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Please tell these NBA players with their respective advantages and disadvantages

xiaoguo31392262010-02-23 18:11:11 +0000 #1
1. Steve Nash

2. Chris Paul

3. Jason Kidd

4. Deron Williams

5. Allen Iverson

6. Carmelo Anthony

7. Kobe Bryant

8. LeBron James 9. Dwyane Wade 10. Dwight Howard
Game Ren inter -2010-02-23 18:26:20 +0000 #2
1: excellent bigger picture, the Alliance's top organizational ability and outside shooting ability, less than: defense (defense slows down, but the sun did not defend him too much) there age. the decline in physical bar.

2. Cut pass steals are the advantages of shooting. Lack of height tall defender defensive deficiencies will suffer (for example, Chauncey Billups, Davis, etc.)

3. Pass masters, passing is good, good defense, rebounds well. The only downside is that physical strength and scoring ability to bar. However, the recent increase in third shot.

4. A stable shooting, strong body, excellent bigger picture. Alliance for the Future first PG (as long as his efforts), inadequate: one on one defense? Or injury bar.

5. In the past: speed and body coordination, hand layup of his strengths (of course, will be his greatest strength). Inadequate: height and weight and age, too big, will become the defensive side of the vulnerability. outside the basket has always been unstable. (but my idol)

6. scores strong explosive force, breaking the shooting are the upper (one-very strong) enough: the defense needs to be strengthened. Stability and psychological need to raise

7. Superb offensive and defensive self-esteem strong enough: too is also a lack of self-confidence, sometimes too much barely make the team shot into the passive. Three points is not very good. More are not allowed to vote more (or less than operator bar)

8. Physical metamorphosis, basically omnipotent, recently shot and it looks stable enough: Breaking the footsteps of explanation is not very clean? ? In addition to shooting no less than

9. Breakthrough in the first step in a strong body, playing speed is his advantage, to attract double-team the ball can promote the sub-assists. SG blocks capacity is also among the best. Inadequate: shooting (in the long shot is not stable) has recently in the transition, the effect is not good.

10. Another BT body, rebounding and inside of deterrence is his advantage, as well as the power! Inadequate: feel bad (possibly and strength of a relationship), turned back a single basket, flour box, also the last shot due to soft.

Almost there so be it. Basically are simple answer!
aaa79023692010-02-23 18:25:59 +0000 #3
to be divided among my
chong86992010-02-23 18:26:36 +0000 #4
points really high! Goodly portion of luck! 10 players ah, using mobile phones a month to play out to be dark, forget it!
A Cocoa West2010-02-23 19:57:35 +0000 #5
Steve Nash shot good pass defense potential, but many bad mistakes

Paul very comprehensive assessment is that only less than one-third of a point of difference

Kidd triple-double of Wang relatively poor shooting game to master the rhythm of a very Road

Delong Sometimes fouls and errors are more critical when he was a big heart he is the best defender after a

small AI tragic story of a lone hero shot of his mistakes are not allowed to break more good

melon there can be comparable to the body and the emperor Bryant has the same soft feel and the critical moment a big heart but it is childish

Bryant, a basketball court, the God of God

What are the advantages of the emperor, he is shooting less than estimated, but this season he's shooting a big step forward

Dwyane Of course, the biggest advantage is his speed is insufficient estimate of

Warcraft advantage of shooting and looting board awareness of the body but his offense too bad

more than a purely personal view please forgive
Qing Qiu geo-Dream2010-02-23 19:49:35 +0000 #6
10 ah - beat up a good effort - although in general all know - but it points - give someone else bar - Hei hei
Sirius Storm2010-02-23 19:30:56 +0000 #7
1. Steve Nash Lengmianshashou, surprise people blurred shot . Able to act as team lead in pass offense boosters. Excellent ability to read a rare one enemy stadium. However: restrictions on height and bounce will be accompanied in his life. Body size and strength, can not become a knife piercing the opponents court hinterland. One-third of the ball is very accurate, but if there will be a strong defensive stumbling.

