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Known as the "drama king" Zhang Guoli previously engaged in similar acts expedition team members do?

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Zhang Guoli at that time working at the China Central Television, China was once a scientific expedition to the Antarctic, the expedition team's tasks include to shoot a TV news film, making a movie news films, would also like to shoot a TV series, requiring a number of people who understand the TV film, Zhang Guoli because it participated in film and television shooting, the body and good, the most important are very clever, they were selected to participate in the Antarctic scientific expedition team as a television director, camera, actor, his most important task is to present the playwright, because people who have never been to the Antarctic is impossible to advance the script Walsh said. Along with the team of the Central Academy of Drama Professor Kim is 1000, we all know, Professor Jin came back to participate in the Antarctic expedition passed through Singapore, died of a heart attack.

Zhang Guoli, said: "In the Antarctic that four months, I put my life affected by the crime of the whole over, several times to the brink of collapse, but I still survive.

" Let me talk about the wind, we have the Mainland China encountered five or six the wind is a gale, and met seven or eight the wind is a hurricane, and in the Antarctic, 10 the following is not the wind. Every day you can only feel all the snow blowing sideways, do not feel the wind, because the 24 hours the whole way. Our flag, had to change every day the one hand the new flag rose up, they watched the flag in the fast jitter, the day down flag was blown broken. You said it was to what extent the wind.

"Besides ice, we sat to buy the foreign icebreaker icebreakers, ice-breaking strength is available one-meter thickness of the four ice, ice thickness to the one-meter 4 be all right?, But the Antarctic ice, two meters thick , three meters. in some places simply do not know how many meters thick. and sometimes, suddenly there will be a much bigger iceberg than the ship emerge from the sea, all of a sudden you can turn your boat arch.

"said one distress.

"One day, suddenly the boat from our side of arch an iceberg, 咣 soon as! Our half a meter thick steel plate for shipbuilding broke a big hole in Jiu Ji. The boat people are all stupid. The captain called all the crew for emergency collection, announced: ready to abandon the ship! scientists leave, old to follow. and then re-poor health. the captain finally said: party members were to go down to the boat at the bottom, plug the loopholes.

"I've only seen the movie scenes appeared: a man out of the column: I am a party member! Another person out of the column: I am a party member! Then a man out of the column: I am a party member! You will hear: I am a party member! I am a party member! Sound from a different accent, because we are the team of people from different units, different geographical 呀! I was so excited! This break out the different accents of the 'I am the party members' voice is the most wonderful symphony. Stop for the moment, another young voice sounded a bit: I am a members! I am the members! Is also a different accent. This time you can understand, what is consciousness, what is not afraid of death!

"The captain is very calm, said: Party members, members may continue to plug the loopholes! Shua! Were gone, the whole cabin under the bottom of the Waner Ming went.

" I said the captain, I am not a party member, nor is it members, but the I have good health, and I go on! The captain said: Good! You say how high consciousness? No, when this scenario, who where there will be such thoughts.

"This is a miracle. We are actually trying to climb on the boat did not sink the ice beach.

" My second-class how legislative power of the 呀? I tell you, this is god. There is a very thick ice, the icebreaker will not be useful. Deep-fried ice leadership decided to move forward. Ship with explosives, and no one will use, as to why not loaded with explosives would be used by people I do not know. Because the basic are the scientists on board, there are several of us journalists. A crew member to call me: Zhang Guoli! Captain call you. I came to the captain's meeting rooms, conference rooms seat to see a lot of people, the captain asked me: You have been a soldier do? I said no. The captain asked: You have been a militia do? I said that once a. The captain then asked: Do you have participated in what works Dredging do? I said, participated. The captain asked, let off explosives do? I said no. The captain asked: read someone put explosives do? I said seen. The captain said: let us describe about how explosives. I'll say I saw over again. This time the bad, the captain said: you are quite aware of the explosive, and we are ready to deep-fried ice blasting you as captain, we all listen to your command.

"I am one, my mind 'hum' is heard. I said no, I did not personally engaged in similar acts. Captain very firmly said: execute the command. I subconsciously answer: yes! On out.

" I have to mother呀! This is not joke, however, it is playing dynamite wow! Play explosives, not that your life do? But do not deep-fried ice that we can not move forward, equivalent here to die. At that time I do not know how so much bolder, actually became the captain of the burst. I recalled the moment when as much as possible to see how others strapped explosives, how place detonators. I put a little of young people were divided into 10 groups. Is located 10 blasting something, a group of points, a burst something. Then start cutting the ice, you know that the Antarctic ice multi-hard do? Dig a hole actually put explosives in the ice to eight hours, with great difficulty cutting into the ice hole better. I say: take a point of explosives to a fuse can not be fast nor slow, the most important points must be in accordance with the order can not be fast nor slow, but can not have a blind shot. Because ice blasting, fast slow a little bit of your own or someone else does not run out, actually we are very nervous.

