04:08:33 +0000 #8
all successful experience of those who are gifted do not sweat the important instructions.

They are all talented players, but the two individuals are now no longer a grade, and Tracy McGrady lose the desire to win and play attitude, defense is Tracy McGrady's weak spots.

Simply gorgeous T-Mac only has the offensive capability, while Bryant-round win.
Drifting 8222010-02-23 06:34:03 +0000 #9
There is no doubt that Bryant is now the most 牛逼
ultra-handsome cabbage2010-02-23 07:43:28 +0000 #10
or Kobe Bryant, because no matter how strong a person in itself, but on the integrated, hard work and luck is also part of the strength
rx7xy2010-02-23 07:16:25 +0000 #11
On the talent, Tracy McGrady obviously higher than a chip sub-Kobe Bryant, on the personal technology, the peak of the T-Mac is still a little bit less powerful than Kobe Bryant! (Purely personal opinion), on the honor, He holds the championship Kobe Bryant, MVP, Finals MVP, All-Star MVP, and so on ...

and Tracy McGrady, and only two-time scoring (reelection)! Obviously, far better than Bryant, Tracy McGrady honor! !
skyliu20062010-02-23 07:52:30 +0000 #12
personal view is that Kobe Bryant is still a little worse. Both from a technical or psychological, Bryant worse than Tracy McGrady.
Il of water at home2010-02-23 06:29:23 +0000 #13
Kobe Bryant
Gone with the Wind heads off to vote2010-02-23 05:05:53 +0000 #14
Kobe Bryant has always been



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