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James, on behalf of the three soldiers,

fb2582010-02-25 23:10:47 +0000 #1
I am a student going to increase the beginning of 3, and about 150 weight, 178 height, my vote is in quasi-breakthrough depends on the strength and speed, dribbling is also so-so. I would like to ask, I want to play what position?
Pagani zondaR2010-02-25 23:17:53 +0000 #2
carry a small front bar, the investment potential would be enhanced by the ball jump shot (see Ray Allen) and the pull-jumper (see Bryant), and then practicing what the rhythm of a breakthrough are jumping up after the mastery of center of gravity to strengthen the waist is very important.

Even behind the zoom soldier 3, but I like Kobe can not buy. Think that the best looking shoe color is black with red embroidery and red toe white lining of the pair, the other color on a free.
15,898,701,9912010-02-25 23:37:35 +0000 #3
In my personal view, you suited to small forward, shooting guard
200,753,0522010-02-25 23:25:27 +0000 #4
on the post-secondary your height should not be too significant changes occur, you might consider playing small forward or shooting guard, if we can practice a training ball, then playing the point guard is also good. 178 high school point guard may be standing a little high, but went to college after the 178's height may be defender advantage.

Shoes, then can be considered a good bounce and grip shoes, such as the James series
Serbian 8192010-02-26 00:26:23 +0000 #5
high school, if possible, and grow in height to the 183 or so, playing small forward and guard position should be said that competent, and in the words of the prospective investment can also try to play power forward in high school, then you'd better play power forward, and to the University on the best small forward, and shoes, James and Kevin Garnett is the best series of strategy! I hope you can play a stage
I am a legend in Costa Rica Costa Rica2010-02-26 01:30:35 +0000 #6
small forward, point guard, shooting guard can be, proposed to buy sneakers for LeBron series, even if the seven-generation, MAX AIR Air 咱 ordinary people do not need to



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