2. Chris Paul and physically strong to start the speed Qikuai. Speed in disguise flexible, so extraordinary is its rock-style logo. However: the young is his strength and a weakness. Mind is not easy to cool, stick ball, likes going it alone

. . . . .

You want too much. . . It is not going to play. . . Estimate is that one can be finished articles published in. . . . . . Who is who has the ability to even hold the sub-bar
qq3503809252010-02-23 21:16:26 +0000 #8
1. Steve Nash pass horizons open up, have some ability to score. But the physical is not good, poor defense.

2. Chris Paul assists, scoring defense can do everything, the only shortage is the height of bar.

3. Jason Kidd's passing, he would not have said, the disadvantage is that old, slow, and the ability to score no more.

4. Deron Williams physique is good, physical defender, he enjoys a great advantage.

5. Allen Iverson advantage Needless to say, but the character is very radical.

6. Carmelo Anthony at power forward, small forward body technology.

7. Kobe Bryant

8. LeBron James 9. Dwyane Wade personally think that is the closest to Jordan 3

10. Dwight Howard, a strong body is the free-throw advantage of the need to strengthen the .

Boring, full of his own views. Hehe.
Small Wei Wei Bar2010-02-23 21:12:41 +0000 #9
You are Netease Xiaobian bar
single fishing Jincheng2010-02-23 21:43:24 +0000 #10
-1. Steve Nash

Advantages: excellent ball feeling strong organizational skills (particularly good, and fast-break offense and defense conversion) pass accuracy High-projection capability the implementation of a critical moment a good strong character, good on and off the performance of a gentleman is absolutely reliable player, and skilled at self-protection in 13-year career, few major injuries in the state to maintain good

inadequate: poor defensive older pairs of system requirements and that is why, until a larger expedition in the league seven years after the show the value and to flee into the Phoenix before the peak of

2. Chris Paul

advantage: a sense of well-organized strong ball-control pass excellent projection be judged to be offensive and defensive capabilities to enhance the image of a positive attitude towards correcting

sexy enough: the ball defense is stronger than the defense of human ability to lead the team fell into a trough

3. Jason Kidd

Advantages: Control Communication is absolutely excellent highly proficient in a variety of organizational capabilities Denpo outstanding defensive skill is too strong and the body can adapt to a variety of systems overall and to play the system to the strongest

less: young age and has a weak ability to shoot long shot, but developed a reduced capacity defensive and limited growth in the ability to score the championship puzzle, but is still a strong one

4. Deron Williams

Advantages: strong body wearing a radio technology, all-round superior court in a calm and well suited to the bigger picture of the system under which
: led still need to improve the performance has not identified major shortcomings of

5. Allen Iverson

Advantages: not much that the ball speed Qikuai impeccable skill ability to score a breakthrough capability scrappy passing ability, a weak but this does not mean that the organization

lack of capacity: character defects needs to be he was the center of the state system, while the decline in recent years led the team did not dare to take risks for him to design a system of

6. Carmelo Anthony

advantages: a comprehensive skill scores gorgeous NCAA championship experience has taught Melon has a more mature market rebounding ability, a weak mind

inadequate: defense capability can not be matched to their offensive teammates to help remove the scores of the obvious

7. Kobe Bryant

Advantages: Basic no solution defensive attack people hematemesis As long as he is willing to strike at any time came to help teammates score easily, and he is now to develop

less than this: because the ability is too strong not every teammate he was able to keep up with the pace of that is that big shark and he will succeed, but m el can not be

8. LeBron James

Advantages: god-level body gradually developed a variety of offensive and defensive means to cope with his physical advantages that are extremely powerful weapons and a high basketball IQ to enjoy various privileges Mody It also requires what else?

