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When the standard fixed-point position can be shot, a shot to the jumper would not be the standard,

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strength. There are many standard playing position is completed by strength in the air. Nba what you see there is no power. With the power, will naturally do a lot of the standard posture of.
Love Xiao Bao Belle2010-02-26 15:00:53 +0000 #3
more practice
huixf8882010-02-26 14:26:19 +0000 #4
a, basket

Aiming Aiming point should be in the basket after the basket along the section, so you can see inside the ring. Here is the ball to fall into place.

2, the body posture

shot before the shoulders parallel with the basket, if the pace of landing the right, natural shoulders would be parallel with the basket. If you dribble, stop the dribble, give the ball to do jump shot, the feet and shoulders should be well facing the basket. If you catch people facing the ball with both hands stretch and relax. Upon receipt of the ball while the ball quickly around the body with the hands.

When you are ready to shoot, the shooting hand side of the foot slightly ahead on the other foot. 2 feet toes should be directed to ring. Feet in front of the big toe point directly to the central ring.

3, ball

ball method and the proposed penalty phase: the latter part of the index finger at the midpoint of the ball. Fu ball hand on the ball one example, the thumb ball back started targeting the central.

Jump ball a little tighter than the free-throw line should be - a jumper, not a penalty, not random, but do not forget that you are the more careful treatment of basketball, soft shot the ball the greater the chances, that is, the greater the chance of people network.

4, knee

remember that not too much knee bend - bend just a little more than a little on the free throw line. Do not allow knee angle of less than 135 degrees. If so, it may be more concerned about the take-off rather than on shot, but shooting is the purpose.

5, the ball is hit and the follow-up shot

arm movements the same way with the free-throw when. Hand side of the ball in the shooting, near the body center of gravity, is not the arm wrist shot.

When you are comfortable holding the ball ready to shoot, when to shift the focus from the entire soles of the feet to toe, then starts up the vertical jump, do not jump forward or backward.

A good pitcher is to know exactly how high they should jump, do not jump too much attention to how high. If the game hard up and dancing, feet tired, then you will definitely jump shot and not the same as usual. The key is repetition - the same way each shot. When you reach the highest point jump, soft wrist dribble. Not use arm strength to make the ball shot, the ball should be the tip of finger to leave the fingers. Do not shake the wrist speed too fast, as long as the ball has backspin on the appropriate line. If the wrist, shake the ball too quickly set aside, the ball would be too much spin. Fu can not be touched when the player shot the ball. Shooting hand should be kept fully extended, in order to complete the follow-up action flip the ball shot. Remember - Do not prematurely withdraw shooter.

6, arc

6 to 15-foot jump shot range (about 2-5 meters) to do jump shot, the ball is in the highest point of the parabola the distance from the ring no more than 3.5-4 feet (1 meter or so). At 15 feet (about 5 meters) away shots require a higher point arc.

7, the eyes

not allow the eye to follow the curve of the ball's flight. Aiming to make the eyes focus on the basket points - trailing edge part of the ring.

8, rotate

with the same free-throw line, 5 meters of jumper up to rotate week to week and a half. Naturally, when the jump distance is extended ', but also an increase in the number of ball spin. If the shooting range extended to 7.5 meters - the equivalent of NBA beyond the arc - then the ball spin 2 weeks 2 weeks and a half.

Suitable for rotation with a soft shot, so that the ball hit a basket to increase scoring after the opportunities. Spin the ball too much, get out of touch after ring, the appropriate rotation of the ball will stay in the ring at the time longer and easier to roll in the net.

9, self-confidence

if you shoot a shot on the feeling of not particularly Duijin, the ball does not enter, it's probably not into the ball. Good pitchers know what it feels like, before the vote. Start the game, especially in an unfamiliar arena, those who do you think the results do not enter into the ball will happen. Continue in accordance with established sense of shooting, it will not be long before the surrounding environment, familiar with the feeling that they are looking back.

Repetition is the key. Do you have enough practice, and fully understand your physical condition, capabilities and action stereotypes, then know that you will vote what kind of ball, they will try to vote only this way the ball. Good pitchers have a good feeling on the pitch - this is self-confidence.

