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How the winter training at home basketball

475,518,5442010-02-26 10:10:10 +0000 #1
My 17-year-old 1.78 meters 55 kilograms of the winter vacation do not want to live artificially, please give me a special designated indoor training methods in detail, especially physical point of
Great Wall long Yellow River Yellow2010-02-26 10:21:41 +0000 #2
1, dribble, ground flat enough to not disturb the others, in that not work ah? Best to ask what other people dribbling the essentials, do not blind themselves to practice, action is also not practiced Bailian to correct them are also troublesome. The most important points is that when the center of gravity down to practice, pay attention to is the curved lower limbs, upper limbs must maintain stretch out; there is a line of sight, Behold all OK, that is not watching; approach is to use the wrist downward pressure on the ball, Do not use arm force, palm ball should not be too real, use your fingers dial force the ball.

2, passing, someone practice with you, you pass the ball between the two own a person is on to find the wall.

3, bouncing on the rope skipping it, practice projectile velocity and second the ability to jump, even skipping did not, then they find a beam, almost able to touch too high, has been touching jump.

4, shooting, the little god, no box, how to vote? You can do shooting posture, find their own movements and to correct defects can also be the location of false basket, making shooting action, a bit Psycholagny meaning, but it is certainly useful, I thought I was an amateur basketball player, the identity assurance.

Finally a person's physical as well as the limitations of his abilities, strong degree of speed, height, physical strength of those destined to your frame is not a panacea, but basketball is five individuals, societies and is the basketball team-mate with the non - the state, usually see more competition, not tell you to look dunk, Mai Dike more than a century you see people practicing a hundred years can not keep up, take a look at tactics, to see with, pick and rolls, running without the ball, especially against run I have only Yimi Qi 6, in our district called middle-distance king, Oh, rely on the space shot, but where's the space that depends on the setting screens for teammates, and without the ball when running.

Good practice it, I wish you progress! !
zjdfw2010-02-26 10:53:25 +0000 #3
morning long-distance running.

dribbling long-distance running can be.

In the room to do strength training, there is equipment no equipment can be
I light Ding conquer2010-02-26 10:34:30 +0000 #4
fitness training outdoors or in the good effect, I think the weather is not the biggest problem, the most important have been practicing together, is the so-called non-brothers, not basketball. So with companions, and like that, there is a winter cold, warming-up must have taken, to avoid injury. Indoor Lianqiu flu, outdoor fitness training, running and so on! See other people's brilliant performances, learning technology, continually practiced.

To give you an indoor physical training program, hoping to help you:

the right to fully exercise + rest + reasonable diet = muscle growth (strong )!!!!

In the absence of equipment with the help of exercises is also acceptable . However, like jumping ability and sprinting are all changed for the better, not just to improve their endurance and lower body strength, to a full-scale exercise before we can have significant progress! ! !

Waist and upper body strength and power of all lower extremity strength training should have a clear progress can there be! !

Upper body strength, you can do load supports, each 10 to 12, 20 groups or more (just started practicing may not be able to achieve but it can persist in the number of groups on the number of group), remember that each of the break time is not more than 30 seconds!

Waist strength, are sit-ups, as well as after the sit-ups, double-headed, the first be a beginning of the first practicing, to a certain extent you can change the second third of the company, remember that each group of 10 to 12, more than 20 groups, each of the break time is not more than 30 seconds!

Lower extremity strength, there is squat thigh strength training, each 150 or more (just started practicing to achieve the number of the best to do), but should be 5 groups! There are training leg strength, jumping rope for 10 minutes each, 3 groups! Keep in mind is to use your feet to jump! No effect on one foot! A reasonable diet: exercise equipment muscle fibers through the injury and then repair to make it thicker and able to increase muscle latitude, so in order to muscle fibers training exhausted enough protein to repair, we should intake enough protein ( General campaigners protein intake :1.5-2 .0 g / kg body weight.

Finally I wish you a successful workout!
qd8141372010-02-26 12:04:09 +0000 #5
rope skipping is to pay to replace the foot --- ---

physical force that also can be -- - push-ups - sit back rest --- Sitting flinching this kind of action to achieve the purpose of training --- which sit inside type shrinkage legs and heads off to explain the action stays and diagrams -

If you are on the first floor, then can we not bother to other people's words - and your house relatively large, then - can - Play touch the wall ---- -j If you say that I have a Quartet's room - can be wall, four side - labeled 4 8 or 12 serial number --- then use the phone numbers - recording - the way the drawing of lots --- Select the number - pumping a record one - not even the number - (usually four times on the re-extraction are put together to continue to draw ---) that had little chance of repetition - after the recording - broadcast via cell phone Digital ID - you're right bit touched - paste the location of statistics - the number of reported rate of under - the size of the home - and their own physical fitness - as the standard.

a week once a fast train - training a long time --- a time when the outbreak of practice - time when endurance training is also the way the pace of training --- ---



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