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Want to be presenters or cctv5 guide

alvin152010-02-23 09:10:21 +0000 #1
My 24-year-old, bachelor's degree. Non-sports professionals. But I was a sports enthusiast, and a number of broadcasting experience. A good image. Does any know how I can be a dream come true? Thank you, Thank you.
Streamer DAY2010-02-23 09:21:47 +0000 #2
current NBA commentator on Kerry is so when the narrator:

March 2000 study in Hangzhou University of Commerce (now Commerce and Industry, Zhejiang University) Department of Foreign Languages in the second year of Yu-Jia Coca-Cola Company and jointly organized by China Central Television of the National

NBA commentator contest, from a thousand riders emerge as winners of the last two, one of which on behalf of China Central Television to the United States Ott

Lan explained in the February 13 at the 49th NBA All-Star Game.

If you like Coca-Cola Company to do so in such activities, you can go entered the competition, which is the normal way, as for the non-normal way, that is, trading in the money
fear of people who get angry2010-02-23 09:55:42 +0000 #3
there is a back door do
Flower 1292010-02-23 09:57:01 +0000 #4
Alas , unless you have a good understanding of people, and relations, especially the hard, hoping one day to see you, too boring CCTV explained.
bb_qws2010-02-23 10:28:45 +0000 #5
I want
Star VS Wild Child2010-02-23 11:37:57 +0000 #6
Relations hard Mody? Mody money at home? The less that position again hundreds of thousands of people staring at, you have just graduated from college students want to go straight to a host with the explanation? Mody you when life is utopia?



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