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Sun Yue Why do not you go play NBA singing ah?

djkaljk12010-02-23 09:10:39 +0000 #1
Follow me that he did not sing?
korverchai2010-02-23 09:13:37 +0000 #2

singing was a woman singing a happy home is the hometown of Harbin

play the national teams of men and things
Google may know that2010-02-23 09:37:51 +0000 #3
is not - on the first floor should always read the news - he told me to go singing - hip-hop style - Sun Yue out of the singles - to become the East Eminem -

estimate is that car when the earthquake shock of the broken brain bar -
Dragon's Peak2010-02-23 09:44:44 +0000 #4
more forward than not that the height and strength, small forward powerless That speed, defender organizations, if not for Krishna Consciousness, scores, if it is simply impossible
big man big Mongolia2010-02-23 10:46:19 +0000 #5
is Sundi singing, and you do not agree with?
yu_1000w2010-02-23 11:14:51 +0000 #6
very good, very powerful!



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