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Ask me how to skip step layup

wwqq12072010-02-23 19:10:04 +0000 #1
I used to skip step layup always walk, it was discovered that deterioration of the explosive argumentative or inadequate, please teach me master, to the right hand layup, for example, talk about some skills , skip step which only the front legs, how can jump -
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-02-23 19:15:28 +0000 #2
hello -

me some ha -!

Whether or a hop skip step or three-step layup are walking according to whether the standard to judge -

As far as I know, jump step is to take-off both feet landing legs, stopping when the calculation step, After the operator left foot take-off step, of course, is also considered his right foot step, three steps are full of, in addition to take-off can not be moving the feet - seems to skip step is to replace the one foot take-off feet take-off, in fact, almost the calculation, stopping step.

One leg starting date step, the other foot from another calculation step, three steps at least (2: fall to the ground, feet can move it?) Then legs no longer moved, in addition to feet take-off, pause is also possible under the - (1: only the feet while landing?) foot from landing on one foot, of course, if no problem, but This two-step, one foot landing only feet take-off with a layup, which is on the so-called three-step basket, and not skip step a; feet from the landing legs would not.

Skip step is a kind of rhythmic footwork to adjust the pace is reflected in the two hit the ground adjacent to the same leg (similar to military training in the wrong after the hop-step look at steps to adjust)

hop refers to one foot after take-off feet touch the ground (usually by a big margin) this action, after being the only pass or jump shot can not move two feet in any one (equivalent to two feet are the center-pin)

nba Frequently Asked if O'Neal jump After the step to do a feint and then jump both feet in this action as long as

is not a slam dunk your feet off the ground will be sentenced to walk at the same time because it is behind the follow-up action be counted as one attack action.

Simply jump is holding the ball. skip step is to hand the ball.

break layup that there are two basic ways one is through the body depends on the speed of a rock or a breakthrough by the body, like James, much like Allen Iverson is to use variable to increase the speed breakthrough breakthrough shaking head with its main points are scored or a foul ball or a fool according to their actual situation and also aimed at opponents of the proposed combination of the first combination of these two met and strong encounter with the speed a little more quickly Secondly, with the body of a little more than personal experience is not necessary every time a breakthrough in-depth basket or the basket can be dumped half of it urges flexible Gaoding other is useful for left-handed dribble layup lethal combination of great

final recommendations, and other means of jumper The breakthrough is easy to blindly reduce the scope of each other's man-mark there is a blink of an eye, see Do not accelerate too far away from the box on the one hand is not conducive to the road to determine

On the other hand easy to let players make up anti-anti-lived

to the excellent potatoes are cool a great video site

search they want to see can find

want to help you

I wish you an early and successful -! ! ! !
Miss de everything2010-02-23 19:55:46 +0000 #3
No sub-estimate very few people will tell you that this technique -



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