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How to quickly improve the basketball court with the ball dribble technology?

zhoujia19862010-02-25 20:10:31 +0000 #1
What is a good way?

I am now only a general right-hand dribble only the left hand is still basically can not dribble the ball even basic sense are not familiar with. Change hands behind the ball and cross under the dribble, dribble, and so much less turned to mention. And others is basically not playing ball with his left hand dribble, but basically it is only concerned with the hands dribbling, because the fear of the rise to look at other players offside, the ball was snatched away.

Are there any good way to practice a single person do?

I think that a person holding a ball to the basketball court to practice Bounce the ball very much like it is difficult to read. ^ _ ^

Minutes is running out, please understand. Please do not copy and paste, hope and fields and then talk about the experience.

Thank you!
h131 Xiaoqiang2010-02-25 20:22:48 +0000 #2
friends I like you, I have to work, but I am in no way inferior obsession with basketball in school, I have not played basketball in school, and now I am also always a person to take the basketball to the golf course to practice, I feel that there is no ugly, is that attitude adjustment, playing basketball is to experience the process and not be so anxious, so long as happy playing on the line, is our happiness in the process unknowingly improved basketball skills, rather than to excel at the long experience of what kind of technology Zaiqu happy, so lose the meaning of basketball itself. If you are thinking about quick success, it is recommended to attend basketball camp or find the professional basketball coach, on the explanation of the text alone is not enough, and do not like to visit the U look cool to find some materials. OK, not the fields and then, it got so dim sum, all work together!
answer4492010-02-25 20:33:49 +0000 #3
The first one is to practice; second is to begin practice when you can shoot tennis balls to increase the sense of belonging; The third is the play time to dare to break through
call me the son of a bitch2010-02-25 20:32:26 +0000 #4
"I think a person holding a ball to the Bounce the ball to the basketball court practicing it like it is difficult to see, "I also think that, but I was so out of practice, I am now college basketball team point guard.

Failure to pay can be progress, in the basketball court is impossible.

Ice three feet thick cold day. Practicing bar, children
Xiao Li, Colonel2010-02-25 21:15:58 +0000 #5
to tell you which we approach the school guard bar

I was not playing very well

it is

he told me bluntly, is a multi - Bounce the ball

the best at night without lights, when

can try
a656047622010-02-25 21:22:58 +0000 #6
more practice it, to find someone to go
rule Terminator2010-02-25 20:30:30 +0000 #7
dribble moves from body posture, arm movements, the ball impact point, hand and foot coordination formed with four links.

(A) body posture

dribbling should keep both feet before and after a natural opening, knees peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, head raised, eyes flat as. Of non-dribbling arm elbow flat lift, to protect the ball. The extent and pace of movement of all joints of lower limbs with flexor degree of dribbling speed and height vary.

(B) arm movements

dribbling, the fingers open, with fingers and that the root above the outer edge of the ball position and the palm of your hand, palm does not touch the ball. A low dribble, the main axis in order to wrist, with the wrist, finger strength dribbling; front of a high dribble and variable to high dribble, the main axis in order to elbow, with forearm and wrist, referring to the power delivered ball; side of the body or the lateral pulling of the High dribble mainly in the shoulder joint axis, with the upper arm, forearm, wrist, finger strength dribble. Shoot the ball by hand should be with the ball up and down formal etiquette, try to extend the time for the ball, so that help protect the ball and in accordance with market conditions change action.

Shot by part of it is by dribbling the ball the direction and speed to decide. Film according to the different parts of the ball, so that the incident angle and the ball bounce dribbling up angle of reflection are also different. Situ dribble, the film according to the top of the ball. Dribble forward, the film according to the top after the ball.

(C) Placement

dribbling the ball when the ball's impact point, so that they can to keep the ball completely within its control in order to ready to use their upper body, arm, leg to protect the ball; but also to to facilitate technology applications. For example: dribble move forward without defense, the ball's impact point should be controlled at the front side of the body and, based on forward speed to maintain an appropriate distance. Pressed in the opponent defense, they should make the ball away from opponents on the defensive side of the dribble used method of control of the ball's placement of the rear side of the body in order to better protect the ball and dribble a timely way to seize the planes transform break defense.

