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The only small Kyrgyzstan2010-01-21 04:01:48 +0000 #1
our class about to play New Year tournament, our class strength be okay, the last time New Year is the first game, this time a lot of players in other classes to grow, and we must come to-point tactical and strategic, and Members to help help, I said, our class, which is roughly this:

our class is to take two small three big play, 2 back, 3 tall, 2 guard one of the dribble is good, another good break, but in general yes go it alone. . . . Three tall, Big Ben type of center is the basic defense is not only offensive, and I play on the 3rd place, voted two-thirds are in red I am more can grab rebounds and 4-bit is also a main score in our class!

Few days ago, played an audience, we are classes using 2,3-defense, I feel the effect of anti-less sample, more than others so that our pass defense will have flaws, we look for something good advice!

2009-09-10 17:05 supplementary question

today, played a bit man to man marking and defense cooperation! !

Effect is not very good, mainly people pantai dishes. . . . .

Still not found an effective way!

0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 04:13:00 +0000 #2
defense is a defensive strategy of targeted, due to relatively fixed member stations, divisions are more clearly beneficial to grab offensive rebounds and organizations, but would shrink line of defense, but also by regional and the impact of the division of labor, as well as individual defense capacity constraints, will have some weak defense area, if the opponent or the other party outside to seize the potential, then the opponent can easily be a multi-defense is a defense to play less of a .2-3 This defense stepped up the basket and the bottom line of defense, is conducive to grab rebounds. Disadvantages: front and 35 ° -45 ° angle area is a weak defense area. Zone defense and man to man defense integration of two kinds of tactics, man to man defense is more than the collective, regional defense defense is more targeted. Features: defender position is more fixed, clear division of labor, looting designate conducive to the organization and launching fast-break rebound. Weaknesses: limited by the regional division of labor, a variety of zone defenses are weak there is a certain area could easily be the other party in the local area a multi-fight less.

Attack in the words of center is a blue-collar, that is, grab defensive rebounds. Estimate how kind of shot is not it, that opponent may be pressure in the center basket, in which case your 4-bit basket may not be too many opportunities for singles , and are vulnerable to double-team. then get an outside line, breaking a good playing the breakthrough, center out to the ball were doing the cover, and then washed rebound. must be formed inside of opponent's impact, no chance to shoot the ball out of outside . outside shooting is very important, once you have outside display its power, and rival center will come out from time to time interfere with shooting, so that would be a chance to play inside .. If the center of one meter in the basket still could not hit into the unguarded, then I'll speechless .. attack of the estimate is not a problem, according to LZ then appears to be mainly a problem is defense. In fact, the members of your class configuration has been pretty good, with Big Ben-style center plus two tall .2-3 defense is aimed at of defense, not only for themselves, but also for the opponent. Zeyang few days ago, the result is not defensive opponent appears to be a good combination of outside and inside, so make you feel not keep up with people, always have slots if the bar .. is the 2-3 defense, then the temporary use of personal advice before and what the defense now or defense, because it can not learn well the defense for a short time. The simplest is the man marking of. audience overseeing unrealistic, because you are a high class 3 physically able to stand tall .. more suitable half-man marking, and two inside the basket to strengthen defense, defender, and shot and rebounding SF attention to the protection of closure on the list ...

PS: As for the specific how to fight, because they do not know your opponent's case the conclusion can not easily prevent the risk of technical analysis .....
2010-01-21 04:10:12 +0000 #3
Since the effect of so-so defense, we try man marking tactics, but most of them stare leading scorer, shot the others, even bad hit rate.
Mountain Cloth2010-01-21 04:46:03 +0000 #4
defense main task is to move, unable to stand dead. Adjacent members should pay attention to the appropriate distance, with the other side of the ball moving. Can not be limited to 2-3, according to opponents of the situation can vary. If :2-1-2; 3-2; or four together a stare and so on.
Xiaofeng moon2010-01-21 04:40:53 +0000 #5
defense is to change, not as good as dead standing hot-pursuit

your defensive opponent to change according to

If the other party outside, do not compare quasi-defense of the

3 tall inside the opponent is not easy to defend and flexible

according to the actual situation in its defensive strategy
12345ycs678902010-01-21 04:39:00 +0000 #6
defense when the handle stations and transposition; three tall keep inside, according to the situation defense, the two guards at the periphery with the people, interfering with passing lines; get the ball, try to fast break look, let rivals have formed a reasonable time Defensive Lineup; is run and gun offense, defense is defense.



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