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Street ball a few basic moves for beginners I was best to have a more detailed text and

palace announcement2010-02-25 22:11:38 +0000 #1
to the text in detail the points, not too difficult
gpan122010-02-25 22:22:21 +0000 #2
flinstone shuffle

1. To drive the ball in the right foot to the left of , the racket to the opponent's left rear

2. Bounce the ball quickly when bending the wrist, let the ball some maneuvering.

3. Left sliding, if the opponent to follow you at this time, this move basically succeeded 啦

4. Sliding San Sibu, the emergency stop, the ball ran back rival left-hand side.

5. The other side either reaction, but to either rush or a cross.

Dragon / cat work

1. Let the ball roll on the ground or bombs;

2. Right foot cross from the left side of the ball to the right;

3. Left to sub-opposite movements;

4. Repeat the above movements to wait until close to his opponent off his feet in the hole penalty.

5. Yilengyileng by the time he went around to the back of the ball.


1. Slowly deceive the low center and cheated him of his shot;

2. Behind the ball, a hand from behind the ball thrown over his head behind him, and then moves to a few flower arrangement .

3. opponents nijo puzzled when the monks around him to catch a ball


1. deceive his low center of gravity;

2. put the ball into his head after the ball with both hands,

3. upward drop to his left later;

4. very energetic in its right-hand running, deceive him with you to the right;

5. STOP running back the ball, the other center of gravity. succeed.


1. cheat His low center of

2. put the ball into his shoulder,

3. felt about the same time to pull the ball down


1. cheated him Zhang Feet

2. suck the ball out into his hand, he inserted the rear Flower

3. adjust the pace of recovery of the ball


1. deceive his low center of gravity

2. the side of the ball out into his side after the

3. give the ball a roundabout

4. back so the ball

5. If he transferred Guoshen Qu, throwing his PP.


1. The right hand ball, the ball to his head around the top right of

2. To manipulate the ball after it delves into a number.

3. Quickly end up throwing the ball, left to run.

4. He catch up, and E-STOP running back the ball

slo mo cross

1. pretending to a very slow rate of flower arrangement

2. the ball quickly when the suddenly accelerated away from the hand

stiff leg cross

1. insert several flowers

2. the plug When the ball hit the other side of the leg, finished floral movements, pretend you had become lost to him.

3. he ran past, when the emergency stop had dropped him back to the ball.


1 . on the ground Bowls

2. wrists slightly curved front Bounce the ball quickly, there is smoke in the wrist where the ball feel

3. faster in the end, the La Shanglai handle the ball on the follow up of.

ball on head

1 . deceive his low center of gravity

2. put the ball into his head to go.

3. he raised his head, then advantage of the opportunity to pull the ball back.


1. to stand the basket even before the

2. threw the ball rebounds , intensity angle just right for it to pop back into your lap advantage of the opportunity to switch the location of End 3. catch, this time may confuse the other side of the


off shirt covered head, and then play.

twister II / tornado II

1. finished twister moves the ball possession to the shirt inside

2. and then knock it out

butter roll

1. press the ball on the ground

2. roll what to do pickup moves

3. and then press again to pick it up and then press again to pick it up

backstab (hypnotizer and jackknife)

1. freely, deceive his low center of gravity.

2. do hypnotizer moves the ball thrown his head high after 34 decimeter ,

3. take the ball to do jackknife movements.

a few street ball moves decomposition (pay video)

This action a lot of people made detours. here to talk about their experiences in practicing these movements the first movement essentials

Note that is not throwing up palm down the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is throwing up the palm to the right → → → → → (·

Note that when the finger and then thrown back button (in this case is the key)

[url =] [/ url] 201% 20boomerang.wmv (corresponding to motion video)

The second movement essentials :

mainly depends on defensive players, as far as possible defender diverted to the side.

This action will be several times more than the practice. I think old devil, why should not I taught the bar .....

[url =] [/ url ] 203% 20hypnotizer.wmv (corresponding to motion video)

the third movement essentials:

This action must be the ball good, physical flexibility of the team to do

attention to pull the ball stretching

and pull the ball before sliding. pull the ball, and sliding is the most important part of the

in the last set foot on a sliding time to go → → → → → → →

→ → → → → → to pull the ball towards the direction of the foot Over the past

practicing this action must be remembered that this action all the steps, and then do not use the ball. practicing his moves in place, together with the ball of the Lianshu. you can too easily lead to action!

[url = h] h [/ url] ttp : / / 204% 20snatch% 20back.wmv (corresponding to motion video)

The fourth movement essentials:

the defender diverted to the side, first cited in a cross under the dribble to the other side of the lower body. Then

the ball backward pull. """"" Note that the focus behind the ball smacked """""""

Do not be afraid defensive players, big with the ball in his daring head whirl lap. if you can, whirl him lap can also be a cross next → → → → → → → → → The bigger the action necessary to timid to do. effort should be powerful enough !!!!!!!!

[url =] [/ url] http: / / 205% 20tornado.wmv (corresponding to motion video)

the last one fun action essentials:

note → → → → → → must have a strong body and big fist fights ... so as to avoid Preparation of the need not !!!!!!!!!

to do these moves are mainly natural we should all feel as if does not matter!!

In our country these actions with friends, play like (take your pants off. ...)

[url =] [/ url] 206% 20porno% 20star_eclipse.wmv (corresponding to motion video)
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Enhancing basketball basics beginner or bar



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