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NBA `0.1 can Juesha do?

hzfskzg4562010-02-23 03:11:33 +0000 #1
Is left in 0.1 seconds
bin137212010-02-23 03:27:09 +0000 #2
NBA stipulates that if less than 0.3 seconds, on the direct end of the game, because they are determined to complete basketball player shooting a series of actions (pick the ball, shooting) at least 0.3 seconds.

Former seems to be 0.8 seconds, and then 0.5 seconds Juesha certain my dear friend, and he changed less.
up】 【down2010-02-23 03:51:39 +0000 #3
regulation is not very clear, but according to the experience of watching NBA, I feel

Juesha is the players before the separation, the time yet to come, so in theory it is possible.

Of course, the key is giving time
15,807,128,0182010-02-23 03:39:28 +0000 #4
can be ah, comparable recently done
Say Love 丶2010-02-23 03:55:18 +0000 #5
Yes, certainly ah.

David Lee on 0.1 seconds off Bobcats Juesha give you a link

2 minutes 26 seconds from the beginning to see
absolute Hai Ge2010-02-23 03:39:09 +0000 #6
can be ..... anything is possible
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-02-23 04:34:58 +0000 #7
can Juesha, such as David Lee Juesha, but not shot Juesha, only the first take-off alley-oops, or is invalid.

According to NBA rules, if the game only 0.3 seconds from the end, the players can not jump shot after receiving the ball. If the players want to within 0.3 seconds of time shots, you must receive the ball in the air, feet are not landing on the ball throw.
King v Costa Rica is a legend2010-02-23 05:47:59 +0000 #8
Yes, but Louzhu make it clear that

is only 0.1 seconds after playing the first attack or the attack after the attack left 0.1 seconds

0.1 seconds left after the end of the case often

In my impression in 0.1 seconds to complete an attack only once

forget Which team goals of the course, but remember very clearly

midfield ball, threw the ball directly to the basket, and then center take-off touched the ball (nba is the ball after the began to time), in this moment, no one uses 0.1 seconds, the ball entered, and go-ahead!
Tai Lung in this flying2010-02-23 05:21:33 +0000 #9
Yes! Can relay the air!
ruhuadage2010-02-23 04:17:34 +0000 #10
must be more than 0.3 seconds, because the ball into the shooting of this series of moves to use when at least 0.3 seconds (NBA rules). The so-called 0.1 seconds Juesha was shot in 0.1 seconds.
Separation Do Sia2010-02-23 03:51:27 +0000 #11



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