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How to speed up the reaction time to play basketball?

Sunday2010-01-21 03:01:59 +0000 #1
Aiming shot quite a long time how to do
yulei86672010-01-21 03:03:58 +0000 #2
Chinese players handicap a second look at three stations to vote. . .

This is nothing to do with reaction, technical movements used only to try and change on the list -

First of all, the most important thing is to shoot facing the basket, in fact, aimed at long time is in the regulation of a sense of direction.

This can be solved, you try to catch the moment of the shooting have been set out actions, for example: You run from the left Wang Youce collusion of teammates, teammates pass you the ball, you catch the same time left for the completion of the central pin to the turned around the rim, feet pointing to the basket and placed into a "three-threat" position, shooting action in the moment ready to complete. Ready to come forth, or conditions under the opponent to make a breakthrough or defensive passes.

I guess, you may receive a pass when the feet are not pointing to the basket body is a distortion, of course, need to be adjusted over, but at the same time the ball did not do a good job of "three threats" posture, of course, after the catch ready, nature and time-consuming to long.

In addition, if is to practice fast shot, in accordance with the above said, after receiving the ball gracefully all the postures, and then immediately jump shot, a lot to find a feeling OK.

Zhu Fangyu ago is also very slow pace, but he later changed a lot, now shot on the much faster pace, the most classic is the 2006 world championship team the most crucial qualifying match, I remember that five minutes seemed to lag behind the attack well not much time left, received a pass shot right away jump shot, although the final completion of Juesha Wang Shipeng, Zhu Fangyu this but there is no one-third of the ball, then everything is in vain. But if he shot the pace was slow, perhaps simply no chance of a shot.

Always remember two things

a, that is, when the catcher must toe point basket, or even if you shoot will be very uncomfortable, do not you have to twist their heads off the air for each shot are the jumper do?

2, the ball must be gracefully, while "three-threat" position, a lot of people are after the ball is standing, to break the current lower center of gravity should be shot also is now squatting, which is not only a waste of time, and have been offensive players own initiative in this one little detail is completely lost.

By the same token, jump shot and his dribbling the ball exactly the same as E-STOP jumper.

His dribbling also need to STOP when the toes point basket.

Play basketball rhythm is very important, even in the great rhythm of bad players will lose touch.

Lot of practice, would improve in the -

for himself to be a little harsh, especially the details ---

only a small Kyrgyzstan2010-01-21 03:47:17 +0000 #3
practice catch and vote! Regardless of hit rate, a long time natural to have feelings
masterpieces of worms2010-01-21 03:12:09 +0000 #4
actually shot on the case.

A gradual process.

First slowly to vote, and so take your time to vote after the hit rate up, naturally, can speed up the pace of their work, and finally achieve the kind of catch on the ability to vote.

Refrain from Destructive Enthusiasm, even the most slowly cast does not shoot forward, blindly practicing fast, raising the level of your shots no good.

In fact, you look at some high-level players, especially the NBA where those pitchers, if the front of an open terrain, they will gradually adjusted to the best state, and then just as firmly thrown during training.

Upstairs, said the situation of our Chinese players, yes, is indeed the case. However, we can often see the game, even if out of space, eyes open to a very difficult to enter, the most telling thing is the basic skills of our players are not sound, in essence, a level not reached a certain level.

You can catch many thought they would vote.



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