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Basketball courts and laying solid wood flooring is how do the laying of

billions2010-01-21 05:02:07 +0000 #1
the basketball court floor is laid with solid wood how do the laying of
SPIRIT - MOONJT2010-01-21 05:06:55 +0000 #2
The best basketball campaign using a solid wood floor, the Beijing Olympic Games solid wood flooring is used in basketball sports flooring, international venues and NBA basketball games to use more space is exclusive sports wood floors and PVC plastic floor, of course, two kinds of movement compared to solid wood flooring is still good.

Sports flooring refers to the wooden floor sports venues with sports, and technology to protect the three basic functions. Sports flooring and civilian there is a big difference between the wood floor, first floor is a sports complex, higher levels of physical and mechanical properties of materials, more demanding. Floor of the development of professional sports, from sports features and performance on the floor can be divided into three different stages of development, namely, the initial stadium of sports flooring wood flooring just installed in the keel to make the venue into a wood on the ground, whether it is motor function or the protection and technical features are the existence of large defects. Later, after continuous development of more and more sporting events, athletes and business profits of the value of an increasingly large gymnasium wood floor also has been rapid development, there now most of the stadiums used in stationary sports flooring. The kinds of sports flooring indicators are fully consistent with standards. Sports flooring material required for selection of the floor surface must select moderate hardness, micro-deformation. Long fiber structure (not easy to play thorn) tree species, to remove the athletes skin damage. Generally select maple, oak, beech wood, Manchurian ash four kinds of sports flooring, has long been proven by practice, maple for the best. Corporation in accordance with customer needs at home and abroad with various types of sports flooring. Maple flooring Performance: 1, rebound the ball good performance; 2, can effectively earthquake, reducing vibration, noise; 3, the unique elastic cushion for the hard maple floor provide a unique flexibility and bear the pressure to reduce the athletes on the floor because of the concussion caused by bouncing. Maple with a high degree of tenacity and the first known series, and each size is 56mm wide maple flooring, 22mm thick, the length ranging from 0.2m to 2.4m, with a special hook screw in the 64mm wide and 38mm thick 1.2m long pine side on the bottom with elastic cushion, flat on the pre-paved with 0.08mm thick, moisture-proof adhesive tape to flat on the ground. Features: 1. Does not warp deformation. Do not hurt the original ground surface; 2. Environmental health; 3. No termites; 4. Anti-mute function; 5. No construction pollution; 6. Detachable, maintenance and preservation;

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