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anhuifeiqiang2010-01-21 01:01:58 +0000 #1
Rucker Park famous Mody? Why are there a lot of players played street ball? But even Kobe Bryant all playing, but Alimoe, then why not play NBA this person do?
Beibei2010-01-21 01:08:32 +0000 #2
Rucker Park is a sacred street ball street ball well because the people who do not can play nba street ball and nba is entirely the concept of playing street ball two personal attack is a fact that technology is very strong but there are also some nba star fame is playing street ball before the play is not a 1on1 strong but can be a wish to play on professional or need a great effort to improve defense and team awareness

As for the Kobe Bryant we alimoe not just the beard is also captain of this very different type of not live him, but I think the town did not need to take this to an example sub-normal one-Fang Buzhu really are relying on professional football teams before the defense as if there was any popular videos that James was really bored high school students buckle buckle on the buckle Bai was deducted that can represent? Can tell us?



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