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With regard to basketball ball flu

midnight Drink2010-02-23 05:10:35 +0000 #1
I feel that although I have been pretty will with the ball

but always do not have those kind of skilled point guard dribbling the ball is no way of feeling

arbitrary, and sometimes the ball a little bit slippery, the ball would not stick hand, and a kind of feeling to be lost

riding this winter, I want to upgrade their good sense for the ball

hope to have practiced with the ball of friends can make a suggestion, talk about how you are practicing, and scores an additional
df56568942010-02-23 05:15:26 +0000 #2
I Yiziyizi teach you:

Are you saying that the attempts to change what I want to teach you the following to your

remember the rhythm, which is very important, there is what you dribble lower, in order to better able to dribble, if necessary, do first some small training in

such as: right-situ dribble, so that the ball off the ground lower the better, the sooner the better, the ball movement by the right hand around instruction,

it to do more.

There is a dribble to save time, hands will not Bounce the ball, but push the ball, make another ball (this film is not a fight, is a very Gentle way to the ball by pressing on the ground)

concrete steps are: the general rate of are a step slow dribble a ball delivered,

1. First of all standing in situ Bounce the ball, then bounce the ball from the ground at the same time (if it is right-handed dribble. left are the same, He He.) in the ball and when the hand-hand contact is to push the ball first, this is very important that the key to the rhythm, where the introduction of the distance is about the size of your feet, pay attention to you at this time, at the same time step forward, we should naturally step forward sub - At that time take the ball to the ground by. Note one thing: push the ball, according to the ball and stepped the same time (and do more exercise)

2. When you slow the speed dribble, after more skilled in carrying out quick dribble, concrete steps

3. Generally quick dribble, are all taken the two-step hand-delivered a ball prevail, concrete and above the slow dribble almost

The most important thing is to push the ball from the hand into a two-step.

Finally the point of dribbling tips: to dribble to low, (like crap) in that is, one hand dribbling around the time the other will not sway, do not like running 100 meters, as Akira , if it is his right hand holding the ball, so the best way is: hand-placed into the L-line static waist, we must do, so you will be a very good rhythm

PS:, I am such a dribble, the speed is very fast, very good rhythm. You try, no use is impossible. This is my hand built, and I hope you have a yo, typing is not easy Hehe
recall_c2010-02-23 05:16:41 +0000 #3
more practice crossover dribble, under cross-step, there is a left-handed the ball in front, right to left the ball in the post from the left shoulder reached the position behind the right hand to pick up, and then replace it! Do not use your eyes, look for feel. This is the foster touch the ball, and I was so trained, and very useful!
Fantasy_152010-02-23 05:57:45 +0000 #4
brother that the flu is by Ball practicing out - is the daily contact with basketball - even without a venue for you to dribble - Lou Zhu can also take in your hand playing with the ball - the ball feel like a long time would be good - and I hope to practice as soon as possible Louzhu Lucky Ball -
SliverSoul2010-02-23 05:29:08 +0000 #5
ball around to ensure the effective
92 Chen name2010-02-23 06:02:20 +0000 #6 BD% D6% C7% F2/shipin/play/0de96ec0a7a42b844c35a430

115 Ge exercise ball sex method. Chao Haoyong. Go and see



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