(D) of the hand and foot coordination

dribbling, when both the speed and dribble speed to make a concerted, but also to maintain a reasonable pace of the action. Ability to maintain the pace of concerted action and hand movements, the key is by Bounce the ball's location, size of the impact point of the selection and use of force. Moving faster pace, getting the ball position according to the more rearward below the impact point farther, shoot and rebound the ball up by the greater strength. Dribble, the hand shoot the ball and the pace of action by a certain percentage to maintain relationships and rhythm. Straight dribbling, shooting a ball usually run two steps.

(A) high dribble

dribbling, the ball bounce high in the waist, chest high dribble between the call. It is the Defensive Player of the obstruction in the absence of circumstances, in order to speed up forward speed or adjust the offensive attack speed and attack position, using a ball-handling methods.

Modus operandi: upper body slightly forward, looked up front, to the elbow axis, pat the back by the ball above the ball's impact point control of the front side of the body. Hand and foot coordination, so that the ball forward rhythmically to run.

Action key: Hand beat the location right by the ball, hands and feet coordination.

(2) low dribble

dribbling, the ball rebound height of the knee is called a low dribble dribble below. When pressed by the opponent or near the defensive player, often use this approach to protect the ball and dribble out of defense.

Action Methods: knees bent quickly center of gravity lower to see the rise of the front upper body leaning forward, close to the defender side, have used body and legs to protect the ball. At the same time, with the wrist, finger strength to beat by a short ball, in order to better control the ball and get rid of defense, and move on.

Action key: knees bent quickly, lower center of gravity, upper body forward; shoot the ball short by a powerful, hands and feet coordination.

(3) Taiwan stay

dribble dribble STOP STOP Taiwan stay was dribbling when a sudden change in the use of speed to get out of defensive methods. Opponent defense is used in tight circumstances, the sudden stop in the fast dribble forward, forcing defender passive deceleration stopped, taking advantage of its high center of gravity, when, and then suddenly speed up the start-dribble, out of defense.

Action method; dribble emergency stop, the hands quick shot by a former top of the ball, while the feet do stepping-STOP, and transferred to a low dribble, with arms, upper body and legs to protect the ball. Dribble Taiwan stay, the rear foot firmly placed in the same time, according to the ball after making the top speed ahead of the competition.

Action key: making the correct position by the ball. Stop was steady, play faster.

(D) of the body before the change to change hands dribbling

body to change hands before the change is to dribble dribble dribble sudden change in the direction of team members to use to break through a defensive dribble method. This method used for adversaries the use of intercept dribble forward route.

Action Methods: players dribble to the opponent on the right hand dribbling a breakthrough as an example. Quick dribble first opponent on the left, when the opponent move to the left to intercept when the team suddenly to dribble with his right hand after the shooting according to the top of the right side of the ball, and send Bounce the ball to the left near the body, so that the ball falls the left side of the body in front of a rebound in front of his right foot to the left quickly and together, shoulder and upper body left and forward exploration, according to the ball changing hands after the shoot above the speed dribble break.

Action key: shoot the ball according to the site, in the right direction, while stepping in time, protect the ball sideways and accelerate ahead of the competition.

(5) turn

dribble dribble dribble turn is being defensive team stopped dribbling and the close proximity of the side when the change in the use of rear pivot dribble the means to break through defensive methods.

Modus operandi: The right-hand dribble, for example. Dribble turn, the side of right defense, left front hub to do feet, the right side of the ball control in the body, right hand on the top right side of the ball, with the right pedal to turn around after the retreat at the same time, pull the ball to the body rear side floor bounce, that is, for the left hand dribble, from the opponent's right side of a breakthrough.

Action key: turn when afterburner dribble in order to increase the ball rebound to increase the time to hand control of the ball, which will help Pull the ball movement completion. Dribble, when turned, so that the upper arm close to the trunk to reduce the turning radius of the ball while dribbling the ball pulling the arm movements and foot pedal, the stride, turning movements closely.

This is just theory and essentials only; friends, focusing on actual combat. You know, when a magician, but the ball every day, leave their hands, and even squat toilets are the right-hand non-stop, "bang bang bang." Filling it, I believe you!



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