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Why LIU Xiang-tao strike and

Two-Hearted maple2010-02-23 21:10:20 +0000 #1

Silence Sihuo2010-02-23 21:20:22 +0000 #2
January 17, Liaoning play at home through the second half against Dongguan. Competition is a dramatic scene appears twice, race to the late third quarter, Liaoning team grabbed the offensive rebound, the lens pitch, LIU Xiang Tao appears to stand sideline asked out, this time I do not know how the ball and Robinson have also stopped going down, side Robinson hands on the Qing-Peng Zhang to continue to attack, Robinson burst into the basket to accelerate creating a beautiful two-plus-one, followed by Robinson went to LIU Xiang Tao, mouth non-stop talking about. LIU Xiang-Tao end, direct exit, press officer has been pulled back.

LIU Xiang-tao some screenings this season, coach Weisiweila arrangements have not been playing, Weisiweila LIU Xiang Tao said that the state of bad, there had been no appearance. In Guo Shiqiang Zhijiao Liaoning period, LIU Xiang-Tao once occurred in a dispute with the coach. We do not know what the problem here, only the party became clear.



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