Less: The answer is there is still a lack of quality required to be vested with even though his brother had been alone in the spring but the monarchs of the world in a day of non-
9. Dwyane Wade

Advantages: excellent breaking ball feeling no solution hegemonic control over the body with a good defensive investment and Kid sudden sharp-eyed and positive data on a variety of fishing for a good passing ability, but not superb organizational skills, but he is now a shooting guard that can be relatively ignored

inadequate: fewer flaws I can say that he was bad teammate Yao?

10. Dwight Howard

advantages: inherent physical advantages of a good defensive side of the discretion that's enough to make him the best defensive player of the offensive side of the means of progress ... ...

inadequate: the offensive side of the means of people thought he was relatively slow progress is a high-level blue-collar ... ...

yards so right word or fat children is not easy to Louzhu points assigned to me --- Hehe
lavin83842010-02-23 21:42:05 +0000 #11
1 this season, good ball, good passing of vision and selfless Nash the advantages, but with age, physical condition and health issues affecting his state of play, it is his less than

2 known as Nash's successor, with Nash has the same advantages, but Paul Young, He did a good job in all aspects, that is, the lack of a good helper. The inadequacies of the estimated height problem is that he is also a good 3 point guard, shooting worse drawback is that the problem of point-and age 4 he was a Kidd's successor, physical good, but this season, Deron's hit rate has declined, is also the lack of a good helper. He and Paul are friends are enemies.

5 Iverson is now older, and has been a lack of pace of the year. Iverson said that really bad that the heyday of Iverson as long as he's hit rate to normal, no one can defend him, only that he estimates that less than assists just does not, but when he took a 3040 mark When again asked his assists would be too harsh to 6 excellent physical, and now the league's premier back playing master, something that this season, scoring a strong contender, but he was not about victory or defeat can be the key to President, when this season, When Billups missed the Nuggets lost to see how much that's ugly point that has not nothing Billups 7 Nuggets NBA League coaches were all the people who want benefits did not say, and less than Yao is that rape cases have been enough for the post-illness

8 he told the same as Kobe Bryant, less than the maximum percentage of hits that he had

9 is known as the first step is now the fastest growing union, advantages is his breakthrough in the destructive forces on the inside, less than Yao is also a hit rate, this season, Wade hit rate is indeed very bad, there is the advantage of injuries in 10 places is an excellent physical and explosive jumping ability are less than the likes of Yao Ming as the ever-changing ability to score That's easy to point of Howard's basic training was not very good

the last to tell you my favorite NBA players is Brandon. Roy
s3953623142010-02-23 18:51:05 +0000 #12
1. Steve Nash / Steve Nash / 13 (team number)

Location : point guard

Official Height: 1.91 meters / 6 feet 3

Official Weight: 81 kg (178 lbs)

Date of birth: 1974-02-07

Team: Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks have effect, and the Canadian National Team

Draft: 1996 No. 1 No. 15

School: Santa Clara

Nationality: Canada

06-07 season salary: 10.5 million U.S. dollars

07-08 season salary: 11.38 million U.S. dollars

08-09 season salary: 12.25 million U.S. dollars

Contract situation: 6 years 66 million, 2004/7/14 sign, the summer of 2010 expires.

Advantages: rated as the current leader of the sun, has a high basketball IQ and cool way to play, perfect insight into the stadium. Wide field of vision, passing directly to the heart of the enemy, shooting an excellent (if required can be a player must kill), you can attack any district court. Fans have been known as the "most likely to pass the league's players."

Drawback: Because the physical conditions of many restrictions, poor defense (and as a core can not be easily foul), errors are more (perhaps the reason is because the ball too much)

2. Chris Paul (Christopher Emmanuel Paul) , 1985, was born in North Carolina, the current U.S. professional basketball players, played in the New Orleans Hornets point guard owners, were fans affectionately known as CP3 / "queen."


