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Foul play basketball

Gtwang0012010-02-26 01:11:11 +0000 #1
basketball without the ball Paowei defender has been pushed against the rules by hand to do?
qq4119214542010-02-26 01:20:09 +0000 #2
word, action scale problem, as the referee when they have their own scale, action too will be blowing, but only had a slight hand movement will be treated as a legitimate physical contact, which is like basketball in the ball and gave the driver the problem with the offensive foul, apart from the obvious cases, the fine-scale completely attributable to the referee.
Blue sky the color of2010-02-26 01:52:44 +0000 #3
there is a foul ball

But this little trick referee could not see, NBA professional leagues of what such a thing more, you are either on the challenge of patience and time and time again, said referees, or they themselves endured

If the casual tell him to fight, then let his attention to the point, if not do Do not talk to him on the beat, or you will endure, no way
gys3982173702010-02-26 01:59:46 +0000 #4
told him not to foul, you have to push that he did not would be finished.
yu_1000w2010-02-26 02:07:53 +0000 #5
You can also push him



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