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My future height should be the number? ? ? ? ?

Chinese 372010-02-23 06:10:44 +0000 #1
Ladies and gentlemen, I was June 2, 1996 was born, and now height is 171.5cm. Every day I exercise, drink a bottle of high-calcium milk, but also to ensure adequate sleep. I do not know I would not be developed too early. I can do to continue to grow any taller, probably can grow how high?
58725462010-02-23 06:16:22 +0000 #2
180CM should be about, depending on how high your parents, there is a formula which has a height of your future and predictable

child's future can grow tall parents are more concerned about a matter, especially the parents of their own body is not very high, they want to as soon as possible to know how high the child will in the end can be long.

■ current height prediction method

current height prediction method is also called Valker's prediction that this height prediction method is based on the child's height is now using the following formula to predict a child's future height: Hm = A + B × C

formula Hm for the children when the future adult height, A for a fixed value of, B for the corresponding coefficient of age, C for the children's height at that time. Due to the differences around the world, the error in the 3 cm.

The fact that this child height prediction method is basically suited to China's national conditions. However, premature or late-maturing child may appear high or low predictive value of the phenomenon.

■ foot length height prediction method

adult height = 13 at the age of foot length × 7.

Use this method to predict the future of the child's height is more simple and convenient, the error of not more than 3 cm.

■ parental height prediction method

a scientist in Europe According to this principle, the height of the parents and children to create a relationship between height height prediction formula:

son, the father height cm = height + mother's height × 1.08 ÷ 2

daughter = father height cm height × 0.923 + mother's height ÷ 2

this formula is basically in line with "high increasing the height of Health," or "with dwarf dwarf dwarf" and "high plus dwarf high" genetic law. This formula is based on genetic principles and the Europeans derived height growth rate.

In order to make this prediction equation is more suitable to China's national conditions, China's scientists, "foreign things serve China", according to the central region of China Han height between children and their parents to the coefficients in the formula changed to male and 1.11

1.12, F 0.948

0.980 between the As a result, the calculated result is more in line with China's actual situation. Let's see it himself
a352100a2010-02-23 06:18:11 +0000 #3
Who can say this out of - -

However, you are advised to increase sooner or later, a bottle of milk, a bottle of
Small jeer Ling2010-02-23 07:15:54 +0000 #4
certainly can, so healthy

estimates can grow to 177cm bar look like

if you can, You can also grow up to 180cm
autumn Wuzhang Plains 19872010-02-23 07:48:30 +0000 #5
geng height with your parents about, you can Soso



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