Paul has all the capability of the guard, not only can help players score, they would be stable at the critical moment the hit rate, a very sharp break. In addition, Paul is extremely good at steals, which for the team's defense has an important role. He has become a team leader. In addition, Paul excellent pointers technology is also one of his deadly weapons. Short stature is a disadvantage

Paul's Achilles heel. 1.83 meters tall, though not very low, but in the long-Lin NBA who did not have any advantages. If you encounter one in the game stronger than they guard, then he will have to pay more in order to stay defensive. In addition, Paul is still very young and he also needs several years to grow up in the NBA.

3. Name: Jason - Kidd (Jason-Kidd)

Number: 2/5/32 (now 2, Dallas,Were previously No. 5, in the sun is No. 32.)

Position: point guard

Height: 1.93 meters / 6 foot 4 Weight: 96 kg / 212 lbs

Date of birth: 1973-03-23

Birthplace: United States, California, Oakland

Team: Dallas Mavericks
, who played for the team: Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets,

Draft: 1994 No. 1 No. 2

School: University of California (California) 96 years of graduation

Nationality: United States

07-08 season salary: 19.73 million U.S. dollars

08-09 season salary: 21.37 million U.S. dollars

Contract: The six-year 100 million 3.57 million, 2003/7/24 sign, the summer of 2009 due 2008 summer election player Item 3 years 25 million, 2009/7/8 sign, the summer of 2012 expired, the summer of 2011's most gentlemanly player option for shorter people
: Jason Kidd conservation effort home, the court virtually no technical foul, more rare, and referee disputes unrest.

Injury: 2007 rib fractures, back sprains knee injury in 2006. In March 2000 left ankle injury.

Benefits: There is some scoring ability and a good defensive rebounding ability to play high-quality and reasonable mental

drawback: speed in the NBA's top defender a relatively slow

4. Deron Williams

(Deron Williams, 1984 7 26 -), NBA players. Participate in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz in the first round No. 3 overall (third overall) selection. The team and the ball has been a public critic high hopes, but his rookie season was the first round No. 4 overall in New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul overshadowed by the outstanding performance. Jazz also recruited prospective Hall of Fame player John Stockton as his personal trainer. Game in the second quarter, when the mature a lot more to lead the Jazz into the NBA youthful powers of the column.

Delong strong body is his greatest advantage. He stands 6 feet 3, weighed 205 pounds, allowing defending his people very difficult. At the same time Delong guard in the face of normal height, you can use physical advantage, when necessary, to fight back, single-food rivals. Relative to his weight, he's extremely fast. Meanwhile, his mid-range jumper also has a considerable level.

Delong disadvantage is that too few breakthroughs, the number of his free throws per game fewer than Paul. When necessary, he should be tough to break through into the opponent fouls, rather than middle-distance shot bet on their luck - though a lot of time he really cast in quasi - this will help to upgrade their murderous Delong and the rule of force, will help in his full play to their potential.

Delong's scary is that: he knows that when the shot hit - note that not only shot; know when the completion of the ball given to team-mate assists - note that not just pointers. Sloan, in his coaching career, most of the time are doing Stockton attack guidance, and today's DeLong, let him guide to find the time when the feeling of Stockton. Delong was not commensurate with the maturity and age, people in his career, full of hope ... ...

5. Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson (Allen Iverson), the United States a famous NBA basketball player, he NBA All-Star team selected on many occasions, a former captain of the U.S. basketball Dream Team. The official height of 1 meter 83, in-situ net up 40.5-inch high jump, jumping the net run-up height of 45 inches is reached (ie 114cm or so). June 26, 1996 Philadelphia 76ers were chosen as the NBA's shortest history draft pick, nicknamed "The answer (The Answer)".


ghost figure, gorgeous ball, break, such as lightning, and stable investment, ballooning layup, steals such as wind, no life of the murderous, extraordinary creativity, passing strange, tenacity, determination and indomitable spirit, infectious super.


half poor organization, in the team have not done enough, one-third of the ball is not stable enough.

