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The deduction will be the best active NBA team (I have 12 persons team, not a rookie in 2009)

What's maze2010-02-23 21:10:27 +0000 #1

yun4598678862010-02-23 21:25:06 +0000 #2
Dwight - Howard. . .

John Howard has again people do not have the ability to prove his jump, he have to do is come up with more creative to let fans laughing. From the earliest Superman flying, to the later Superman fly again, Howard seems to have no good solution. Is a pity that, after the second Superman fly, Howard has been ruthless people across the beat Krypton. If this and Howard would also like to participate in slam dunk contest, then he must find one who can defeat a good way to Krypton. . .

Vince - Carter. . .

In the major media rankings on the button to the survey, almost all of Jimmy Carter became the greatest dunk in history of God. Remember, there is no one. In fact, Carter is not the best jumping ability, but he can dunk and art combined, so that dunk completely into an art form of the show. In winning the slam dunk contest champion, Carter seems to not want a slam dunk. He has totally do not need to prove himself.

Kobe - Kobe Bryant's dunk

Some people say that there is nothing characteristic, and the action is very stiff. However, there is one point no one can replace that Bryant's actions we can find the "God" figure. The player closest to Jordan, most likely to succeed King Jordan to become the person basketball, Bryant's every move is full of domineering and charisma. While Bryant has already won over many years ago dunk contest champion, but it seems there are many people who agree with him.

LeBron - James

at last year's dunk contest, James said, to attend this year's dunk contest, but he did not fulfill his promise. In fact, most fans want to see people who participate in the dunk contest is James. However, speaking from a spectator, James is not suitable for the dunk dunk contest. In fact, James dunk patterns are not many, and his dunk over is the perfect combination of strength and speed. If no one replaced the case of defense, James perhaps could only take-off distance to win.

German - Wade. .

If Wade is not a professional basketball player, he is likely to be a professional gymnast, of course, this is just a joke. But this joke is not without basis, if you often look at the Heat game, you'll understand why you can be a gymnast in Wade. The same with Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade's dunk, and not too many tricks, but his dunk, as well as the difficulty of the impact no one can compare. In the future if there is a "slam dunk was foul" competition, Wade can definitely win.

HOUSTON - Tracy McGrady. .

T-Mac has been involved in the dunk contest, but he did not chose the right time. To join with his brother Carter, Tracy McGrady are bound to be as a supporting role. Although his jumping ability and dunk feels very good, but his flexibility, but some people can not give full marks. This year, Tracy McGrady of the popular super-wang, the All-Star balloting, he has been among the best. However, he stated that he would not take part in All-Star Game, because he knew that he was not eligible this year to attend the All-Star.

Tony - Allen

Zhezhi feet on the ground in the Celtic team, we seldom see a basketball player in the game the most attractive part of the show. However, Tony - Allen does not think so, at a time when people do not love dunk, Tony - Allen dunk with their own super-violent conquest of all. Also remember that he was in the game against the Nets in rebounding dunk do to escape? Is too dangerous, and if Tony - Allen failed to protect his head, he might appear in the Celtic injured list.

Gerald - Wallace

offensive and defensive ends are the core of the young Bobcats players, in addition to other positions can act as a starting PG to play! Location of a strong sense of a player, playing SG can burst button, playing SF you can fast-break (burst button), playing PF or can not do without explosion buckle. However, he does not hit C burst button, but nothing to prevent someone burst button! Excellent physical condition will make him a fan favorite. He shot the number of score and dunk the number will be ranked first in the team. . .

Gerald - Green

GG's dunk early before entering the NBA is already a Wal-Mart ocean, and in 2005 McDonald's High School Slam Dunk Contest winner, but also make him more confident, and his dunk and LBJ both a combination of force CARTER pull mountains and rivers, there are KOBE and WADE's light rapid, really a perfect performance (exaggerated? I do not think that ... ...)

Josh - Smith

as the Union on the 3rd top rated players in the Slam Dunk and blocked shots sorcerer Smith Almost every week can become the darling of top ten balls. Among them, 45 degrees breakthrough ignore the defensive Dapeng wings, or high-speed start to shake his defender in the air after the relay can only be considered routine actions, the most pleasing performances are in the body behind the n-bit case, mad rush to rival all the way back lay-out fiercely fan.

Andre - Andre Iguodala. .

Make a lot of people think PIPPEN, play unselfish. Excellent physical fitness, bouncing amazing, Superman's arm span. Illinois High School won the high jump runner-up, but many techniques still rough. Capable of playing multiple positions of the all-around fighters. Super bounce, there is strength aspirations to Koulan contest. Excellent athletic ability, is 76 the only one able to keep up with AI to play fast break. The standard front-bit swing people build, strong, but the fat content low. Arms very long, there is a SUPER STAR's body!

Alma - Amare Stoudemire. .

Explosion buckle, buckle explosion, detonation button ... ... Oh, America West Arena to ring enough poor year to be AS (Full Metal Panic??) Devastated more than 50 days ... ... motility strong, both strength and speed , in the offensive side of the world's best behave like wild animals in general, he appeared so that people will gradually be forgotten KEMP the Reignman re-picked up from memory. Ambition, aggressiveness, aggressive people mad ... ... his praise of the physical make their own easy baskets on the offensive in the face greatly on the cheap. Attack range mostly concentrated in restricted areas, and now the presence of NASH makes him able to pick and rolls inward after the assault from outside the paint. Multi-dunk offensive end, in the absence dunk point of view is also able to display their hardness with softness of effort about the ball into the basket.

In fact, there are many more than the NBA a few can be discounted. . .

But they also will be deducted only. . .

Because it is not known. . So was buried bounce. . .

There is no one team is willing to only dunk the guy. . . .
Rose Man Lord2010-02-23 21:48:12 +0000 #3
Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Amare Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade, Howard, Paul, Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Duncan, Nash, Pierce
hbtb03232010-02-23 21:25:07 +0000 #4
PG: Nate Robinson (Shannon Brown)

SG: Vince Carter (Jason Richardson)

SF: LeBron James (Andre Iguodala)

PF: About Shenshimisi (Amare Stoudemire)

C: Dwight Howard (O'Neill)

alternate: JR 史密斯鲁迪 Guy
Kevin Garnett 20082010-02-23 21:51:59 +0000 #5
center: Dwight Howard, Chris Anderson

Big Forwards: Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith

Small Forwards: LeBron James, jamaari Angmu En, Rudy Gay

shooting guard: Kobe Bryant, JR · Smith, 埃里克戈登

point guard: Nate Robinson Shannon Brown
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-02-23 21:37:27 +0000 #6
My good ball team are basically five regulars

center: Howard Chandler

Big Forwards: Stoudemire about Shishi Mi Sitailesi Thomas

Small Forwards: James, Gerald Wallace Shi

Shooting guard: Andre Iguodala Guy guard Shannon Brown
: Weideweisi Brook

Description: First of all a very good point guard on a dunk feeling small, Delong, I do not think is very good, and hence Vedra to When the guard, another field in order to balance the front and rear, so chosen Tyrus Thomas

In addition, I did not choose, including Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter and some other popular deduction will be, mainly Bryant dunk not very large, mainly through a comprehensive scoring ability to score, Carter I think that compared to those I chose from this season, a few people feel it is not a prominent aspect in the slam dunk.

In addition, I have no election Nate Robinson, mainly on account of his stature is too short, in the real dunk is a very difficult game, so did not vote for him.

More than just their personal opinions only.



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