10, attention

jumper, when there are many interference. Some defensive players always want a hand on your eyes, and some defensive shots when the player will hit you on the elbow. However, if aware of their habits, and more focused on the ring, only the physical contact may interfere with you. In that case, there is an additional free throw opportunities.

11, change

the young players often see that expertise can be effective in the case of out of balance Dropping the ball - as squeeze casting to catch a foul, or widen the distance with the defender caused by space Poor - so that they will imitate the form of such a shot. Exercise These elements may be quite interesting, but the basics for a good action shot. On the destructive role, the destruction of dynamic stereotype.

The world's best tennis players in mastering a reasonable straight-line fast do not learn to play shots from the arc before the ball. This same is true for basketball. Learn, practice, understand and improve the basic jump shot action, then you can practice other changes in the jumper mode.

12, one-third of the ball

one-third of the ball to make basketball offense and defense have been extended to members outside again to come back. One-third of high school and college-line distance l 9 Ying Chi 19-inch (about 6.2 meters), the international three-point line distance is 20 feet (6.25 meters). Both are from the ring to the front in the sub-network. The NBA's three-point line distance of 23 feet 9 inches (about 7 m 3), from the midpoint of the third line of the net. Every coach one-third of the use of the ball has a different view. But most coaches, especially the college game at this level, if the lack of a good third of 1-2 players, one-third of the ball will win even more difficult.

As the third ball is now in the race has become so important that coaches should spend more time than in the past to carry out one-third of the ball of training.

There are a few you have seen well-trained one-third pitcher in the game to play disorder ? usually two-thirds vote in the ball accurately, and when the game is often the case.

For a basketball player, if there is no serious deficiencies in athletic ability, then it is possible for one-third of the ball and create scholarship opportunities; good practice bar, the basic principle is the same.

Do not rely on changing the stereotyped movements to increase the shooting distance, but also depend on improving physical skills, so that two-thirds vote the ball up and ease. If the ball had been vociferous in order to vote two-thirds take-off or a strong wrist shot, the chances of success will be much smaller.

13, do not cast my vote rub

rub rebounds rebounds point is: Do not vote rub rebounds.

Many coaches to promote investment and rub rebounds. Many shooting - layup and forced shots - with a backboard, can actually increase the hit rate, so that more skilled shots. But I always thought that when you wipe rebounds jumper will bring two negative factors:

First, change the shooting action. Aiming basket in the ring - rather than the rebounds - one shot, one of the basic points. A sudden change in the dynamic stereotype in the shooting mode will definitely affect the shooting.

Second, this indecision may be in or not in the difference. And this vote may also be the key to victory and negative.

14, repeated practice Diao

jump shot, free throws one - the basic point is that any shot to repeat. Under the mechanism in the dynamic stereotype. Constant practice, to make shots to become a natural reaction to the unconscious. Huai really good pitcher unnecessary to say how high he would jump into Fu players on the basketball where the ball at the highest point, how high, and so on. But you should be able to identify these factors out, because they do not play a role in all the time, place.

15, how practice

If there is only one ball, no basket frame, you can still practice through the wall to cultivate shot of the dynamic stereotype - a ball, jump, shooting, shooting arm after the follow-up. You can also practice with the ball and take-off of the wall be prepared to move. When the ball arrived, as stated in this chapter to prepare the ball with both hands, arms, hands and fingers fully extended, but relaxed. When the ball is approaching, the hands through the ball quickly into the body, ball ready to shoot.

If you really have mastered the basic postures and points, you can try to jump 300 times a day, as long as your legs have the strength. If the legs are tired, do not vote, because that would force you to change the momentum carried out shooting stereotypes. Away from the basket near the beginning a more frequent practice. Your head 50 times jumper should be maintained at 3-4 meters away from the basket, and then in the following l00 second jumper to 5 meters in the extension. If you can increase the shooting distance, and then voted 100 ring 5.5 meters away from the ball. Your last 50 balls to cast a vote in three-pointers.
you52078782010-02-26 15:25:25 +0000 #5
because you jump when the main forces use their feet, if she was able to control the body balance of snacks can be, and then force to shoot-off point. This is known as the powerless, the main problem is not your strength, there are solutions, the best way is to engage in daily exercise, jumping and strength of arm. Is also a way to vote is that you drop out



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