6. Carmelo Anthony

- Carmelo Anthony, was born in Baltimore in the 2003 NBA Draft first-round third overall by the Denver Nuggets selected as the 03 golden generation, one of the leading figures, Anthony In the first season has made quite a remarkable data, the best rookie year elections, only behind LeBron James. Over the counter bad boy Anthony is a full career in the burst of negative news on several occasions ,06-07 season and also because the fighting was suspended for 15 games.

Advantage [offensive] 05-06 last season, averaging 26.5 points Melo scores illustrates the strength to attack the ball back low to the body strong offensive play as the main means of thick ass can often let him arch into the basket, get easy 2. However, it is not flattered by the level of melon projection ,05-06 regular season, 24.3% of the 3-point shooting can get a glimpse. The 04-05,05-06 playoffs for two consecutive years did not really thrown more than three points is striking. However, this person is male and a big heart, although the usual projection technology is not loud noise, but it can often be a crucial moment in the long-range shooting Juesha opponent.

Less than [defense], although not very good, but it is not too bad. Physically strong, defensively possession of natural advantages. But because a person must be the main scoring in Denver, the offensive side spent most of the effort also will result in defensive side of the slack.

7. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant, 1978 Nian 8 23 -), the U.S. NBA basketball player, now playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, his position is shooting guard, is considered the best performance in recent years excellent one of NBA star players. Kobe Bryant is a former Philadelphia 76ers basketball player Joe Bryant's son.

Bryant is the best active NBA leading scorer on the offensive end be called perfect, single-game record of 81 points on a strong personal proof of this. In addition to crazy scores, the Bryant's organizational skills are also prominent, and often served as the first sponsor of the team offense. Bryant is still the league's best defensive one. It is undeniable that Bryant is relying on defense to become a star, but have become superstar rely on is the attack. His many years into the defensive team is the evidence of one.

Advantages Bryant as a good scorer, he praised highly the outside world. His defensive skills are also excellent. Bryant "positive gaze prey," when its eagle eyes, and Michael Jordan as a strong sensibility. NBA coaches often say: "BULLSHIT! EasyBasket!" (In exchange for a good defense can score more easily). Bryant's defensive posture is the best example. Although dribble to the shot requires good technology, but without the speed of thought is of no avail. In Bryant's jumper, the same can see his rich imagination. Vote after a catch, dribble break-STOP jumper after defensive rebounds, shooting under the turn ... ... can be described as dynamic and colorful. Bryant is a creative player, he will be judged against the defensive situation and seize the opportunity, always full of spirituality. Although there are criticisms that coach Bryant ball too much, but Bryant's goal is also increasing. If the psychological existence of "no advance", then shooting confidence and shooting when they will be affected. But Bryant is always full of confidence, so he was always successful. Jordan and Vietnam are under pressure to play the more remarkable, Bryant also has such a good mentality and quality. He believes that there is pressure before Gouci Ji. Bryant feels good in hand, is his childhood dribbling is entirely familiar. In middle school, because the heads are not high, so the back and cross dribbling skills such as pattern became his focus on the practice target. Kobe Bryant dunk and rebound two technologies before entering the NBA could have been arbitrary. In strengthening the ball on the jump shot and two-thirds of the training, he now these two statistics do not increase the number increased. In the final practice before the start of the season, through a long ball, dribbling to divert the attention of defensive players. Kobe Bryant and defensive player in the use of space is very good, do not give opponents time to adjust. Bryant defensive player from the moment when the movement when the left foot, right hand dribble syncline inserted the rear side of the center of gravity calculation of the defensive players move to the basket while governor campaign. Before and after the dribble move to the defensive side is very difficult to prevent, while the vertical and easy to fake your body out of balance. But Bryant but it can easily move out of the use of these two rivals. His smooth natural movements, while eye movements also allow opponents at any time in a high state of tension. An opponent a little lax, and his offense is complete. Perhaps the natural waist is for basketball from Bryant, his innate intelligence, the outstanding balance of the body in the NBA is very good, thanks to his outstanding waist power. Although the rear, the front are the defensive player, but Kobe Bryant leisurely, unhurried display their good psychological and excellent technology. It is because we have been through any difficulties that may be the self-confidence, body out of balance when the regulatory capacity, coupled with outstanding physical quality, it makes sense again a Jordan appeared.

