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College Basketball questionnaire to carry out state

yuetuanzhou2010-02-26 07:11:25 +0000 #1
a report on the conduct of the school basketball and student participation questionnaire
Wei Ideal 2152010-02-26 07:18:21 +0000 #2
no organization in general secondary school basketball game! These are student self-organized! Now the students are almost all love sports! Which either! Be able to keep fit
ll198611102010-02-26 07:44:19 +0000 #3
Name: Basketball Festival (Birthday ):____ years __ month __ days Location: good at technology:

The most favorite action or technology or scenario:

started playing time (as accurate as possible) :

be able to cast one-third of the time the ball (probably):

be able to jump the time (probably):

to their heads off jumper time (probably):

shooting baskets when the ball left the hand position:

seat Qu front of body (cm):

upright body of the former song (cm):

50 meters one-way (s):

for the identification of the quality of basketball ability (self-assessment):

Do you like what kind of people are treated as teammates:

You play the purpose or motive:

right protective gear and equipment that:

playing basketball what would you do when you lost?:

play What are the benefits:


Special preferences:

favorite number:

Favorite color:


your man want to be the type:

so far heard about basketball (or sports) you the most moving words:

let you admire, or respected basketball player, what kind of:

for the basketball ideal:

your Lianqiu frequency:

semester: A, every day practicing () B, for more than five days a week () C, week 34 days () D, only the PE ()

winter: A, and the term just as B, more frequent C, sometimes D, almost no play

Summer: A, and the term just as B, more frequent C, occasionally D, almost no play

whether there is a continuous half-day or day of play: Yes (continue to answer the following topics )______ No (not do the following 1 to 3 title )______

1, A, a time when his practice are more B, and partners are more together time C, and did not know the time together are more

2, A, exercises have a fixed venue for B, like to go to a familiar venue, but not a fixed C, like to go to a different venue

3 like go to the gym play with me? Yes _____ No _____

What are the factors affecting the intention of you Lianqiu (multiple selection):

A, the weather B, mood C, schoolwork (examinations) D, family, teachers interference E, girlfriend F, the network G , state of health

Other (please specify _________________________________________________________________ ):________________________________________________________

Do you like to find what level of people Lianqiu:

A, novice B, forces of the general C, and their own par D, better than they are E, does not matter, it was playing on the line

you are and what the general people of my age to play:

A, peer B, a little more than their C, bigger than their D, adult E, does not matter, it was playing on the line

Other ( Please explain _______________________________________________________________ ):___________________________________________________________

About ONEONONE (one to one):

A, just like to see, they do not play B, want to play no one or no chance to C, the courage to challenge or accept the challenge to others D, happy and from time to time to play one-E, despised

right with a basketball beginners What do you think need attention (multiple-choice):

A, the blind imitation of star movements B, do not attach importance to practice basic skills C, shot backwards D imitate street basketball style E, focus on fancy moves F, neglect physical exercise G, do not attach importance to defend H, too much respect for dunk

Other (please specify ________________________________________________________________________ ):_____________________________________________________________________

What is the dress up when you play:

A , shorts + short-sleeved T shirt + basketball shoes B, short-sleeved T shirt + trousers + basketball shoes C, trousers and a long gown + basketball shoes D, lower body upper body free + basketball shoes Basketball Vest + E, bare upper body ... ... F and wear clothing to play basketball football J, wearing jeans to play H, does not matter

Other (please specify _________________________________________________________________ ):__________________________________________________________

What do you think of basketball charm is (may be multiple-choice but not abuse of the election):

A, passion B, hands C, the power D, unity and E, technology, F, personality G, belief in H, the strength I, Speed J, Luck K, bouncing L, popular

Other (please specify __________________________________________________________ ):_______________________________________________________________

Do you think the play important is that (can be multiple-choice but not abuse of the election):

A, the rhythm B, eyesight C, confidence in the D, Goal E, sense of F, individuals to play a G, group H, the desire I, Speed J, physical K, bouncing capacity of L, the ball de M, interest in N, technology, O, feel P, basketball IQ Q, assists, R, momentum S, insist T, talent U, hard-working

Other (please specify _________________________________________________________________ ):_________________________________________________________

you What behavior is that when you play the most taboo (multiple-choice):

A, with emotions playing B, provocative C, not afford to lose D, stare E, infighting F, will not play equipment will play G, bullying children H, alone I, not to life's J, playing impure motives K, watching a vote of no goals when others say rubbish, their vote does not slip into the hand, said yes L, that basketball is the street, always wear oversized clothes to play, and the input of the time is always very self assertive M, basic skills are not practical, and some basic skills are not realistic, but always learn some extraordinary actions to date have delivered good long-distance dribbling N, always layup with flowers by O, Han Haoniao who, when Lian Qiu, to-morrow. The near future, say do not feel tired today, P, hand-ball is not in contravention of the heart, always hand to touch feel Q, called the others to pass only know themselves, can not pass the ball lost accusing others, communication of the knew I had to fight alone, into the called strike, went into as nothing on the R, you hate to condone the situation of people

Other (please specify ______________________________________________________________ ):_____________________________________________________________________

3 pairs of three you will finding out When the team-mate (preferably fill in name, there is no fill type):

your heart what is basketball (basketball's status in your mind):

other people Evaluation:




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