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Basketball has just started practicing less than three days

Nao ai2010-01-21 04:01:41 +0000 #1
My 14-year-old and weighs 46 kilograms. Just started practicing basketball. But the strength and speed is still acceptable. I want to know what position I can play basketball practice or how? ? ?

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2009-09-10 17:42 supplementary question

better to practice in the near future be able to come out of an appearance. Height 1.60
Simple2010-01-21 04:09:44 +0000 #2
only weight and age, height then? Basketball is the need to know a certain height, of course, it is not absolute! There is the explosive, he decided to start the bounce height and speed! Height will be able to roughly determine what position you can play! ! To tell you your height! !
0 Orange flavor 02010-01-21 04:36:32 +0000 #3
it ... basketball is impossible to train well in the short term ... do not say the feeling of the ball, they say shot and the basket playing board. There is no 3,5 months is not enough drops (every day To a lot of exercise) ... KB shoot 2000 times a day to keep the feel ...

14-year-old 46 kg should not be too high ... do not fight back bar ... Enhancing shooting and dribbling, specifically how Practice dribbling to answer other people see my previous question


As for shooting practice, began to question due to your age, so shooting is not enough power, the standard hair force should be left-handed shooting is not fat, or a slight edge hair force, while the right is the main point of hair strength depends mainly on the strength of wrist and arm .. it is generally driven by a relatively young age to do so out of shooting action will be deformed - not lead to wrist force When shooting the entire arm and left hand and right hand will be forced. So I suggest you find a wall in your head draw a circle about 15 cm, using standard shooting position to do the exercises, when you adapt to this position after a high degree of heightened until it is completely up Standard basket height. . This link not only to correct a lot of shooting position, you can also learn shooting skills as a novice ..

the last stress again that the results ... Basketball is not a short period of time can be, even if a certain period of time you feel good, but after that period will not work. want to play basketball is pulling the wind takes a lot longer time needed to practice in 12 years .. I played basketball, basketball skills to play the fastest growing period is a year and a half of the time, that period Basketball shape is a personal time, as is the practice very new layup and then shot the ball to increase the sense of ...



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