Less than outside the News (sexual assault cases)

8. LeBron James

LeBron James, American professional basketball player who currently plays for NBA League Cleveland Cavaliers, his position is small forward, can also serve as the ball Defender.

【】 Break sharp break, whether it is the first step or a change to have a strong, often into the paint to the enemy, a tomahawk dunk. Foul manufacturing players, often use their time in LAYUP strong body create a foul, but also often the use of co-ordination body shot sent the ball 2 +1. But it seems not very fond of a continuous breakthroughs.

Quick attack: they are often able to field in the post-BLOCK, and then flew Daoqian Chang ALLY-OOP or steal their fast break with their own unique JAMES Dapeng wings dunk the ball into the buckle. He is not only the completion of those fast break, and sometimes the initiator or the fast break, the ball came pretty easy to make teammates LAYUP or DUNK score.

James staged passion dunk low】 【back body singles have a certain skill, although there is no sharp break, but more with his great strength to complete well. (But see statistics turned out to be the most efficient in the PF position, I am completely silent)

【defense】 supposed to be a good defender, has explosive physique, it is hard not to become a good defender, but the defense is still compared to slightly inferior to his offense. If the majority of people who have not been defensive steps the university has some problem, the little emperor also have this problem, but he has than any other high school students do much better, at least he can rely on excellent Buxing Le body to compensate. Like to reach out to steal the ball, but LeBron, so have a good steal data, but should know that the NBA did not steal the ball will be too ... ....

【Location】 many people like to LeBron and the Magic compared to and, indeed, many of whom are too much like a. They can play on the 1st to 4 bits, they can even play on the 5th position. LeBron is not so strange magician may pass, but he's of vision and leadership skills just as much as a magician. Dribbling ability guard in general, the key moment to point all LeBron offense, but it will affect many of his offensive capability.

【Action】 signs bite fingernails, arms extended in the air and throwing white powder. Very chic, very domineering.

Sharp breaking ball shot advantage inadequate to withstand the lack of the ability to defeat

9. Dwyane Wade

Full Name: Dwyane - Talon - Wade (Dwyane Tyrone Wade)

Location: SG shooting guard (also a swingman)

Date of Birth: 01/17/82

Birthplace: Chicago

Official Height: 6 feet 4 inches / 193.04 centimeters

barefoot Height: 6 feet 3.75 inches / 192.405 centimeters

Weight: 212 lb / 96.1632 kilograms

NBA career: 6 years

championship rings: one (05-06 last season before the finals four straight games after losing two games, finally winning 4-2 win over the Mavericks.)

6.7% body fat advantages of the full name of : Dwyane - Talon - Wade (Dwyane Tyrone Wade)

Location: SG shooting guard (also a swingman)

Date of Birth: 01/17/82

Birthplace: Chicago

Official Height: 6 feet 4 inches / 193.04 centimeters

barefoot height: 6 feet 3.75 inches / 192.405 centimeters

Weight: 212 lb / 96.1632 kilograms

NBA career: 6 years

championship rings: one (05-06 last season before the finals four straight games after losing two games the last to win 4-2 win over the Mavericks.)

6.7% body fat advantages of Full Name: Dwyane - Talon - Wade (Dwyane Tyrone Wade)

Location: SG shooting guard (also a swingman)

Date of Birth: 01/17/82

Birthplace: Chicago

Official Height: 6 feet 4 inches / 193.04 centimeters

barefoot Height: 6 feet 3.75 inches / 192.405 centimeters

Weight: 212 lb / 96.1632 kilograms

NBA career: 6 years

General championship rings: one (05-06 last season before the finals four straight games after losing two games, finally winning 4-2 win over the Mavericks.)

