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zzlzxn1232010-02-26 01:11:04 +0000 #1
I'm a shorter people, one would anticipate that it should should be shot in the distance, in fact, I have done so. Playing one on one, when many people can not win me, because I will break, and the first middle-distance will not be poor. Less the same level with me, get some people together to play three pairs of three, I always I feel my most powerful, I always first pass, no attack on his own, these balls can also enter, basically playing with them can be win. But with some I feel a little worse than me, but actually is not bad a lot of people to play three pairs of 3:00, especially with my team, I always felt that I was superfluous, because I dare not dare not cast the conflict, because I not enter the fear of being criticized, so I always feel bound to simply play no normal level, investment and finding a ball a long time to change Why do not know, always a kind of investment and distorted the psychological fear of being criticized. Although I know that, playing one on one with them, I do not poor a lot, but I beat group does not. I fear of being criticized because I was scolded a three-year junior high school, because I started this was 1.36, and now the high one, 1.65, but still brought back the kind of self-confidence, can not find the kind of freewheeling feeling will pass easily pass only. Also, when I normally pretty quasi-practice shooting the.

houpeng269682010-02-26 01:24:12 +0000 #2
play want is self-confidence, a vote of no entry 12 afraid of what a game, feel bad when there should be more investment, played self-confidence, investment and prospective, they will naturally pass to You voted, and I play with a friend, in the case of no air-defense (or go blank) shot 10 voted to the basic 7 8
Garnett_K2010-02-26 01:55:58 +0000 #3
Who says that shorter people can not move and shoot a basketball?

I'll give you advice is, multi-running, multi Pao Wei,,, then after the space shot,,,, must make a breakthrough, and you do not break your pass will be no threat,,,, active physical contact ,,,,, if not break into, but also made foul,,,, more and those who curse you,,,, fight opponents,,,,, let them know your values,,,,, to come up with domineering years,,,, Akira They may not even his mother did not know him, and, you have succeeded. . .

There is,,,, play strike, and,,, must give them the look of contempt,,,, say-point garbage, then, that in the basketball court to find their own sites. .

Hope that you will be useful bar,,,
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-02-26 01:25:59 +0000 #4
Hello ---

ok .. I tell you. . . Carefully and slowly to see

his own mind must maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body think that it is fully open to express themselves to express themselves the value of When

(in fact, we are the biggest enemy of their own, to hold his fear mentality)

you have to know that I am practicing basketball in the basketball court is to prove himself is to make opponents look -! !

Remember never give up

If you like basketball you love basketball then they would have a strong

never give up the last few words to prove his

you are afraid of you say you are afraid of being blamed for mistakes

that the absolute psychological factors You should look at psychological factors to adjust ah

why so may blame others, you are really as they are now high school is not a good psychological quality of people

people are still excited shiver

it since you also have to prove their own technology to express themselves

you practice hard basketball Is not the basketball court to prove that they do

you have technical own determination nothing is impossible

because you do not often play games with others psychological quality is poor (usually the students are like this psychological)

There are two cases a kinds of trance in the field (that is overcautious) One is on the floor shivering

This is a very unstable psychological state of mind No -! !

You are determined to face the heart

you let them know that now own a very strong

and you have to think in their hearts not that I was playing basketball in order to prove that they show they have nothing to fear

pluck up their confidence

play basketball skills are important, but! A certain psychological quality of basketball is better! ! !

Propose that more playing the baseball (that is, cement ah - is not a class in formal competitions 3V3)

is the same play will be hesitant, you should talk directly to their friends know to play

and then re-train mentality and friends who went out to play baseball (that is, in general the name of playing the kind of game)

mentality of their own will gradually open up step by step, slowly adjust the mediation is a good psychological quality is the same -

basketball skills and technology to enhance the use of -!

You can look at this very comprehensive (and also contain learning video)

a very fine to suggest that you go to the next upgrade their

is my hair. . . I will address you directly to a state of mind


what a certain tension is better than the regular game first then this is the second play is not the name of being ignored

These are all previously won you the person you should be more firm resolve and stamina to go to express themselves

more and thought more than playing baseball with the psychology and mentality of people there will be a great enhancement of

At that time, even in the regular game play is not a problem of the

After all the work in the community life to have a good attitude in order to succeed


the spirit of desire: that to prove themselves to their own

If you are a super super super love to play basketball

So remember this phrase is not in silence, broke out in silence, though a bit exaggerated die

(just play Well), but you think it is right, right
w3154074452010-02-26 01:47:42 +0000 #5
little man, never mind the small sub-flexible, easier to break than the big man, when the ball Hanako also be playing, so you can avoid other people's steal , there is more catches a jump shot, especially the hands of kung fu, such as when the cast more than rubbing, there is the opportunity to shot, do not hesitate to
Mian Mian Star2010-02-26 02:26:13 +0000 #6
I can see that you have high skills, but in and team-mate playing game has not been realized. Why is it so? I thought so: Basketball is a team sport, one who wants to play in the team not only have a certain strike skills as a basis, but also have good psychological quality, this is your level of play its due premise. Good psychological quality, including self-confidence, perseverance, and many other aspects of conscious awareness, these psychological qualities are normally with others by playing up when the accumulated bit by bit, when you play when you should try to go the way as you want to go into the ball, or attack or assists, rather than to fight blind. Maybe you can not enter the shot, but you need to know the moment the ball went out to vote in the end you are Han mentality, positions have not done right. This is a great distance from the players and good players
381.51073 million2010-02-26 03:03:16 +0000 #7
Hehe In fact, this usually requires you to get used to you and your playing very casual about the same level, but when you will feel somewhat difficult to fight this is normal and like you I am also However, before the situation got used to playing with them like a
then a rice dumplings2010-02-26 04:21:57 +0000 #8
vacancies on the cast baa

Since you're afraid, what kind of potential in the distance you want the basket with backboard

naturally confident shots, then hit

40 % are not bad

before the race heads off junior jumper three minutes are thrown into the midfield too

have never felt that attitude you have to play 33 bar ah

little more than join efforts to fight someone else to discuss class audience

train a person ah ! ! ! If you do not self-confidence vote in the morning to go to go to vote at 200

200 bar naturally have so much confidence in my two days of practice, a summer with 182 of the sub-
I felt quite invincible Ha ha!



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