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Why do basketball in the blocks called "pot"?

chenyzh99882010-01-16 05:01:46 +0000 #1

Anime fans2010-01-16 05:03:40 +0000 #2
in the past been used to eat hot pot that copper pot, cover particularly large and particularly strong, commonly known as "pot lid" Later, a well-known NBA commentator in Taiwan with his divergent thinking of "take cover" and the "hot pot lid" link to sound Yehao understanding, since "hot pot" in the spread.

Basketball skills, tactical action of a difficult, high action, the audience love to see fans like the team needs, be able to mobilize the atmosphere.

"Blocks" - the Chinese translation for "blocks", "big hat", "lid big hat", "pot", "big pot", "cover pot," "capping" and so on.

Shows that the air capacity of a powerful team, in his activity area, the implementation of a beautiful "cap" is a blow against the enemy team is striving for air victory greatly enhanced the morale of the team has been encouraged by the audience, the fans excited, so that the atmosphere suddenly became exciting, the game exciting, good-looking, watching and strong ---

this "pot" either-"pot."

Here is the hot pot, a hot oil with a fire meant.

When the pan caught fire, the cover with the lid like. Therefore, cover pot metaphor called blocks.

Slowly blocks we are accustomed to call a "cap," also a little pot lid become a "hot pot."



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