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Basketball is the invention did not take wild shots

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not .. yes, Dr. Naismith invented basketball

Naismith is not expert. In sports, the Naismith also "say less and do more." Teens, Naismith had worked as a lumberjack, and later became a Presbyterian pastor, makes life better is always Naismith goal. In 1890, Naismith won the Montreal seminary degree. However, the Naismith did not immediately after graduation as a teaching, but in school physical education instructor. Since then, the Naismith has entered the medical school to get a medical degree from Gross to make his University degree increased to four.

Invented basketball

1891, the young Naismith in the U.S. Northeast, Massachusetts, International YMCA Training School (now Springfield College) as physical education teachers. Superintendent Halsey Gulick asked Naismith invented a kind of "attractive, easy to learn, easy to play, winter, artificial light can have a stadium for sports." The U.S. Northeast winter long, cold weather, sports and entertainment for students much. Softball, rugby, hockey and soccer are basically outdoor sports. Lack of physical exercise, idle students are unassuming, giving the school added a lot of trouble.

At school janitor Baopu Si Di Binsi's help, Naismith erected a pole, sewing basketball. In order for students to play basketball when the laws are followed, Naismith with the school's secretary Miss Lyons established under Article 13 of the competition. This is the first basketball rules of the game. After obtaining the approval of the school, Naismith organized the world's first in a basketball game.

Later on, Naismith recalled the scene of the match, said: "This class a total of 18 students, all students had to play. I picked two captains, one on each side. Then I let the players entry. Each the team has three forwards, three centers, three guards. I have selected two center jump ball, and then I will be among them basketball toss. the world's first in a basketball game started. Since then, this class is no longer disorder of the. basketball games to become a major entertainment throughout the class. "
Naismith invented basketball immediate success. Within a few weeks, quickly spread throughout the sport of basketball in the Northeast U.S. university campuses, and the YMCA to rely on the network spread to the United States.

Naismith at the Olympic Games very early hope of a Qing Xian retirement. However, 55 years old, Naismith was invited to serve as pastor of the Kansas National Guard, took part in the war with Mexico. During this period, ingenuity of the Naismith invented rugby player's helmet.

Naismith invented basketball and did not receive any economic benefit. In 1936, he was invited to attend the Berlin Games, watching for the first time included in the game and awarded medals in the Olympic men's basketball game. However, the following year, Naismith left dead. Nevertheless, his invention has become the world's most popular sport. The United States professional basketball games played throughout the United States and the world has gradually.



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