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Increase Bounce

569,715,6112010-02-23 08:11:08 +0000 #1
13-year-old 174m in order to touch the basket is now almost ...

want to increase point bounce

best not to be too complex and can be practiced at home

Thank you, the
huge_wings2010-02-23 08:21:31 +0000 #2
I wonder if you mean the basket is 305 or on the playground. .

If it is 305 then you promising Oh

did not say, and teach you two strokes

I am 15 years old, a meter 77, vertical jump 75 cm or so, able to catch the box (305)

day, three sets of squat training take-off, at the beginning each of 20, used after a group of 30

There is a rope skipping, jumping, "Flying", according to your own bounce even jump 50 should be no problem, but just very tired when he started practicing, we should insist on live! ! Day, two groups tied enough

third way is to leapfrog Powerlifting wrist.

The most simple method is the most tired way to a high leg lift.

I started this when the vertical jump is only 60 centimeters, and now third-year, and school team practiced for two years, bouncing enhanced, projectile velocity the two.

Of course, do not blindly practicing jumping, we should also pay close attention to basic skills and strength exercises, the first practicing dribbling! ! ! ! To practice the other! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This is what I give you advice.

If you have a firmer foundation, and then enjoy dunk bar! !
ffbgff2010-02-23 08:28:41 +0000 #3
your home's roof or other high places, you can set goals! It is often the key to bouncing! Secondly, conditions and Hsu, say, skipping practice, there is a Dunqi link, you can choose to Dunqi load! The key point was when the thigh Suanma to insist that this is his breakthrough! I am a physical education student, the high point of 183 than you are now, 22 years old, barely dunk with both hands! Refueling bar!
_ _ Mistakenly fallen angel2010-02-23 08:35:33 +0000 #4

load (weight of one-sixth) skipping _ increased thigh muscle (20 x 25)

_ push-ups increase in upper limb muscles (2 x 50)

_ sit-ups increase in back muscle (3 x 66)

a continuous speed of squat jump (10 x 5)

skipping must adhere to Feel best
hostel Basketball2010-02-23 09:37:49 +0000 #5
with a little small, not to do too much load practice, practice to mention feet and leapfrog. Early take-off of the stairs can also be!
62,396,2722010-02-23 10:31:50 +0000 #6
touch of the non-standard box bar. .

To find a place where you can not touch the efforts of himself and then touched it

it will slowly improve. Definitely.



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