6.7% body fat, the more dependent on offensive edge breakthroughs, one on one ability very strong, relying on the body to eat, upper limb is very strong, fast start, breaking through extremely sharp, belong to the League's top, the first step after the union made impressive advances into more than eight players have been behind, and not afraid of speed type guard (not that he Zhuang), and High-Large guard (not that he quickly).

Less than in the cast is not stable enough, feel fits and starts

10. Dwight Howard

Dwight - Howard draft pick in 2004 to join the Orlando Magic. Howard gives the first impression is amazing physique, which allowed him to kiss basket of bounce, which allowed him the power of rampant inside the restricted area, as well as extra-long arm span and gas explosion-like explosive, he spent a month Explosion buckle to tell people he is specifically designed for the closed storm player. Howard has yet to be honed on the offensive skill, though in recent years rising hook skills, but his shot is still very rough, especially the poor free-throw line too far off the mark. Defense, Howard Howard too much to rely on the physical elements of quality cap, defensive need to accumulate experience.

Advantage striking physical quality, super bounce

less than his shooting is still rough, especially the poor free-throw line too far off the mark
kelvin7mj2010-02-23 22:21:07 +0000 #13
1. Steve Nash

advantages: superior passing skills, shooting accurate free-throw line shooting lead the league in consecutive years, a high basketball IQ

less: less to say, except to say the team's style of play is not suitable for the playoffs, defensive skill is not enough by a lack of opportunity to fight for the championship

2. Chris Paul

Advantages: fast, shooting accurately, dribble well and has great general demeanor

inadequate: too young, afterTesting less than

3. Jason Kidd

Advantages: pass is good, a lot of teams have wanted him because Kidd received the ball after the shot is very comfortable; another great charisma that people respect.

Less: older people, and speed and confrontational better than that year.

4. Deron Williams

Advantages: good physique, there are tall and there are speed, whole body muscle, shooting semi.

Less: not really a superstar, the data is stable but not particularly exciting performance of

5. Allen Iverson

Advantages: uninhibited childlike character again so everyone is fascinated him, dribbling free and easy, fake moves to defending his people ashamed; most scary, after losing tears, people feel bad.

Less: injury-plagued season, combined with his offense is not suited to the team, it makes the owner of the teams love-hate relationship.

6. Carmelo Anthony

Advantages: good physical condition, fast, strong offensive firepower.

Less: outstanding defensive than offensive.

7. Kobe Bryant

Advantages: Yoshikatsu hearts strong, forcing him in a masochistic way of training, holidays, thousands of shots per day, usually the first to the training ground. Shooting accurate, symbolic heads off jumper to defend helpless people, a high basketball IQ, big heart, can calm composure at critical moments. Defense is equally impressive.

Less: Some of Snob character from childhood growing up in Italy, surrounded by friends, football, only he himself playing basketball; a young man on the team difficult to get along with others, with the baptism of the years and learned the victory can not rely on their own, it is necessary led the team with progress. This is also the place where he had been less than Jordan.

8. LeBron James

Advantages: super-physical, there is the speed of heights, jumping, there is a certain leadership skills, have great potential

inadequate: too much to rely on the body, the lack of a basketball in the sense of beauty.

9. Dwyane Wade

Advantages: Dwyane well-deserved reputation, speed, fast, defensive people can not keep up the pace, there are generals style.

Less: Do not know how to protect themselves, flying in the restricted area, it is inevitable injuries.

10. Dwight Howard

Advantages: big man in the black powerful physique, and very few people can compete with them, bouncing well, shooting is not bad.

Inadequate: too young and inexperienced, yet to be honed, but unlimited potential.

All handmade, no copying, very difficult ah -
zhang5147366532010-02-23 22:14:06 +0000 #14
1-third of No


3 to play a destabilizing the old pull



6 is not too confident aura

7 a finger injury



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