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How to make muscles bigger pieces, so that arm span longer, I would like to play basketball and want

937,163,7112010-02-23 12:11:29 +0000 #1
I now play football, the statement: I was forced to go, I would now like to withdraw from play basketball, I would have wanted to play basketball, I played pretty good, but I was the captain of football team inside, because they do not to understand why the teacher is serious about playing me! How do I withdraw? There are now to join basketball team, I want to play better than anyone else, please help me to develop a basketball training and muscle training program, I am just over 14-year-old birthday, height without shoes 170, weight 60kg, a little bit short amount of wingspan 165cm , body good, but compared side, are very extreme, running, high jump and other track and field class, my entire compliance, and made outstanding achievements, but I can not on the technical side, the play, because the hand of young lose the ball, but I hit a good , crotch dribble moves are also technologies such as class was excellent, but often mistakes, so I hope you give me a training program -! Make things right oiwake!
Big 3 Wind 6 trucks 02010-02-23 12:23:27 +0000 #2
buddies will not give up my 10-year-old began to play I then 1.66CM hit 14 I had 1.77M weight 90KG My current position is small forward, power forward and I can play because I am a good bounce. . . Do not listen to people say that sawed-off is not expected to play basketball one-handed dunk I can now bounce 96CM. . I 90KG But no fat (before) Now I break muscles so I do not love a good fight back if you want to play again and again back on the dribble - left and right hand layup -3-point shot - the speed of red basket - you can bounce the general practice I was riding a bike uphill, nothing is Shuangshoubaotou frog jump squat, jump up then get back on the next day, jumping 20 to find xintaizi feet take-off about 1 m, up Tiaowan of doing things like this go on increasing the height will mean you'll bounce 'amazing'

I see your child to play guard, but you just have to learn to steal the ball. . Will steal the ball back on the floor a very silent people of my classmates (1.60M) to run the fast Meng layup to steal the ball faster. . Okay he is dangling in the midfield all right to go after people pay no attention to the open-steal someone a ball gone. . . Is very abnormal. .

I suggest you play basketball a long 14-year-old child can not give up

play basketball to be developed on the plate under the dish agile your next set should be well. . But the tragedy of your arm a bit longer. . In fact, arm length can be increased. . . Nothing to swim or in the corridors of your home bar with open arms to touch the walls around (of course, than your arm length to width of the wall) so that you will pull your arm slowly become longer. .

加油 bar. . I am in abroad, every day of training is if you vomit blood into the =_=``

What kind of basketball training courses will help you a
small Buddies ghost2010-02-23 12:47:11 +0000 #3
refueling bar
sd51026332010-02-23 13:26:59 +0000 #4
advise you to give up, in class, and Merit in the district where you are not good, useless when playing golf, by physical, human short hand short hand is small, basketball all the required conditions, you have no talent, you play what. .

Entertainment Entertainment can take the vocational route should not even think of.
yyone20102010-02-23 13:39:48 +0000 #5
If you must do so, I feel push-ups, chin-up much better than others. Should adhere to -!
a3783065312010-02-23 14:06:14 +0000 #6
to do chin-up good and then his own at home first, and then forced to squat jumping up when the two go hand-force increased by around a 20-upper body strength training the best way is to buy two more dumbbell exercises

regardless of Is employment is your favorite sports study did not look at what is wrong is not right!

Refueling often played will definitely progress!加油!
PHILA_32010-02-23 14:59:14 +0000 #7
too late. Now play a maximum of only said that to be more interested in a hobby,

depends on the strength exercises.

Chest on the push-ups, feet, hands and stays in the chair placed to do. Would like to give good results

arm dumbbell. Abdominal muscles on the sit-ups.

These are all possible ways. If you want to better the gym.

As for the bounce rate, a priori quite important.

Practicing jumping proposals on how to jump stairs and do leapfrog.

Refueling bar. Would very likely be a campaign that is more than a life.



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