"Blasting start, I ordered: Ignition! The first, second, third, and very smoothly. To the point of the eighth time, I felt to win, and suddenly found a second gun-point if people can not not run, shout at me: The second shot! you going to do it. He also shouted: Not lit. At this time, 10 blasting little bit over, while I ran to the second cannon Yibian Han: You sprint! gallop! he ran away. I did feel I'm at the rate of Fly. I went to the second shot, from the mouth ripped Yanjuan Er, Yan Juaner with the blood, which is torn mouth. I point the guide Fire Faso, running back, I feel in I might be the speed of the rocket suddenly seemed to hear all of them shouting: Zhang Guoli -. I subconsciously lie on the ice, flash - H, H and H ... .... the ice to drop it at my side, actually there is no one smashed into me.

"blasting a success.

"We have successfully reached the South Pole.

" I was charged a second-class power. "
Xucheng19880322010-02-23 04:24:21 +0000 #3
1988 Nian 11 months, Guo Kun once again led his unit to the Antarctic circle of the East Antarctic establishment of China's second scientific research station - Zhongshan Station. This was accompanied by a crew, including the then head of actors and camera of Zhang Guoli.

Zhang Guoli, remembering the scene to the South Pole is still filled with emotion: "That we are just in time to shoot a film, called" The Great Wall, extending southward. " Response for the first time the Chinese Antarctic expedition than anything else, an inspirational film, that is for everyone to see, Chinese people can go to the Antarctic, or you can go to a research station set up their own. I did see some documentaries, I feel that especially the United States, then the blue sky, then the white ice, penguins, seagulls, seals, and only these three kinds of animals, very much the beauty of that place we went to the Chinese people is basically no through it, so there is an impulse, in particular, want to go. Of course, at that time also said the risk of life and death even signed the contract, but I think the feeling is a must go, then good a pure land, that is, where are all worthy of death, death in that is our fortune, that is, the feeling , do you know? So we feel that they must go, must go. "
This time, take the polar expedition number is from Norway bought the old anti-ice ship, it can be sailing in the ice zone, but it is still not an ice-breaking capability. This" anti-ice ship "of the bow can be the thickness of the ice bear, in fact, that is, around one meter. But in the Antarctic after the expedition team found that where there is no one meter of ice, are about 23 meters, the ship was simply open immobile.

Zhang Guoli : "But it is not actually a true icebreaker, which is called 'anti-ice-boats'. The bow is that it can withstand the thickness of the ice, in fact, that is, around one meter. Is about one meter of ice, then this vessel to open up there is no problem, but to the South Pole later discovered to be where there is no one meter of ice, are two or three meters, so the ship was simply open immobile. Therefore, we then face the first problem, in fact, very, very, particular year a particularly large number of the story is the first thing you have to give that we can understand, because scientific investigation it is not a simple matter, every scientist and his scientific The projects will require an expert to do this matter. And this ship can only be so many people, for example, on the news we have 10 such groups, together with the Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television and news film studios of the 10 individuals, of these 10 individuals a news group, this 10 individuals actually accounted for 10 expedition staff quota. Therefore, they have a lot of people just started not very like it, say that we are scientific expedition, to so many people like doing? Account for our places. But subsequently, we really have become a Damon and Pythias. "

January 14, 1989, after Jishi Tian navigation, land appears in everyone's eyes, the team members were all very excited. Began to prepare to drop anchor, unloading. Just in time, accidents happen.

Zhang Guoli, said: "I remember very clearly is that this hand, the left side of the ship's left-strings suddenly springing a real basketball court than have a large iceberg on the up, that, and that sea ice Chazi and suddenly the whole board will come up . "
The former Director of the Office of Antarctic Guo Kun, said:" At the beginning Bingbeng when Bingbeng the same as the atomic bomb, that jet of water sprayed into the air tens of meters or even 100 meters high, 30-meter waves spinning the little iceberg Ben on the boat rolling over, and when the ship shook Dangdang, Lian Peng shaking of the ship's side the whole ah, very dangerous. When the third Bingbeng time, there was a large iceberg there are tens of meters high water falls, in its nearly two-thirds of the bottom on the boat so we came to the Ben Zhao. We had wanted to heart over, to this boat is certainly a boat crash. "



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